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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Talking to Dusty

Dusty Baker did a semi-formal press conference today. A lot of the Sarasota outlets were here, as was Jayson Stark of ESPN.

So Baker was asked a lot questions about coming back to the game after the year off following getting fired in Chicago.

“(Coming back) was something I looked forward to, and something I need for myself. I had a great time at ESPN. I wasn’t quite ready to do that forever.”

Why come back? “I need to satisfy what’s inside of me – a couple championships. I can’t go home after losing.”

How did he get over the postseason disappointment in 2002 and '03: “Just by thinking, studying, being thankful for life . . . How long can you live in pain? You do that it’s not living. You just go forward big time. You can’t live in the past. Live for today.”

His Cincinnati memories: “I remember everybody in town being in red,” he said. “I remember being brainwashed before I ever got to the stadium. I’d see red in windows. Women had red dresses on. Men had red hats on. I remember knowing when you had them down they had a good chance of coming back to beat you.”

Can he bring that back? “I’d like that. I’d love that actually. Winning does that. I’d feel like I did some of my job. I saw that on the caravan – we went to parts of West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. People are yearning to come back. They want something to come back to. Winning does that.”


at 5:02 PM Blogger cincikid said...

Some people (Cubs fans) says that he can't coach. I don't really believe that. But I do know that he can talk and right now he is saying all the right things. I'm excited! But after the last few years of losing my excitement is definitely sustained by thoughts of "here we go agian". It's a good day to be a Reds fan! Let it not be the only excitement we feel this season.

at 7:41 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The rumor I heard about Dusty,when he was still at Chicago was that he over works his pitchers to death and doesn't like rookies.I hope this is not true and we end the season in the World Series and our pitching staff comes out healthy and not over worked...

at 7:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Dusty was still with the Cubs,he had a repertation of over-working his pitchers.I hope at seasons end The Reds pitching is well and healthy and the Dusty rumors are false.

at 10:35 PM Anonymous Phil in Winchester said...

He had the same reputation in SF. Strangely, there was this one time he actually pulled the starter early, with a 5 run lead, handed him the game ball.....2 innings and a rally monkey later, the Giants were left wondering what the heck just happened, the wind taken out of their sails.

The following year wasn't any better - the Cub fans blame Bartman for the foul ball and the Cubs subsequent loss. But it wasn't Bartman that gave up an 8 spot to the Marlins. It was Dusty not knowing when to pull a pitcher and knowing when to leave him in.

Here's to hoping that he's learned his lessons well in SF and Chicago....

at 11:43 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

1.) Why do people on Reds boards keeping repeating the stupid, sourpuss ramblings of Cubs fans from their boards?

2.) What do Cubs fans know about winning? They last won, wha, 100 years ago? They choke how often?

3.) Count the ways.

4.) Their excuses? Myriad.

at 9:17 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Redlegs

In an answer to your comment....

It's because of Dusty's past history.

at 10:18 AM Anonymous Jack in Blue Ash said...

Mr Redlegs..it was far more than the fans complaining about Dusty Baker.

Being a professional sportswriter, I am sure you were aware that from management on down everyone in Chicago was not happy with Dusty baker

at 11:52 AM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Dusty's history, huh? Selective memory?

You sidestepping the eight of 10 years in San Francisco when his teams were first or second?

For a bunch that complains with every passing breath the past seven years about the Reds being losers, you'd sure be unhappy with that record of contending, right?

(No, Barry Bonds did not bat in slots 1-8 in San Fran, nor did he hold all 12 spots on the pitching staff.)

You sidestepping his first Cubs team that was a couple of outs from the World Series? Or that the divisional champion (Cardinals) his second year went to the World Series and won over 100 games?

Or are you gleefully pointing to the last two Cubs teams ripped apart by injuries? Guessing the loss of Lee, Wood, Prior, et al in 2006 is conveniently overlooked. Imagine an already sub-.500 Reds team without Harang, Arroyo and Phillips.

Meanwhile, Baker also put youngsters Zambrano, Marshall, Marmol, Guzman and Mateo in the rotation that year, and Cedeno and Murton in the lineup.

But yeah, Dusty's history is he hates young players. But there they are, all under age 25, starting, just like Patterson and Ramirez the previous three years. Just like he did in San Francisco with Reuter, Estes, Tavares, Aurilia, Clayton, Phillips, Beck, Torres, Van Landingham and more.

Time and again we tell you this and time and again you don't comprehend it:

When Baker's had young talent that was better than the veterans, who gave the team a better chance to win that day or that season, they have played.

So why not give Baker a chance for, say, a week of spring training games, or better, a season or two, before repeating the epitaphs of fans of a time-proven loser organization?

Reds fans consistently claim they are better fans, more knowledgeable fans, historically entitled fans. Prove it.

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