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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What's next?

I think one of the biggest thing to watch in the short term is what happens to all the people Wayne Krivsky hired.

You have to go pretty far down the food chain to find someone who was in the organization before Krivsky arrived. Bob Miller, Scott Nethery, J Harris, Chris Buckley, Tony Arias, Jim Stoekel and Squeaky Parker. That's seven of 10 people listed immediately after Krivsky in the media guide.

I don't know who call it was but it wasn't a good sign when the Reds picked a player in the Rule 5 draft who never even got in a game.

But I think one of things things that really hurt Krivsky was Johnny Almaraz leaving. Bob Castellini saw Almaraz as a potential GM. He quit because he had trouble working with Krivsky. Almaraz, the guy who signed Johnny Cueto, ended up with the Braves. That says a lot about his reputation.


at 4:20 PM Blogger Ron said...

I have to agree John, Almaraz leaving was a shock to me and a big loss in my opinion. If there is ever a chance for the Reds to get him back in the future, they better go out of their way to make it happen ... groveling if necessary.

at 4:34 PM Blogger DrOptimism said...

Just please keep Buckley - his rep is pretty amazing.

(OTOH, how many of WK's lieutenants were "vetted" by Jocketty to begin with... Hmmmmmm.....)

p.s. John- belated condolences about your brother. And you did not deserve the childishness on the blog in your absence. Take care!

at 4:48 PM Blogger redsfanwoody said...

Do you sense that we are headed to a new direction or is it going to continue to build within?

at 4:55 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Well, the counter argument on Almaraz is:

a.) Where's all the Latin talent if he was so great? At a time when the organization had no payroll and little scouting, when they dabbled in Latin America, where's the fruit?

b.) Almaraz gets credit for Cueto but if I remember the story correctly everyone thought Cueto was too small, Almaraz was at the airport and the birddog begged him to come and see Cueto pitch before leaving the country. Not like Almaraz had Cueto on the radar the entire time.

c.) The Reds' scouting and development had been pathetic for over a decade, even with O'Brien's silly rules for minors players, and Krivsky was gutting the place of deadwood, bad managers and coaching, and non-productives. If Almaraz didn't like the rules, well, that's what happens when a new boss comes to town.

Think the Almaraz thing is a stretch; but the fact Krivsky caused a few fires is not to be overlooked. Just say that. This crap about "winning" is absurd.

at 5:02 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

QUOTE FROM JOHN FAY: "I don't know who call it was but it wasn't a good sign when the Reds picked a player in the Rule 5 draft who never even got in a game."

ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!....and who was the player that they let go to make room for that rule 5 draftee?
Why of all people, it was Jorge Cantu. The right handed power hitter that they so sorely need.


at 10:43 PM Blogger Aaron said...

Jorge Cantu: the only thing separating the Reds from a championship season. Never mind the fact there was no starting job for him and he wanted to be a starter. Never mind he was arbitration eligible. Nevermind he just had domestic violence charges filed against him. This guy would have led Cincinnati to the promised land. Now we are doomed to mediocrity for the next decade as we let scrubs like Votto, Encarnacion and Phillips start at those infield positions which Cantu plays.

Oh and how dar Krivsky gamble in the rule 5 draft. I mean look how he got burned the year before by taking some washed up drug addict that got released by the very same team that released the might Cantu!

at 11:51 AM Blogger Ruben Ma-Te-O said...

Ruben Ma-TAY-O says...
Cheviot, you're KILLIN' me! I don't know what's worse, you beatin' that dead horse named CANTU or JackinBlueAsh scufflin' with robdicken on a minute-by-minute basis! You want right handed power??
Sign me! I'm only 34! I'm healthy! I'm a true 5-tool guy! Just ask ol' leather pants...he knows!
All kidding aside, I agree with you re: Cantu. The guy had some really good numbers on a REALLY bad team in Tampa for a couple of years. I think he could have helped us, and I was stunned when they at least didn't give him another shot.

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