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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bailey's day: Angels 9, Reds 7

Homer Bailey went six-plus innings, allowing five runs on seven hits. He wasn't as bad as his line sounds. But the bullpen was as bad as it can be.

He left with a 5-3 lead and runners on first and second.

The bullpen blew the save right to pieces.

Gary Majewski followed and gave up a hit, a walk and another hit to make it 6-5. That was it for Majewski. His ERA is 15.88, by the way. Mike Stanton came in. He gave up a sacrifice fly and two RBI singles to make it 9-5.

The Reds scored a run in the bottom of the inning on Adam Dunn's second two-out, RBI single of the day.

The Reds got the tying run to the plate in the ninth against Francisco Rodriguez but could only make it 9-7.

Reds took a 5-3 lead in the seventh. Ken Griffey Jr. tied it with his 16th of the year in the sixth. Alex Gonzalez gave the Reds a 5-3 lead with a two-run shot later in the inning.

Josh Hamilton left the game after the fifth with complaints of dizziness.

Here's Bailey's day:

Homer's first: Chone Figgins: Strike looking, strike looking, 4-3. Orlando Cabrera: Foul, strike looking (94), Soft liner to first. Vladimir Guerrero: Strike looking, F3. Eight pitches, all strikes.

Homer's second: The second was not so good. Bailey walked the lead hitter, got an out and gave up three straight hits and two runs. It's a 2-1 game. The Reds scored one in the first on Dunn's two-out, RBI single.

Homer's third: He gave up a leadoff double to Cabrera on a ball that Josh Hamilton got to and had go off his glove. Cabrera stole third without a throw. Guerrero got him with a sac fly. It's 3-1.

Homer's fourth: Got an out on the first pitch to Jose Molina. Walk. Then two groundouts. He's at 69 pitches. Fourth was his best inning since the first.

Homer's fifth: Another very good inning. 1-2-3, only eight pitches. Got Guerrero on the called third strike (by the way, Bartolo Colon has struck out six -- all on called third strikes). Bailey's at 78 pitches total.

The Reds scored a run in the bottom of the fifth. Chad Moeller reached on an error and scored on Scott Hatteberg's single.

Homer's sixth: Faced the minimum. He allowed a leadoff hit, then got a double-play ball. He's at 90 pitches.

Homer's seventh: He walked the first two hitters and was done. He got to see close-up how bad the bullpen can be.


at 2:50 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Looks like the good ship Titanicewski has hit another late inning iceberg! DOH! Homer wasn't good enough. The bullpen wasn't good enough. Hamilton left his bat in Louisville...right when the starting pitching got better, big EE stops hitting, and Phillips goes cold...the woes never end for this demoralized team...

Back to 14 games under .500. Too bad Narron wasn't fired weeks ago. He continues to mismanage the bullpen and only good starting pitching has allowed the Reds a brief reprieve from their inexorable march to WORST TEAM IN THE MAJORS (by record, not talent).

at 3:18 PM Blogger Brad said...


You have a groupie on Trent's blog.....

at 3:31 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

He got to see close up what happens when you walk the first two batters in an inning. He gets those first two guys OUT and the score right now is Reds 6 Angels 3!!!

I'm not impressed. But he's BTM (better than Milton).

at 3:59 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

O.M.G. How much longer, oh Lord, are we going to have to put up with this stinking bullpen?!!! Send us a deliverer!!! (That was my best John Charles Carter AKA Charlton Heston AKA Moses impersonation)
This is intolerable!!!

at 4:16 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not impressed? are you stupid?

at 4:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the people who live in Cincy and actually PAY to see this team! How stupid is Narron for EVER putting Mablewski in another game?

I have been a fan for almost 40 years, but I live in the south and grew up in Richmond (Braves AAA) and will take a hard look at being a Braves' fan if this garbage isn't fixed.

The coaching and bullpen suuuuuck!

at 5:03 PM Blogger Mardigan said...

Majewski - Since May 24th:

5.2 IP over 10 appearances.
16 hits.
10 runs.
3 Ks.
1 BB.

Those figures are absolutely horrid!! Do we NOT have ANYBODY on the farm that can pitch better than this? To a man, every guy in my office groaned and told me to turn the radio off when Narron brought Majewski in. That is truly sad because every one of them is a die hard Reds fan... All of you out there know what I'm saying, don't you? It's gotten to the point where we EXPECT the BP to blow it and we are truly surprised if they don't. That is the SADDEST thing of all :(

at 5:07 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, go to the braves.

Don't want you, don't need you.

at 5:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is Gary Majewski on this team? When he came into the game today his ERA was 11.12 and he gave up at least 2 earned runs of his own without recording an out. What other team in MLB would have a reliever on their team with that kind of ERA. Swallow your pride Wayne, he's a bust, send him back to Louisville or better yet, just get rid of him.

at 5:47 PM Anonymous Dave said...

I thought for certain Homer would be done after 6. I know our bullpen can't be trusted, but leaving Homer in there was a recipe for disaster. And doesn't put the bullpen in position to succeed, either.

Homer's last 2 earned runs should be charged to Narron. Some days I think he's an exceptional coach. Other days, not so much.

at 6:41 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

H. Bailey
6.0 innings
7 hits
5 run
5 earned runs
3 walks
1 K
5.73 ERA

Oh yeah I'm stupid. I should be impressed with a 1:1 Hit Batter to Strikeout ratio or the Miltonian ERA. 10 more such performances and Bailey will be 1-11. That will impress you?

at 6:56 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Actually, he'd be 1-0. He didn't get the loss. He wasn't great today. But he wasn't particularly bad either. He left with a 5-3 lead. The inherited runs don't score and it's a quality start and his ERA is 3.46.

at 7:36 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Okay, I overlooked that fact but Homer deserved the loss.

Obviously losing and a very mediocre SP line impresses some Reds fans!

at 8:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thting for sure, the Reds will get a high draft slot next year. Maybe that's why management is dragging its feet. With this manager and the ownership the Reds will not WIN until 2010 if then.

at 6:16 AM Blogger Ty said...

Send Majewski back to Washington

Drop Milton

Keep McBeth and Coutalangus

Coffey will be fine

Weathers is shaky, but OK for an inning now an then, Guardado should help, but he's a bit old

Find two relievers fast

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