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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nationals 6, Reds 3

Bobby Livingston thought the game came down to one pitch -- 2-2 pitch he thought was was Strike 3 to D'Angelo Jimenez. Frank Merriwether called it a ball. Jimenez ended up walking. The next three batters got hits. A 2-0 lead was 4-2 deficit.

"It blew up," Livingston said. "What can you do? If I get that pitch, the game's completely different."

Livingston insisted his reaction to the call wasn't the problem. It went down as his worst outing as a Red -- 4+ innings, nine hits, five runs.

And the Reds offense is struggling. They had 12 hits but scored only three runs. That's four runs in the three games.


at 11:30 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

I don't know what I expected come the trade deadline. I don't know if I was looking for anything to happen or not but one thing is clear. There is no O in cincinnati, our offense has been horrendous these past few games. Watching this team is getting old really quickly.

I'm so glad I'm much, much closer to Louisville than Cincinnati. This way I don't have to drive as far to watch good baseball.

Todd Coffee's new nickname should be decaf because he is so, so weak. I swear he is just going through the motions out there. Anyone who allows this guy to continue to pitch for this team should be unemployeed as a result. Please, please, please send him to Louisville so I can heckle him. And someone please tell him to STOP running from out of the bullpen to the mound. You just look like an idiot, decaf. If your getting the job done then you can do anything you want, heck you can skip out of the bullpen if you want but when you are pitching this badly on such a consistent basis please do not do anything to bring attention on yourself. I'm embarressed for him and he's an embarressment for the entire team the way he pitches. Heck, I'm even embarressed to call it pitching. Let's trade him to a fast-pitch softball league team for some BBQ ribs and a 6 pack - if we can even get that.

Do we have more innings of 5 runs or more given up than any other team in history or what? Why do we give up so many runs at one time? I'll tell you why, we have no-one who can pitch with runners on base. I mean no-one. Even Harang has problem with this. Is this the pitching coaches fault? For it to be so bad across the entire team I fear that it has to have started much lower in the organization and must be a problem throughout the minors as well as with the Reds. Next time we scout a pitcher can we please check out how he does with runners on base? Especially if he's a reliever. We must also lead the league in allowing inherited runners to score. Same Problem!

Sorry for rambling, I'm just sick of the losing.

at 1:03 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

should have, could have and would have. there's nothing but a bunch of excuse makers on this team who aren't good enough!

at 8:22 AM Blogger Don said...

There is a fine line between providing an excuse and a reason, but goodness, how many times have we heard a Reds pitcher say something about "if I get that one pitch down, it is a different ballgame"?

Woulda, coulda, shoulda, DIDN'T!

at 9:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad part is that Krivsky and Pete Makanan think this team is close to being good and that is the real problem.

It really is a shame that most accept this mediocrity.

Why even analyze every game and all the players.

When I hear management finally say this team stinks and we need some major changes, I will feel confident in the direction they may take

Twenty million dollars invested in Griffey and Dunn...pitiful

at 9:42 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

A team this bad is not an accident. It is built just like a winner is built. The Reds are a perfect example of what you get when you won't spend money in baseball - a loser. This team is 5 or 6 years away from competing.

at 10:51 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Red Faced,

All I can say about your comment that Todd Coffey needs to stop sprinting from the 'pen because "You just look like an idiot, decaf," is this:

If you really want the nickname to stick, remember to capitalize that "D" in the future.

Louisville? I don't know if Decaf could pitch for Hamilton West little league.

at 11:05 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Sad part is that Krivsky ....think this team is close to being good and that is the real problem."

This is exactly correct. I deleted Petey Mack's name because he probably just thinks what Krivsky tells him to think.

If Castellini isn't going to spend money like the Cubs, then the Reds MUST have a management team who can draft and develop talent, and a GM who can put together a competitive team.

at 11:06 AM Anonymous Red Faced said...

Decaf with a capital D, you've got it. I appreciate the effort on helping the nickname stick by the way.

at 1:59 PM Anonymous Round Daddy said...

Sad. When the players can accept their own mediocrity, the you will have nothing more than a mediocre team. I seldom see one of the players get mad at himself for making a mistake. EE looks like he feels sorry for himself. Junior looks like he's wishing he was on his boat. Dunn looks at his bat like it's a fishing pole he just lost a bass on. I don't see anything about this team that makes me feel good. You have nine individuals looking for individual stats. When you give me nine players looking at teams stats, you will have winner.

at 6:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


I flew back from Minneapolis to Chicago this afternoon on business. As I got up to get off the flight, I saw a guy I would have sworn was Wayne Krivsky. I waited for the guy to get off, and asked him if he was Wayne Krivsky. He said no. Not sure if it was or wasn't ... so I didn't get to ask him the two questions I'm dying to know regarding the trade deadline: (1) were any Reds players deemed off-limits (note: not who was off-limits, just, was anybody off-limits; and (2) did Bob Castellini veto any deals (like Lindner vetoed the Larkin trade a few years ago). Maybe you could ask him, next time you get a chance. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

at 6:06 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I could ask him, but he'd give me Castellini's ATM pin number before he'd talk that specific about trades.

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