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Friday, February 15, 2008

Phillips update: Four years, $27 million

I just got off the phone with Brandon Phillips. His hapiness with getting the multiyear deal he agreed to is tempered by a rough case of the flu.

He confirmed he signed.

Update: The deal is for four years with a club option for a fifth. That keeps Phillips with the Reds at least until 2011 and probably till 2012. The deal is for $27 million.

Phillips was sick enough that he didn't want to tlak. "Man, I'm sicker than a dog," he said. "Can you call me back tomorrow?"

Phillips said he's coming to Sarasota Sunday.

"I just got back from Cincinnati," he said. "Dr. (Tim) Kremchek told me to wait until then. He gave me some (medicine."

How long's the deal?

"You'll find later today," he said.

By the way, I'm at the Ed Smith Complex. It's 72 and sunny. Sorry, had to do that. A lot of players are here. Ken Griffey Jr. is among them. Conditioning coach Matt Krause had Griffey out running bases on the Joe Morgan Field.

Also saw Aaron Harang, Kent Mercker, Bill Bray, Jay Bruce, Todd Coffey, Gary Majewski, David Ross and about five guys I don't recognize. Thirty-five guys have already showed up.

So, Jay, are you here to make the club?

"Absolutely, no doubt about it," he said. "It's my goal. I'm going to show them what I can do."

Mercker instantly becomes the funniest guy on the roster. He commented on hair cut.
"It make you look younger . . . than the pope."


at 1:03 PM Blogger Ryan said...

Signing Phillips is by far the best move of the off-season.

I am glad we didn't make a move on a pitcher as the market was just too expensive. We just have to hope and pray that we can fill out the back end semi-successfully and continue to put up runs.

-Displaced Reds Fan in Chicago
Sunny, 21 Degrees

Sarasota Mar 14-17 here I come!

at 1:31 PM Blogger Dan H said...

You had to mention 72 and sunny. Well in Buffalo its also sunny and.... 27. Oh well 4 more weeks for me. And good news on the long term deal for Phillips.

at 1:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to Florida John...was in Sarasota yesterday, had dinner at Cork in the circle...give it a try! Back in Naples today...81 here!


at 2:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey John,

Does Griffey look like he's in shape?

at 2:28 PM Anonymous Jeff said...

I just got this very interesting from a city reporter in Goodyear Arizona after I asked her how she thought the funding was going for the Reds to move there,

It is really hard to tell from my end. There is so much happening, money wise, with the city that I honestly don’t know that Goodyear will be able to fund them, unless it is backed by either private funding or through voter approved bonds. The city is losing revenue because the mall isn’t happening for another year, plus predictions in revenue for this budget year fell short because of the down turn in the economy. Goodyear has to find a way to cut out $12 million for this year alone and is already discussing how to cut costs and trim next year’s budget. Having this information, I don’t know that voters would approve putting more tax dollars to a second baseball team.

The interim mayor was not very direct with me but in our conversation he did not at all allude to Goodyear not being able to do it. He did not give any specifics. I questioned him about approaching the Arizona and Sports Authority, which he said they have done, but did not specify if they would be able to help Goodyear out or not.

at 2:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Locking Phillips up is definitely a boon to the future of this team. He has a lot of talent and charisma. Oh, and its cloudy and in the 30s here.


at 2:46 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

On ESPN it says 4-year, 27M. Seems high...

at 2:50 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John - can you explain why you wear such baggy pants in your pic? Just asking...


at 2:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

* Cincinnati has shown consistent interest in Oakland right-hander Joe Blanton, but the Athletics aren't going to give up Blanton unless they get what they want in return, and what they want is outfielder Jay Bruce, whom the Reds consider untouchable.

* http://www.rockymountainnews.com/news/2008/feb/15/ringolsby-fans-prefer-to-focus-on-diamond/

MUM ON DEAL: Andrew Friedman would not comment, as is the policy of the team, on the rumored trade with the Athletics that could bring starter Joe Blanton to Tampa Bay. "We will continue to explore throughout spring training on any type of trade we feel that will make us better in our overall plan. If we match up with a team, we'll be aggressive and act on it. By no means are we putting our feet up because the workouts are starting."

at 3:12 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Re the baggy pants: When we redo the website, mercifully there will only be a mug of me. Didn't realize the pants were that baggy. But my theroy is it's easier to buy bigger clothes than lose weight.

at 3:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't feel like it's expensive at all. Look at what other pre-eminent 2B are getting from their squads.
Yankees 2B Robinson Cano - 4 yrs. $30 Million

Phillies 2B Chase Utley -- 7 yrs. $85 Million

4 yrs at $27 Million seems pretty fair to me.

at 3:38 PM Blogger Scottyb said...

Locking Phillips down long term was a great move. Next Dunn and then lets see what the kids can do (votto, bruce, hopper, Eddie E, Cuteo, Bailey, and the new guy from texas I can't remember his name)

at 3:39 PM Blogger gm said...

good move by the reds

at 3:40 PM Blogger gm said...

any more news on blanton?

at 4:36 PM Anonymous redsfaninlexky said...

Great news on Phillips! He's a valuable cornerstone of the Reds future and it's nice to see them rewarding their young players.

BTW it's 50 and partly sunny in the home of "Mildcats" formerly known as the UK Wildcats.

at 5:06 PM Blogger Chris at Redleg Nation said...

First, comparing BP to Chase Utley doesn't do BP any favors. Cano is more productive, too, for that matter.

That said, the money's probably about right.

The thing people should rememember, though, is that BP was already locked up through 2010. This deal is essentially an advance compromise of three years of arbitration hearings, and a buyout of one year of free agency (plus that option year, whatever it costs).

at 5:22 PM Anonymous schlemdog said...

Chris, Is that correct? I thought he had 5 years or MLB service which would make him eligible for FA after this year.


at 6:12 PM Blogger kingseyeland said...

Fay - Don't let them get you down re: the pants. At least you're not wearing bermuda shorts. That would really rub in the 72 and sunny bit.

at 9:49 PM Blogger rob said...

Mercker is funny.

I still remember a few years ago when he said the bank bounces when Griffey cashes a check

at 3:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jr. must not be in shape if John decided no to comment. :(

at 3:58 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Junior looks fine. I started to answer the question by got distracted.

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