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Friday, May 9, 2008

Mercker on DL, Bray recalled

The Reds put Kent Mercket on the disabled list with a sore lower back. The move is retroactive to Tuesday. They recalled Bill Bray from Louisville.

I may have to cover the game off TV. I'm still waiting for my 9 a.m. flight to board.

I made it to New York. I'd put the chances of rainout at 60-40. If I get my luggage, I'll have time to to hotel, drop off and head to the yard. Got my bag. I'm about 200th in the cab line.


at 12:11 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

NY is two hours behind because of the weather..When did Mercker get hurt

at 12:21 PM Blogger dwr said...

I noticed that Louisville's starter for tonight is TBD. Any chance that Bailey or Lehr is getting the call for the weekend?

Between you and Hal it sounds like there are some serious Reds Beat travel woes. Good luck getting to Shea, John.

at 12:30 PM Blogger Rob said...

are you flying into La Guardia or JFK? JFK can be a CF if there is inclement weather along the Eastern Seaboard.

at 12:39 PM Blogger Geoff said...

Wonder if this is a real or phantom injury. Mercker's been relatively effective.

I wouldn't worry about your flight too much, John. I'm about 1 mile from Shea right now, and it looks like it'll never stop raining. I seriously doubt there will be baseball tonight.

at 12:44 PM Blogger Keith said...

hope you make it here john, its raining like crazy here. I hope they get the game in, I'm looking foward to seeing the the game tonight.

at 12:46 PM Blogger People Eating Tasty Animals said...

Hmm - NY weather shows it's raining now and is supposed to continue unabated through 3 a.m.

at 1:20 PM Blogger Chris Sabo said...

ouch this hurts, how many more times can Bray be optioned?

at 2:03 PM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...


Could you please ask Dusty why in the hell he ran Volquez's pitch count up to 120 with a 9-0 lead vs. the Cubs and a day off the next day to rest the pen?

Thanks, apologize if this came up in a previous thread and I messed it.

at 2:49 PM Blogger Phill said...

Mr. doom and gloom,

Probably because 120 pitches isn't going to kill the kids arm. It was actually 118, and it got him through the 7th which gave the already overused bullpen one less inning of work. Which with the day off gives them a lot more needed rest.

On the radio Jeff Brantley said with Volquez that 120 on that day is a fine max pitch count.

at 2:57 PM Blogger Arden Dulou said...

I was wondering how high he would let the pitch count go. Good or bad, the count got pretty high.

The pitchers need to make sure they don't always try to be the hero. The bullpen is good. Unlike last year, let them finish it.

at 3:51 PM Blogger Joe said...

Mercker - sore back - typical age thing? Any word on how and when it happened?

at 3:56 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Granted he walked a few guys, but his 118 was not very stressful with a 9-0 lead.

Looked comfortable from the stretch. Held runners ok, (bako cannot throw like ross).

All that being said, it was not like he was working out of bases loaded jams every inning.

Drysdale and Gibson are probably wondering why he didn't complete the game

Yep. 9-0 win. quick criticize Dusty

at 3:57 PM Blogger Joe said...

Ain't New York grand! 200 in line for a cab, let us know how long that took. With all the cabs in NYC you would hope it does not take too long.

I am hoping the weather does not postpone or delay this game tonight, but with Belisle on the mound, it may not be as bad a deal as it would be with Cueto, Harang, or Volquez going tonight.

at 4:09 PM Blogger Clinton said...

It's pretty embarrassing to have noone (except maybe once we went 8 - don't remember) complete a game yet. Hell, I think even Paul Maholm of Pittsburgh has one already. We gotta get more efficient. I know not to compare to Webb but for example, he finished off Philly last night with 104 pitches to complete.
Have fun in the dump. I can't wait to hear Marty come on later and see what he has to say. He always have something to say about Shea. haha.

at 4:18 PM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...


thanks for answering for dusty, but i'd rather hear his explanation, considering he's been accused of burning out prior and wood in chicago.

one outing of 120 didn't kill prior or wood either...but many believe it was a pattern of overuse, and i would rather not see that begin with the young talented arms we have been waiting so long for.

fwiw, i agree that 120 on one outing is not gonna kill him, but with the big lead, why not just pull him and give the extra inning to one of the stiffs in the pen? i doubt that one extra inning would kill them either, especially with a day off coming. and if it does, who cares? i'd rather it be one of them then volquez.

at 4:25 PM Blogger Reds Faithful said...

The Reds/Mets game WILL be played tonight.

It is raining LIGHTLY there now, but the rain will become scattered and even lighter by the start of the game at 7:10pm.

A brief rain delay at some point during the game cannot be completely ruled out...but THE GAME WILL BE PLAYED IN ITS ENTIRETY.

Here's a look at the radar:


And here's the evening forecast:

416 PM EDT FRI MAY 9 2008


at 5:02 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

" Granted he walked a few guys, but his 118 was not very stressful with a 9-0 lead."

a pitch count has absolutely nothing to do with the score or relative ease of a particular game

aside from you wanting Juan Castro as our starting SS..that is the silliest thing I have seen written on this blog

reagan by the way..one of my practitioners does sports medicine..I know


at 5:46 PM Blogger the chosen one said...

With his release today,who here thinks Jocketty will have Jim Edmonds patrolling centerfield at GABP in about 10 days.

at 5:50 PM Blogger Reds Faithful said...

The rain has been a little heavier and even a bit more widespread over the past couple of hours...

And it now appears there will be a DELAY FOR THE START OF THE GAME, but once the game gets under way, there should be NO further delays.

The back edge of the rain is now moving into eastern Pennsylvania and should begin to clear the Flushing area by 8:30 p.m.

Again, I see no problems with getting the game in, but with the delay at the beginning of the game, it will make for a LONG night of baseball.


at 6:08 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

This season, Keppinger is batting .292 with two home runs and 16 RBIs. He leads the National League with a .444 average with runners in scoring position and his ratio of one strikeout per every 20.3 plate appearances is third-best in the league.

Defensively, Keppinger has committed one error in 105 total chances at shortstop..


at 6:34 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

"With his release today,who here thinks Jocketty will have Jim Edmonds patrolling centerfield at GABP in about 10 days."



at 6:35 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

jack, you shouldn't lie if you are trying to keep the blog civil. I have never said Castro should start.

I have said that Castro is a better shortstop than Kepp. Please be accurate for the 39th time.

As far as pitch count, when your SS doesn't turn a DP, that puts a lot of strain on a pitcher. When you shut a team out on 4 singles, that is good.

You think Volquez is silly because he was 3-11 in his carreer. I know...

Now you think Cueto is silly.

But hey we had a DP Wednesday: 5-4-3

at 6:40 PM Blogger Greg said...

when i saw edmonds could be DFA i wondered the same thing... that is until i remembered... we have 1503 centerfielders... and maybe 1 should bat lead off... outside of that... we don't have a lead off hitter... why bring in another 7-6-8 hole hitter? especially one that's struggling?

i'm tired. and tired of reading comments... esp. long ones... good things to say? some... most should shut up tho... just an opinion.

can we, commenters, stay positive for a change? i know it's tough... esp with the record of this team and the consistency, or lack there of, with patterson batting lead off... but we've got some great young talent in votto, cueto, volquez, phillips, EE, kepp, and soon to have bruce and bailey to cheer on... let's focus on that.

ha ha.. long post... sry... did a little research... first i wasn't worried about the 118 pitches but then... i looked at all his starts this yr... edison averages 101.29 pitches per start. in fact the only 2 starts he didn't reach 100 pitches were his 1st 2 starts with his first start capping at 95 pitches...

here's the breakdown:
4/6 - 95 pitches (58 strikes) 5.1 innings (w) (faced 23 batters)
4/11 - 75 pitches (44 strikes) 5.0 innings (nd) ( faced 19 batters)
4/17 - 112 pitches (64 strikes) 5.0 innings (w) (faced 22 batters)
4/22 - 105 pitches (64 strikes) 7.0 innings (w) (faced 26 batters)- finally a little more efficient
4/27 - 104 pitches (71 strikes) 7.0 innings (w) (faced 30 batters) - consistency
5/2 - 100 pitches (60 strikes) 6.0 innings (L) (faced 24 batters)
5/7 - 118 pitches (75 strikes) 7.0 innings (w) (faced 30 batters)

i guess some may call it building his arm strength ... some may call it over use... not sure where i land.. but i think i'd land somewhere on the safer side... error on the side of caution... this makes me wonder how cueto's pitch count is... i hope they are on a season long pitch count.. sorry again for the long post...

at 6:44 PM Blogger Greg said...

i just saw the line up ... like i'm sure many of you have... what in the world is patterson batting 3rd for????? someone please give me a logical explanation? positive greg positive... okay.... good news. patterson is not batting lead off!!!!

here's the line up...

at 6:46 PM Blogger Isabelle said...

Corey Patterson batting 3rd? Dusty has offically lost his mind.

at 6:51 PM Blogger Arden Dulou said...

Kepp is the one reason to trade AGon and leave Janish at AAA. That is, unless the Rangers offer Hamilton for Keppinger. :)

What are the odds we see Patterson starting tonight with a right handed pitcher tonight?

at 7:01 PM Blogger Chillicothe redfan said...

JackBlueAsh, good stuff on Keppinger.

I wonder how many RBI's he might have if Patterson was able to bat above the Mendoza line!

at 7:59 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

I have said that Castro is a better shortstop than Kepp. Please be accurate for the 39th time.

sillier yet

at 8:34 PM Blogger Richie Rich said...

The Reds/Mets game WILL be played tonight.

You'd make a perfect weather man.

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