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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mitchell Report (updated)

From the Sen. George Mitchell's report, as it relates to the Reds (all this is according to the report, of course):

--Hal Morris bought steroids from Kirk Radomski while Morris was playing for the Reds in 1999. Morris paid by check.

--Current Red Mike Stanton bought human growth hormone from Radomki in 2003.

--Former Reds Denny Neagle, Ron Villone, Ryan Franklin, Kent Mercker and Josias Manzanilla bought from Radomski.

--Former Scott Schoeneweis is mentioned in connection with steroids. The Commissioner's Office ruled Dec. 7 that there was enough evidence to discipline Schoeneweis.

Bud Selig just completed his press conference. It sounds like he won't take Mitchell's recommendation and not punish players named.

"I will deal with active players," he said.

He went on to say he'll consider disciplining others in the games involved. Dusty Baker was mentioned briefly in the report. Marvin Bernard admitted to Baker that he took steroids. Baker did not report that to the Giants or the Commissioner's Office.

Like the Schoeneweis allegations, much of the report is a rehash of reports already out. The biggest new name is Roger Clemens. Others mentioned: Andy Pettitte, Eric Gagne, Jason Giambi, Troy Glaus, Gary Matthews Jr., Jose Guillen, Brian Roberts, Paul Lo Duca and Rick Ankiel.

Very damning stuff on Clemens: "According to (Brian) McNamee, from the time that McNamee injected Clemens with Winstrol through the end of the 1998 season, Clemens' performance showed remarkable improvement,'' the report said. "During this period of improved performance, Clemens told McNamee that the steroids 'had a pretty good effect' on him."

The report talks about wide-spread use and spreads the blame for it around.

Mitchell recommended that players mentioned in the report not be punished. He talked about "looking forward." He said all the allegations of use are at least two years and at times nine years in the past.

Jack Armstrong is the first Red mentioned in the report: "Within the past week, the former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Jack Armstrong estimated that between 20% and 30% of the players in his era, 1988 to 1994, were using large does of steroids while an even higher percentage of players were using lower, maintenance does of steroids."

Mitchell's group tried to interview 500 former players. Only 68 agreed to be interviewed.

Radomski, the former New York Mets clubhouse employee, was key to the report. Eleven players admitted Radomski that supplied them with performance-enhancing substances. The committee founded evidence -- cancelled checks and the like to support -- Radomski's claims.

McNamee, the former New York Yankees trainer, told Mitchell that he was "a direct eyewitness" of three players he served as personal trainer to.

The report says Baker told investigators that in 2003 when he was manager of the San Francisco Giants that he was "completely shocked" when allegations of steroid use by Marvin Bernard were made. The report says Baker asked Bernard if the allegations were true. Bernard, Baker said, admitted use the past. Baker, the report said, did not report this Giants or the Commissioner's Office.

Baker is not mentioned in section on Barry Bonds that follows the section on Bernard.


at 2:25 PM Anonymous Ed said...

nice to see that steroids helped keep Stanton in fine, dominating form.

at 2:52 PM Anonymous greggers445 said...

Hal Morris??? Hal Morris??? If this is indeed true, and from what the report says, it looks like it happened late in his career, this is proof that you don't have to be a home run hitter to take performance-enhancing drugs.

Of all the Reds players from that era, I would have never bet on ol' Hal. I would have suspected Michael Tucker's turtlenecks would have been mentioned in the report. (they had to have been performance-enhancing; he wore them in 106 degree heat)

at 2:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hal Morris and Kent Mercker are mentioned.

David Justice is mentioned, I mention him because he is hometown guy.

at 2:58 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

these are the Reds or former Reds I see in the report:
Ryan Franklin
Mike Stanton
Kent Mercker
Ricky Stone
Ron Villone
Hal Morris

at 3:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Fay missed former Red Scott Schoeneweis (see p. 254 of Mitchell Report).

at 3:47 PM Anonymous redfuture said...

I think this helped Barry Bonds immensely. He doesn't stick out as much anymore after the disclosing of Clemens' actions and words. I wonder if Gagne's consecutive save streak will ever be topped or treated with an asterisk. Anyway, Bonds will most likely get his contract with Oakland if he wants it.

at 3:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two REALLY disappointing names on that list to me. Morris, and worst of all Kent Merker. I thought he was a stand-up kinda guy.

A sad day for baseball cards.

A sadder day for baseball.

at 4:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone in baseball is to blame? Shares responsibility in the steroid era? Typical liberal...wants to blame anyone but the offender himself.

Get rid of no-talent hippo-testosterone Stanton already, will ya?

at 4:06 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of the players on the list took HGH--human goof hormone, apparently, because most of them were pretty lousy ballplayers. What a shame for the clean honest players, especially those who reached AAA but never got to the SHOW for long...

Dirty stupid greedy pro athletes may yet kill their golden goose. When will fans wake up and stop supporting these losers and their ridiculous salary.

Bunch of frauds.

at 4:08 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barry WHO? Mr. Asterisk is now just one of the "boys." They should all be banned from baseball, and Pete Rose should be re-instated.

Hypocrites like Bud Selig ought to be enshrined in the Hall of Lame. Like Selig didn't know what was going in the past 25 years? Really?


at 4:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did I miss something? Josias Manzanillo had an enhanced performance in his career?

at 4:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

MLB must put an asterisk next to every player's name in this report.

at 4:28 PM Anonymous redfuture said...

Yeah, I remember that Manzanillo had a terrific spring training with the Reds, made the club and then bombed big-time when the bell rang.

at 4:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know most of you guys were waiting for Jr to be on the list. Another example of how Griffey is a stand up guy. Plays the game hard AND honest

at 4:37 PM Blogger Joe Farfsing said...

I can guarantee that most people here that are blaming Bud purchased a baseball ticket since 1990. You were supporting the same thing. Everyone saw players getting bigger, no one brought it up. I personally don't care, I'll still gladly pony up $20 or so for a ticket to watch baseball played at it's highest level. It's entertainment, folks. There's no reason to attempt to hold ballplayers and baseball in general to such a high regard. It all comes down to greed and EVERYONE alive knows what greed does. People cheat in every walk of life, so why would players be any different? It may be entertainment, and too many people take it too seriously, but it's just these people's job. Who doesn't know someone who does something unethical in order to make another buck? This isn't the despicable Peter Edward Rose betting on games and taking the validity of fair play in to question.

Hopefully someone has the cajones to force an investigation of this magnitude into the real steroid/perfomance enhacing drug quagmire that is the NFL.

at 4:43 PM Anonymous brick said...

Say what you want about Junior, but he's not on that list...he battled through injuries and he's still playing! I'm proud that he's a Red!

at 4:54 PM Blogger Pat said...

who wouldn't consider taking a banned substance if it meant the difference between a regular job or playing pro ball with the salaries they make?

these players are horrible people. they just didn't like the alternative.

at 5:03 PM Anonymous Kyblu50 said...

If Pete Rose can be banned for life for gambling and lying, should players who took drugs therefore cheated and then lied also be banned for life? I hope this gets through to the people who can speak out for the fans.

at 5:28 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll take Pete Rose's credibility over anyone on this list, including Bud Selig. At least Rose didn't alter his statistics or the outcomes of games because of his gambling.

at 5:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's interesting to read the report and notice that none of the former Reds players used it while playing for Cincinnati. They used before or after their stint here.

at 5:40 PM Blogger Andrew said...

Dunn and Griffey do it naturally.

Griffey has fought and suffered his way through so many injuries. Think of how easy it would have been for him to take the dishonest route. He could have recovered from his injuries faster, built up more leg strength, hit significantly more home runs, and stayed in center.

His dad played the game honest and so does he. We should be so lucky to have him on the team in the years to come.

There is a lot of talk about trading Junior off (I can see this maybe as a mercy trade to give him a real shot at a title), but I for one hope he retires a Red/Mariner and stays in the organization to coach. His fielding is deteriorating statistically, but the boost in aura he gives this team is well worth his salary alone.

at 5:53 PM Anonymous redfuture said...

Hopefully this report will reverberate through amatuer baseball too. I'd hate to think that any of the up and comming Reds used the stuff in high school to move up a few spots in the draft.

at 6:01 PM Blogger Joe Farfsing said...

Anon 5:28

Rose didn't alter the outcomes of games??!?!?!?!?!?!? HE WAS THE MANAGER OF A TEAM HE PUT MONEY ON!! If you believe that Pete didn't manage those such games differently than ones in which he didn't have money on then you're quite possibly the dumbest person ever to post a comment in the history of the internet. Baseball, and sports in general, are great because you really have no clue what is going to happen at any given day. Pete Rose gambling and manipulating his baseball decisions takes that whole spontineity aspect out. It's preordained. Same as a play or WWE.

at 6:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Joe Farfsing - Anger Issues? Beat your wife lately? Kick the Dog? The last time I checked, they PLAY TO WIN THE GAMES. NOTHING Rose could've done differently when he managed the games he bet on the Reds to WIN. Not one shred of evidence ever was produced showed Rose bet on his team to lose. So get a grip and stop being such a hater.

at 6:33 PM Blogger Dave from Louisville said...


If Stanton were to retire this season would the Reds be required to pay his salary? I also think it's hilarious that the Astros and the Brewers just made big moves for Gagne and Tejada.

at 6:34 PM Blogger Scott said...

Ken Griffey Jr is the only true superstar of this generation and hopefully he gets recognition he deserves this season when he passes the 600 homer club.

at 6:37 PM Blogger John Fay said...

The Reds would not have to pay Stanton if he retired.

at 6:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enough with the Rose discussion. Did everyone not notice the 2 names not listed? Sosa and Mark McG weren't on the list. Was it because the investigation didn't go back far enough to go after them? Was does the fact they aren't listed mean?

at 6:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Reds should void Stanton's contract now that they know he took HGH. He committed fraud when he represented that he was a good pitcher without the drugs. As a result of his fraud, the Reds were tricked into signing a contract for him that pays him way more than he is worth. I think his contract is easily voidable because of the fraud that he and every other player that took these substances signed. The unclean hands doctrine would bar Stanton from ever recovering under a breach of contract action.

at 7:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all know why Ken Griffey Jr never took steroids. If he did, Ken Sr would have beat the crap out of him!

at 7:11 PM Blogger cincikid said...

Stanton should have got his money back.

at 7:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

A little "injection" of reality: many designer anabolics and growth hormone therapy for building or keeping muscle mass HAVE NO TEST or the tests that were NOT USED during the period covered by the Mitchell report (and right up until present day you can do some steroids/HGH and not get caught by a direct test of the substance).

It's nice to think that Junior is "clean" but the Mitchell list is not comprehensive, not by any stretch of the imagination.

We have to be content with "not knowing" (about Griffey and many others). So don't falsely idolize them. The "steroid age" of baseball is who knows how long?

Had Bonds stayed free of 'roids he'd be one of the all-time greats. BUT. Cheating now has tarnished forever his legacy, whether he likes it or not, he's a cheat. And so are all these other losers, and many more whom we will never know about.

Plenty of steroids were around in the 1970s, even the 1960s saw plenty of dianabol and duradecabolin use (but probably not widespread in baseball because they were only being discovered (as champion-making in other "sports") by Arnold and pals. By the late 1960s, steroids in the shot put and throughout Eastern Europe Olympic teams (remember all those women swimmers and sprinters with Justin Smith quads and shoulders?)

Maybe the last "clean" players in MLB were back in the days when Nuxhall still played for the Reds?

Something else...cocaine and steroids are performance "enhancers" and so it makes the players who were drunks, like Mickey Mantle, all that more amazing--alcohol is a central nervous system depressant and Mantle still put up fantastic numbers until decades of alcohol abuse turned him mediocre in the last few years of his career...
Mantle on alcohol was arguably better than pre-steroid Barry.

Yet alcohol ages you prematurely (lots of Bengals fans look 60 when they're still in their 30s...and blame it on Mike Brown!) whereas steroids keeps your muscles "young" (until they grow so strong they rip apart or rip tendons off bone).

I'm sick of all the superficial analysis around baseball and steroids. Bud Selig needs to reinstate Rose or forget about baseball's credibility. Selig himself will never be credible. He's the Hillary Clinton of pro sports commissioners. He's been awful for baseball, and what he knew and when he knew it (about steroid use) ought to be investigated. Unless you were born yesterday, you can't possibly believe that Selig had no knowledge of steroid use in MLB many, many years ago, or that he's not responsible for not doing anything about it...until forced to by outside pressures (including the Bonds embarrassment).

Restore Aaron's All-Time Record, ban Bonds for awhile, and reinstate Rose for life, and then take the steroid users' records off the books too. While we can't catch them all, those that get caught must pay the same price as Rose.

at 8:06 PM Anonymous mikec said...

I can't believe my all-time favorite Red, Hal Morris, did steroids. Sad.

at 9:54 PM Anonymous Vic Correll said...

Josias Manzanillo? Ron Villone? Now it all makes sense.

at 10:36 PM Anonymous redsfan45 said...

John, You forgot another ex-Red...Benito Santiago is also on that list

at 1:01 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 744

While I agree with you completely about reinstating Pete Rose, don't you dare try to denounce Hilary Clinton----not when the little Bush boy has tried evrything he possibly can to subvert the constitution and destroy our military one soldier at a time. Hey, you may like having your phone tapped, but I don't. (Oh, and speaking as a New Yorker, I can tell you, Rudy Giuliani will take Bush's policies one step beyond. We don't call him Rudy Mussolini for nothing!)

at 7:53 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

ANON 1:01: Drink the Kool-aide bro! All politicians in our day are total scum. Selig is a politician who has been poison for baseball for a long time. The first thing out of that scum-bag's mouth yesterday should have been "Pete, welcome back to baseball" and then: "everyone on this list is banned from baseball."

at 10:05 AM Blogger Rob Dicken said...

While I agree with the reinstatement of Pete Rose, the comment about Griffey is ignorant. There was an article on ESPN.com where it talked about Barry Bonds actually offering 'roids to Griffey and Griffey turning him down. Search for it...I can't remember who wrote it.

He's always been a skinny kid. If he was on the "juice", it would have been clearly visible. The only thing Griffey has gotten, is fatter and slower with age, not larger and more dominant (Bonds).

at 10:26 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right then...if you had to choose between Hilary Clinton or Bud Selig, who would you rather have running the country? Who would you rather have running baseball? Think about these things before you make ridiculous comparisons. It's likely obvious to evryone Hilary could do 1000 times better at either than Bud Selig. Even if she is a Cubs fan

at 9:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

People like Bud Selig and Hillary Clinton ought to wait on tables or work as toll booth collectors. That's the kind of power they can be trusted with.

Pete Rose and Jr. Griffey Rule! Steroid users drool...

at 9:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO CHANCE REDS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS in 2008. So we might as well dump the old fat steroid guy and put young clean honest pitchers on the roster in droves.

Arizona (just got Haren from Oakland, way to sleep through the offseason, Krivsky!), LA, Colorado, Milwaukee, Cubs, Mets, Phillies = 7 teams far better than the Reds, even WITHOUT roids!

at 10:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I remember right, Bud Selig made his money as a used car salesman.

George Bush should be working in a laundry. A prison laundry.

Dick Cheney shouldn't be working at all. He should be executed for treason

at 11:42 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liberals, always pretending to be reasonable when in fact executing people that don't agree with them is their over-riding fantasy!

If we could turn all that liberal hate into big macs, Mike Stanton and our no-steal shortstop could be even fatter and slower next season!

"little helpers" for the former notwithstanding.

at 12:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The report doesn't accuse Hal Morris of being a user of steroids, or any other drug. Hal did not fail a drug test, no one is saying they injected him, his body was the same for his entire career, his stats didn't mysteriously shoot sky high, etc. There is absolutely nothing tangible to suggest he was juicing and a user. Have a closer look at the report.

at 12:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bud Selig, a classic representation of Republican ideology at play.

'If it doesn't turn a profit, don't bat an eye.'

That's the type of money-scheming that has laundered Professional Baseball into a sick, mutated shell of itself.

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