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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back to the old system

We're back to moderating posts. The back and forth arguing has worn me out. It's royal pain to pull down posts. I'm going with a cooling-off period. I may go back to the other way.

But the constant attacking of other posters just detracted from the conversation.


at 3:59 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


at 4:00 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

john..if you do away with anonymous posters and require bloggers to get a screen name ..the problem will be resolved

at 4:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we also do something about offensive articles which state that stats don't matter, only senses?

at 4:24 PM Blogger Brendan T said...

I don't blame you, John. it does get old.

I know we've talked a lot about the rotation and CF battles, but I wanted to ask you how do you see the bullpen shaping up? That is the area that cost us the most losses last year. Obviously Cordero, Burton, Weathers and Stanton are in, but what about the others? Since Cout, Sauerbeck and Majewski seem to be getting roughed up, are they out?

I was just curious about your thoughts. Thanks!

at 4:26 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

It was time. Either that or just shut it down completely. Banning anonymous posters would be a big help, I think.

at 4:28 PM Blogger Will T. said...

Thank you John, it is sad that someone can't post a comment without someone else trying to argue with them. I have almost stop reading the comments because of that.

at 4:29 PM Anonymous Anon said...

your part of the problem man, the sooner you realize this the problems might go away

at 4:30 PM Blogger Brad said...

well, not really becuase you can pick the same screen name on blooger. I'm pretty sure there are other brads out there

at 4:36 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

how bout we get rid of jackblueash cuz it seems he is a constant in all this. and why does he think he special cuz he knows JF? i enjoy this blog and appreciate what u do here JF.

at 4:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

eliminating the anon posts won't solve anything

at 4:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

majewski seems to have been getting it done, while Cooter has been gettingh roughed up.

I dont see Cooter making it at all, if he does, I would be extremely shocked.

at 4:41 PM Blogger John Fay said...

You're right: Cordero, Weathers, Stanton and Burton are in.

I think Volquez makes it if he doesn't make the rotation. Coffey's pitched well and he makes $925,000. Majewski's been good since that awful first outing. Bray is going to pitch tomorrow. Roenicke's in the mix. So is Mercker.

And Affeldt probalby ends up in the bullpen.

In other words, The last couple of spots are too hard to call.

at 4:48 PM Anonymous Noggy said...

but Daaaaaaaaaadddddd......

I'm just kidding. I agree. I wish there wouldn't be anymore anonymous posters.

at 4:51 PM Blogger Brendan T said...

Thanks, John. I kind of had a feeling that Affeldt was really signed for the bullpen and told he would be given a chance to start, just to humor him. Regardless, anytime you can add a lefty with a sub 4 ERA, it's a good move.

at 4:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Does Josh Fogg join the bullpen as a longman if he doesn't make the rotation, or do they release him?


at 5:10 PM Anonymous NVreds said...

Affeldt is our best LH bullpen pitcher, I think thats where he helps the team the most.

Getting rid of the anon posters would help, but it will NOT solve everything. that being said I support it.

The constant soap opera on this blog has been tiring, and the multiple personalities thing was kind of weird. Hopefully we can forget about it and just watch the team play, regardless of how you do it.

at 5:32 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

With a few exceptions the bullpen guys have been looking pretty good for us this spring. I think the bullpen was much worse last year than it should have been and with the additions the team has made it'll be much better this year.

John, looks like one more split-squad game on the 14th and that's it. Very likely we'll see a number of spring cuts that weekend I'm guessing, what do you think?

at 5:35 PM Blogger Brandon said...

I say they will release him if he doesn't make the rotation. CTR said he would only get 100k of the contract if he didn't make the big club.

at 5:44 PM Blogger Brandon said...

Heres an interesting article from hall of fame writer Hal McCoy.


This is what his 25 man looks like.

at 5:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang I'll never forgive Mom for naming me Anonymous.
Any way I think Afeldt makes the rotation,along with Fogg and Belisle.I am sure it won't stay that way but vets always win.

Respectfully submitted,
Anonymous Dan

at 6:15 PM Anonymous MJ said...

One should always attack the point not the poster but do it in a professional adult manner. I agree with the consensus opinion that folks shouldn't be allowed to hide behind the anonymous ID.

A place for Cincinnati Reds fans to gather and discuss baseball's first professional team and anything going on in the baseball world. The off season is here with new Skipper Dusty Baker on board with changes possibly being made in the Queen City with a new and improved pitching staff poised to have a pretty good year. RedsFest-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

at 6:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea, I dont see Coutlangus making the cut either....The guys stat line for Spring Training has been pretty brutal.

7.36 ERA, 3.2 IP, 6 Hits, 3 Runs, 3 ER, A Walk, and only two strikeouts. Not to mention a 3 run dinger.

I think he got so worried about throwing strikes and getting his control, that hes just throwing beat across the plate. Even today all his outs were flyballs and ground outs. The guy already had problems against righties, now hes got problems with everyone. He had some potential, but I think he needs to be sent down to work on his stuff. Everyone always argued that he hadnt been pitching that long, and to me, that was a negative.

Whats your thoughts on the kid Mr. Fay?

at 7:30 PM Blogger NVreds said...

Couters stats weren't that great last yr either. He needs to learn some command, just like a lot of pitchers. For him it might be harder his windup is pretty wild.

we have better lefty options, put him in AAA

at 9:23 PM Blogger Brad said...

well, not really becuase you can pick the same screen name on blooger. I'm pretty sure there are other brads out there

I'm the original Brad.....Brad...I just don't post much since C. Trent's blog went away.

at 9:22 AM Blogger Reds in 2008 said...

CTR's blog didn't go away... it just moved to a different location.

CTR Blog

And on the Homer.com

at 10:00 AM Anonymous Not-so-Anonymous-Jim said...

"folks shouldn't be allowed to hide behind the anonymous ID."

~ yeah, because pounding away on your keyboard openly named Jack from Blueash, Mr. Redlegs, MJ, CSA, etc. is so much less "anonymous." Problem solved. We'll all just resort to nicknames and we'll all be so identifiable.

It's a friggin blog. Who cares. Act like a grown up and post however you choose. Picking a fake name does NOTHING.

at 12:12 PM Anonymous MJ said...

My name is Michael Jenkins hence the MJ. Its angry posts like that which has us on moderated status now. Good Day!

at 2:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

MJ big fan of yours.... when are you going to produce in Atlanta?

at 3:02 PM Blogger LincolnLand Reds Fanclub said...

I took JackBlueAsh's idea and took the time to set myself up a blog id. Doesn't take but 3 minutes to set up. Good idea Jack....Randy

at 8:58 PM Blogger redfuture said...

Is this Cueto's normal day to pitch or is he being adjusted to fill a particular rotation spot? If so, I suppose it would for the #4. Most years a #5 isn't needed for the first 10 days or so.

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