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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hold on on Santos

Victor Santos pitched three innings -- one run on three hits -- of relief Thursday, so he won't start Saturday.

Who will?

I've got no clue. Michael Gosling? There aren't any obvious candidates at Louisville. Carlos Fisher, the kid who's pitched well at Double-A, is scheduled to pitch tomorrow. Maybe they'll bring him up for a start.

After the game, Pete Mackanin said they'll probably bring Bobby Livingston back on three days' rest. I guess Bronson Arroyo would go on short rest Sunday,

Would have been interesting if it fell on Johnny Cueto's day.


at 10:04 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Wow! That O-FER 4 in the 4-hole tonight made the Reds victory all the sweeter, er, wait a second, they had the lead, how did they lose a lead?

Can't wait to see some Double-A pitcher come up and take his turn for the Cincinnati Clowns.

What the heck? I thought Mac was the answer. Apparently he's morphing.

Welcome back, Winnie the Pooh II.
Nothing left in the Reds' tank or Mac's tank, so it's back to 30 games under .500 watch.

I was so naive to think this team was even better than 20 games under .500.

The entire team ought to be ashamed. What a lousy choke-filled week it's been and more in the near future as we can't even figure out who is starting a game two days hence!


Why not just call up the entire Double-A ball club, dress them in the Clown's road uniform, and have them join Phillips and Junior and Keppinger on the field?

Keppinger, so Winnie the Pooh II has to rest his poor exhausted infielder because the Reds have plenty of offense with STINKO gonzales back and ridiculous clean-up hitting Conine in?

This is like Ground Hog Day. Winnie the Pooh II, the Reds looking bad, playing bad, back to being a demoralized bunch with bone stupid line-ups to deal with (as a fan, absolutely the worst sports franchise I've ever seen from the field management to the owner's role).

I'm amazed that Junior didn't beg to get away from this hideously mismanaged club.

What a shame Phillips has to waste the best years of his career playing under the biggest joke front office in all pro sports.

Thanks Pete! Brilliant lineup today! Go away and take Wayne and Bob with you, will you?

It's really going to be MANY YEARS until the Reds finish a season at or above .500...my boycott of the team is back until they can play two months without a goofy lineup and a big no-excuse can't do anything right losing streak.

Losing to the Mets by 1 run or losing to the Marlins is one thing, but the Nationals? Come on. Fans need to send a clear message to Redsland this is absolutely not going to be tolerated in 2008, 2009, 2010...

What's really going to change next year? Stanton's going to add a chin in the off-season, so is Dunn, so is A-Gone. Do they force feed these guys Skyline or what?

Coffey once again has a good outing or two and all of a sudden he belongs. Gee, it's real easy to pitch when you're down by 4 or 10 runs, try pitching like that with a 2 or 3 run lead in the 8th!

If this keeps up, I'm not even going to listen to the games anymore. The Reds don't deserve all the loyal fans they have.

at 10:13 PM Anonymous David D from Colorado said...

Johnny, we appreciate your speculation about the pitching rotation, but does it really matter? Based on what I've seen throughout the reg season, and by perusing opinions on AAA pitching, the Louisville (other than Homer) staff is avg at best. Having been a Reds fan since the 60's, I gave up long ago on the franchise's ability to grow their own pitching talent. I would suspect that the Reds' ineptness at grooming arms that can win at the major level is unsurpassed by any other MLB franchise...am I way off base here? Combine that sad statistic with the fact the club will always be a middle-of-the-pack payroll, and you have a recipe for .500...if you're lucky. I've officially switched off my support for the rest of the year, as it appears as though the Reds offically rolled over tonight and went into hibernation until next March. No longer entertaining.

at 10:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're very very close to being a good team.

at 10:27 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm getting really tired of watching Coffey pitch. It also makes me sick to my stomach knowing that he received a guaranteed 985K salary next year for two good months (April and May 2006) of pitching last year. He has been awful since then. The good news football starts in 4 weeks and the Reds will average less fans then the Columbus Clippers for September.

at 10:50 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it would be great if Krivsky gave overtures to Mac that he wanted to use Santos Saturday and then Mac used him tonight. He sounded so frustrated last night he just might do it.

This team was coming around nicely through last Friday, then it was like flicking a switch. Don't know what happened except for all of the left handed pitchers, but it's definitely back to square one.

at 8:52 AM Anonymous Reds fan said...

Nice support guys..we all appreciate it..yea this season is a bust...but i'm no going to shut off my support of the team..i'm a die hard fan thru and thru..even Cubs fans thru their rough years had great fan support..but not Reds fans..they jump off the wagon at the drop of a losing streak..but not this fan !
Go Reds !

at 10:19 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't see why votto isn't up there yet and conine has started two of the last three days. isn't votto part of the future? why not get the young talent playing time and experience for next year?

at 1:51 PM Blogger omnired said...

It's moves (or lack of moves) like this that make people wonder about the direction and planning of the front office. They had to know that Harang's availability was not a certainty. How can they now come up on Saturday with the only option of pitching 2 guys in a row on short rest? Rule V guy Burton can't get in a couple of innings of a blowout game?

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