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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cubs 12, Reds 4

Last night, the Reds beat the Cubs because of good work by the bullpen. Today, the Reds were beaten by the Cubs because of the bullpen.

The difference is today they used Gary Majewski, Mike Stanton and Mike Gosling (guess he's not going to start Saturday). All of three pitched in seven-run seventh.

Majewski left with one out and runners on first and third and no runs in. Stanton four batters and retired none.

Jared Burton and David Weathers have been good in the eighth and ninth. Bill Bray looks ready to take over the seventh inning role. But beyond that it's a crap shoot. That's really nothing new, is it?

By the way, the base-running blunder in the second was all on Josh Hamilton. "I (screwed) up. What do you want me to say?"

Hamilton said base-running fundamentals are what he struggles with most.

The Reds will probably bring someone up from the minors to start Saturday. My guess is E.Z. Ramirez.


at 5:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bring some pitchers up from the minors that are not named Saarloos and Stone.

at 5:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

john could you do a thead on which draft picks the reds signed and which ones they did not

at 5:43 PM Blogger Johnny Narron said...


So whats your take on who starts saturday?

Any chance of Johnny Cueto?

at 5:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Marcus McBeth has a 1.50 ERA in Louisville over 24 innings with 22 SO and 6 BB. Brad Salmon has a 3.16 ERA with 30 SO and 12 BB in 31.1 innings. Yet even there they seem to use the veteran pitchers in more important roles. Ricky Stone is the closer there. In Cincinnati they appear insistant on using Stanton and Majewski and Coffey, for that matter, at all costs.

Why does the Reds brass still lean on these veteran players that have helped to put the Reds 15+ games under .500 when they could be getting valuable experience for the players that could actually help the Reds in 2008.


at 5:46 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Mastinky and Stanton--just pathetic.

It's just not good enough to have a couple of good outings before each implosion.

Get them outta here!

at 5:51 PM Blogger John Fay said...

My guess is E. Ramirez starts Saturday.

at 6:10 PM Blogger Johnny Narron said...

i'm not a huge majewski fan...but he really didn't pitch that bad today. he cruised through his first inning. and in the second, that hit by murton when they went first to third, would have been a double play to end the inning if hatte wasn't holding the runner on. that wasn't even a hit. it was reallllllly slowly chopped.

It's not like hes a 40 year old Stanton.

Majewski is young, and has upside.

don't you think Mackanin should have taken Majewski out after the first innning he dominated just to give him some confidence that he can pitch up here like he did in Washington..

at 6:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many more chances does Mapewsky get? This is sad.

at 7:22 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Chris Hammond, Estaban Yan, Sun Wu Kim, Rick White, Joe Mays, Kyle Lohse, Rheal Comier, Mike Stanton, Gary Majewski, Ricky Stone, Kirk Saarloos, Todd Coffey just to name a few. Not to mention ruining Homer Bailey. The lies that he never did throw 97-98 are just that, lies. He would not have been anything special if he only threw 90-91 like he does now.

at 7:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can a Major League team have absolutely no pitching! Maybe the Reds should try to hire some of the evaluative personnel from other clubs like Minnesota or Oakland. It is obvious there is nobody in Redsland who is worth a damn in that capacity.

The best pitcher we have is an Oakland castoff!!

at 8:43 PM Blogger unblogger said...

Majewski looked really good today, not sure what game the other posters saw.
He had a great first inning and ran into some bad luck in his second. If Stanton does his job, Majewski has two strong innings.
And he was great yesterday. From what I've seen, since he was called back up, I am very optimistic about his future with the Reds

at 9:04 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Hey wait a minute. We have Harang. And Bray. And cheap excuses for Mastinkski...13.50 season ERA and 3 hits, 2 ER, in 1.1 innings today...

The seventh inning stretch, in Cincinnati's case, is when fans have to STRETCH when they say so-and-so really pitched well (when they stunk) or so-and-so has great potential and we just need to be patient or get them seasoned or blah blah blah...

Nonsense! If pro sports stands for one thing, it stands for DO YOUR JOB WELL or BE SWIFTLY REPLACED.

at 10:08 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much more bad pitching do we need to see out of Stanton before the Reds' brass designates the poor guy for assignment. If he had any self-respect, he'd do us all a favor and retire, but like Favre he has records to break so onward he goes ... at our expense. Santos, Gosling and Livingston don't have major league stuff. Change the channel. Could the pitching staff possibly be worse with Cuerto, McBeth and Salmon? Doubtful.

at 5:40 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Why does the Reds brass still lean on these veteran players that have helped to put the Reds 15+ games under .500 when they could be getting valuable experience for the players that could actually help the Reds in 2008"

Welcome to Waynes World. Stanton has a big contract so he must be good.

at 7:18 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Reds enter the most important series of the entire season this weekend with a pitching staff that remains one of the worst in baseball. Cuerto, Salmon and McBeth seem like obvious upgrades over Livingston, Stanton and Gosling. I understand we're stuck with Stanton because of his contract (unless he voluntarily retires, like he should), but the Reds could limit the damage of having him on the active roster by using him strictly in a mop up role (sometimes called long relief). And as I have been saying all year, Homer would be a great add at the back of the pen. Maybe he can only throw 91-92 when he starts, but you can't tell me the kid can't throw 98-99 for 2 or 3 batters.

One question for John, do you, by any chance, know who made the waiver claim on Hatteberg? Just curious. Thanks.

at 8:14 AM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Mike Stanton is just now getting in to his groove. Just think we have him signed for another whole season.

at 10:23 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at Wrigley yesterday for the disaster. I was shocked when Pete pitch hit for Livingston. After a rocky 1st, Livingston settled down, and I believe no one reached in his last inning of work. Doesn't Pete know he went deep into his bullpen on Wednesday night, and he doesn't have much to begin with. Livingston should have stayed in the game. Don't turn it over to that bullpen until you absolutely have to.

at 10:35 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bring up more young inexperienced pitchers that will solve all our pitching woes. Oh wait, Bailey, Livingston, Dumatrait how has that worked out?

at 11:44 AM Blogger Johnny Narron said...


i agree with you on majewski.

these other bloggers won't give him a chance.

at 3:37 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Why not bring in Joe Mays for a start? No reason to try someone who could help this team next year(Cueto).

at 7:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the Reds manager pull Stanton when it's obvious that he's hurt? Wht wait for a pitcher to loosen up in the pen; if Stanton's pulled because of injury, the pitcher that comes in gets all the time he wants. Why wait til Stanton walks a run home and leave him in to give up that tee-ball hit? How do you manage in the big leagues and NOT know that?

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