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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Opening Day tickets

The great Opening Day lottery is over. To get indiviual Opening Day tickets this season you had to register online. The Reds notified via email those who got the tickets and those who didn't Wednesday.

The Reds aren't going to announce how many people registered online for the Opening Day tickets.

There will be one more chance to get Opening Day tickets. The Reds will announce plans to sell Power Packs in the next week or so. The Power Packs, which were 11-game packages last year, include Opening Day.


at 6:42 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

They screwed me again this year, and I had 7 people try for me -- in North Carolina, Reds opening day tix just aren't that big of a deal, so I could employ many for my purpose.

Suffice to say, it was that big of a deal to me. But hey, at least i didn't lie to Congress and ruin my chances at the Hof today, so I've got that going for me.

"Twice as bad as Pete Rose" -- Wilbon on Clemens today

-- Red at the Beach (I have not figured out to sign in under the new format, so filed under anon)

at 8:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found it odd that they didn't announce how many or where the seats were...leads me to believe that there weren't that many to begin with.

my guess is, they only did it to get internet subscriber numbers up and inundate people with spam like they currently do.

at 9:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a bunch of bull! So they sent out emails to those who didn't win? Never fear...you can get on ebay and purchase from NON-RED fans for 10 times face. This club never stops amazing me!

at 9:54 PM Blogger ewad said...

I applied. I didn't get word one way or another. Sad thing is I may have got the chance... but I never got an e-mail one way or another.

at 10:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Along the previous lines, do folks realize that we will have the HR leader, the Hit King, and the Cy Young award leader all NOT in the HoF?

And frankly, none deserve it. Pete maybe most of all -- his transgressions did not affect the game on the field, only the perception thereof.

But it just boggles my mind that the greatest hitter ever, the greatest pitcher ever, and the greatest competitor ever (b*nds, clemens, rose) are deservedly kept from the place that would have best honored their accomplishments.

-- Red at the Beach

at 12:25 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to change this whole opening day ticket system. Is there any way to stop these ticket brokers from getting 50-100 tickets? Please Jon tell me how they do it and how we can stop it!
By the way I didn't get an e-mail saying I didn't win the lottery and no one I know received one either. What is up with that!
Dan L.

at 1:28 AM Anonymous wanderinredsfan said...

Clemens is not the best pitcher ever. To win the Cy Young does not mean you're Cy Young. Nor Matthweson, Koufax, Gibson, W. Johnson, etc., etc.. The only thing that makes Clemens shine is his number of strikeouts and length of career; perhaps both aided by the use of 'performance enhancers'. Hell, Maddux has equal career numbers, excepting for Ks. However, if you look at Ks per inning, Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and numerous others blow Clemens out of the water. Clemens is one of the best of our generation, but not as dominate a pitcher as Bonds was a hitter, comparatively across generations. A case could be made for calling Bonds the greatest ever, but definetely not for Clemens. Of course, to ask yourself 'which player benefitted more from drugs?' is a more difficult question to ponder.

at 8:10 AM Anonymous mikec said...

From SF Chronicle on Blanton:

The right-hander continues to be the subject of trade rumors. The Reds have shown the most consistent interest throughout the winter, but in the wake of the Johan Santana deal - in which Minnesota didn't get the return many expected - it's more likely that the A's front office will wait to move Blanton. If a contender loses a front-line starter - Curt Schilling's status in Boston will be monitored, certainly - Oakland general manager Billy Beane might have a better bargaining position.

at 9:16 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I won the lottery last year and I got 1st row tickets in the upper level down the 3rd base line.

at 9:20 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And frankly, none deserve it. Pete maybe most of all -- his transgressions did not affect the game on the field, only the perception thereof."

Wrong. This is a common argument for Rose supporters.

He bet on the Reds..but not every game. So his betting may have had impact on his decisions depending on which game(s) he was betting on and for how much.

He broke the cardinal rule of baseball. It's so much an issue that there is a sign (or used to be, not sure now) in every clubhouse regarding it.

I'm amazed that fans still flock to the ballparks...if the fans don't care about this (i.e. high attendance) then why debate this in Congresss?

at 9:48 AM Anonymous JT said...

While it's not scientific, I know or have talked to well over 100 people who tried to get tickets, and not only did they not get any tickets, they didn't know, and hadn't heard of anybody who got tickets either. My guess is that they went to some ticket broker in California again who will charge triple the cost, and most fans won't be able to afford to go.

at 9:56 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Red at the Beach:

With the exception of Rose, maybe that's why they were the best? Without their steroids they wouldn't have been. ('Best' is an opinion, of course.)

at 11:27 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is off topic, but did anyone notice that the Giants signed Scott Williamson to a minor league deal earlier this week?

at 12:49 PM Blogger Al in Ohio said...

Anonymous at 11:27:

Yes, we noticed. And fans of all the other NL teams sent the Giants an enormous "Thank You" note. Now we're moving on to the "get someone to sign Danny Graves" petition.

at 12:59 PM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

I won the lotto last year and got a pair in the handicap section adjacent to the concourse down the 1B line. What a freakin circus that was. People lined up about 10-12 deep behind you in the concourse, took forever to get a beer/take a leak, the vendors couldn't even get to us.

Opening Day at GABP is more a party than anything else from my experience, I'd much rather go sometime when people are actually watching the game instead of holding drinking contests in the concourse. I don't remember Cinergy being that way. The Hamilton intro was freakin awesome though...goosebumps. I think the old lady even shed a tear.

Even stuck around Cincy to watch my Buckeyes get throttled in the Championship Game later that night with all the still-bitter XU fans.

at 1:07 PM Blogger RickNMd said...

I've never won the lottery, but because I'm registered at Reds.com I got an email advising me of the lottery the past 2-3 years. I registered and didn't win. No notice.

I also don't get bombarded by Reds.com with sales stuff. I checked off that box.

But I do get emails for news announcements like the lottery or a big trade or something of "news" value. I never get anything promotional.

at 1:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I resent your insinuation that there was anything "great" about this lottery farce. I hope it was tongue in cheek.

at 1:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I signed up and I was notified that my name was not not drawn. I had several people attempting to get tickets and not a one received any.

at 1:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I entered the ticket lottery and just like the state lottery, won nothing. I did get the email, however.

Now about Rose vs. the enhancers ...

Pete broke the one rule that is posted in clubhouses. No denying that. But that rule is an arcane one that was put in place as a reaction to the 1919 Black Sox Scandal. Can anyone say that Pete betting on his team to win gave the Reds any advantage?

IMHO, those who lump Pete in with the steroid and HGH users are short-sighted. Let's call injecting yourself with something that gives you an unfair advantage over your opponent what it is: cheating.

You can call Pete Rose any number of things. I don't think "cheater" is one of them.

at 1:58 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife and I registered for the ticket lottery seperately. I got notified that I didn't win, but she did. We got online this morning and bought the tickets. We're going to the game and not reselling them.

at 2:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was not notified one way or the other if I recieved tickets for opening day. Two co-workers were both notified that they did not receive tickets. I wish the Reds would have sent out a notification that told us we were at least in the running. I guess I am left to believe that my registration never even made it to the Reds.

Still holding out hope for tickets.

-Kevin, Cincinnati

at 2:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that taking an injection will make someone hit a round ball, more often then those who don't take it. There is so much more to hitting a baseball then muscle. I think this whole stariod issue is blow way out of purportion. I think betting on baseball (by a manager of all people) has more impact on the game itself then those who take a drug. And how can you pentalize someone such as Mark Maguire for take a pill that wasn't even banned by baseball at the time he took it. I think all of this is just writers and fans jelious of the money the ball players make today, and will find anything to bring them down!

Sick of the whole thing!

-Kevin, Cincinnati

at 4:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin in Cincinnati --

In addition to needing a spell check, why don't you brush up a little bit on the "benefits" of steroid and HGH use.

No one ever claimed they could help you hit a 96-mph fastball or even an 85-mph breaking ball. They allow players to bulk up for power and recuperate faster from workouts, they allow you to heal quicker from injuries and they keep you in the game longer and give you a job longer than the poor slob who doesn't take them.

Nobody ever said they help with hitting the baseball. If they did, Chuck Knoblauch would have hit 500 homers.

at 4:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Pete broke the one rule that is posted in clubhouses. No denying that. But that rule is an arcane one that was put in place as a reaction to the 1919 Black Sox Scandal. Can anyone say that Pete betting on his team to win gave the Reds any advantage?"

Yes. But being you're obviously a Reds fan and maybe from Cincinnati I won't bother to explain it to you since you won't understand and still defend him.

But yes, betting on the Reds changed the way he managed.

at 12:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you know, Duke?

And that's precisely my point. There is evidence that performance-enhancing drugs enhance performance. There is no evidence that any of Pete's bets had any bearing on the outcome of any game.

And, yes, I'm from Cincinnati as if that makes any difference either.

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