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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lineup v. Dodgers

Corey Patterson cf
Paul Janish ss
Ken Griffey Jr. rf
Brandon Phillips 2b
Adam Dunn lf
Edwin Encarnacion 3b
Joey Votto 1b
David Ross c
Matt Belisle p

I saw the TMZ video. It's nothing. Griffey missteped on a curb: Film at 11! All it shows is camera phones are bad thing if you're famous.


at 6:42 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

Griffey is a real solid person off the field.. He never drinks to the point of extreme


at 6:45 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

It showed how fat he really is. Looks like he gets to 300 lbs before he gets to 600 HRs.
Just the facts,

at 6:50 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

"Look, its no secret to anyone that Jack and I dont see eye to eye, but I wouldnt remove his post just because I dont like it.

I hope he would extend me the same courtesy, even if I am "giving him the business". .........


Kevin you are a Reds fan and I respect that..Don't take me or this blog seriously

I hope I add a little bit of levity to the blog and what appears to be a rather difficult season


at 6:58 PM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

like the lineup...patterson has been decent lately, and good move by dustbag getting janish back in there so the kid doesn't spend anymore time beating himself up over that special delivery to the reds dugout last night in the 9th...

still...belisle vs. billingsley = loss for the redlegs.

silver lining - fogg back into the rotation, belisle back to the ville, and maybe brower to the pen?

at 7:03 PM Blogger Michael said...

The madness continues. I have grown to appreciate Patterson manning CF (much better than watching Freel misplay ball after ball), but no way he should still be hitting leadoff. Give Janish a shot in the leadoff spot and move Patterson down to the 8 hole. The guy could not get on base regularly if his life depended on it.

at 7:06 PM Blogger Hey Barry Larkin! said...

I just went and looked at it. That was barely even a stumble. Barely even a misstep. Amazing what is considered newsworthy these days...

at 7:06 PM Blogger JerBear said...

Big game for Matt Belisle tonight. If he tanks it tonight his time may be short in the major leagues this year. Maybe a little too much pressure has been put on Belisle, but I think the Reds have some other options unlike in the past so he's not a guy that you have to have out there.

I was looking at Patterson's stats, and he actually had a couple multiple hit games last week in a row...so I think Baker is going to keep playing him till he reaches that career average as he was saying last week!

Nice to see Janish in the starting lineup tonight.

People complaining about Cordero not coming in the 9th last night...I think Cordero has pitched a lot recently. And Weathers probably doesn't let up any runs without the Janish error.

Weathers has been struggling but he had a great year last year and I think still has something left him.

Besides Cordero, the bullpen has been a slight dissapointment to me, but they are better than last year's bullpen so far! That is an easy task though.

at 7:10 PM Blogger Jaybee said...

What's the big deal about the TMZ video? I mean, who makes this stuff up? We've all probably made a similar misstep off a curb. Griff certainly didn't look impaired to me. Just goes to show, if you're a big name somebody somewhere wants to take you down! What's next? Video of Fay, McCoy, and Sheldon all working? Hehehe!

at 7:18 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

John, some reason you don't want to post my cheese coney story? Lets try again. Heard from an inside source that:
The Reds are holding on to Griffey until after the Major League Coney Eating Contest which will be held during the All-Star Break. They think he can eat 600 cheese coneys. That is the real race to 600.

at 7:21 PM Blogger Pat said...

So John, why would you even mention this video? it's not news or even worthy of a blog. I guess it shows even the media can 'stumble'.

at 7:29 PM Blogger va.redsfan said...

John with the new blog I'm assuming that a new registration will be required. Is that correct? And guys lay off Jr.'s weight. How many people don't put on a few lbs at his age? And he could still probably smoke many of us in a gym.

at 7:30 PM Blogger T-Mac said...

This just in. Griffey sent to Japan for Kobyashi. 600 coneys or bust!

at 7:30 PM Blogger ST fan said...

JOHN:...Who's pitching for the Dodgers?

at 7:31 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

About using Cordero in a tie game:

At home, sure, but on the road the other team bats last. Even if he holds, hes going to have to come back out again, and if its still tied? Your playing for a save situation and then not having your closer to save it.

Weathers is going to have to get 3 outs at some point, and you dont want it to be after you take a one run lead and then have him blow it. Either he holds them for an opportunity to take the lead, or he has to close the game, 2 choices, its simple. Dust chose NOT to put weathers in the save situation.

At home, you can gamble on getting one across, and.. game over.

at 8:00 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I posted the thing about the video because a lot of people were commenting about it. I talked to Griffey about it. He thought the whole deal was pretty funny.

CSA: Griffey is not heavier than he was last year or the year before. You've posted aopbut 97 things ripping Griffey today. We get your point.

The new blog will require registration to actual emails. A verification will be sent to you.

Chad Billingsley is pitching for the Dodgers.

at 8:01 PM Blogger Aaron said...

What about Burton though? The Dodgers were showing off all their young bullpen arms and the Reds respond with David Weathers? Look let's pretend Weathers and Burton are both members of the Dodgers not the Reds. Who would you rather we face with the game on the line? You know Weathers is getting by on a wing and a prayer. He's got nothing but experience going for him. I commend him for his efforts but I will take Burton's nasty stuff over Weather's experience any day of the week.

If your late inning guys don't have the opponents swinging defensively and trying their best not to strikeout something is wrong and its gonna be a long year.

at 8:07 PM Blogger va.redsfan said...

I just went and checked out the video and it goes to show people have way to much free time on there hands. Cellphones are the downfall of our society.

at 8:10 PM Blogger T-Mac said...

Kevin, I agree that the "book" suggests exactly what you wrote, however, I believe a good manager also allows for a little raw gut feeling to enter into the equation.

Last night was one of those opportunities to go with your strongest hand and live to play into extra innings IMO.

at 8:24 PM Blogger LongTimeRedsFan said...

I dread David Weathers coming into any game. When is the last time he actually got 3 outs in a row without a hit, walk, or something? Isn't that what he's supposed to do? And CP hitting leadoff again? I will give him credit for his play in centerfield but even when he gets on base you have to worry that he will be picked off or thrown out making a stupid base running decision. And when will Jockety finally get balls and tell Baker to stop hitting Griffey in the 3 hole? Obviously Dusty believes in sacred cows!

at 8:25 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

So John, was it last night?

If so, whats your estimation of time of night? (eastern)

at 8:29 PM Blogger LongTimeRedsFan said...

Despite Griffey's weight gain or no gain.....some of us are wondering if there's a video of him running INTO the steakhouse and wondering if he was running faster then than he was on the way to first base?

at 8:32 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

"And when will Jockety finally get balls and tell Baker to stop hitting Griffey in the 3 hole?"

GM's dont do that...ever.

at 8:36 PM Blogger John Fay said...

It was last night. My guess is midnight.

at 8:40 PM Blogger Joe said...

Anyone have the site where we can look at the Griffey film. I would like to see it. Thanks

at 8:55 PM Blogger Another losing season said...

Belisle is due to pitch a great game and I feel tonight is that night. I also think Ross might just hit for the cycle.

at 9:14 PM Blogger Joe said...

Found the video. Hey, I've stumbled worse than that sitting in a chair. Nothing to it.

Mid-night dinner after the game, no big deal either. Surprised a couple more players were not with him.

at 9:16 PM Blogger JD in the SD said...

John, I live in downtown San Diego. Let me know if you need any recommendations down this way for the series this weekend. Go Reds!

at 9:37 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

"CSA: Griffey is not heavier than he was last year or the year before. You've posted aopbut 97 things ripping Griffey today. We get your point."

#98 Look at that video again, John. Maybe he had on one of those Hollywood 'fat' suits.

at 9:38 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

#99 I hear the restaurant had to close after he left. No food left.

at 9:52 PM Blogger mentalmidget said...


First of all, thanks for all the hard work you put in on this blog. The unfounded guff you take from some people can be ridiculous!!

LongTimeRedsFan brought up a point regarding Weathers. When was the last time he pitched a 1-2-3 inning?

at 9:57 PM Blogger NVreds said...

reds fans are freaking out over absolutely nothing. I was excited to see the video because i was expecting to laugh a ton after reading people trashing on grif, I was extremely disappointed. That was nothing, absolutely nothing. its sad people freak out over a little stumble over the curb, he probably had two beers maybe, and thats not even close to what some players probably do after games, you think current allstar players never drink during the season? come on be realistic.

jeez people, its pathetic people are finding this as a reason to crack on grif (actually its pathetic its even on the internet at all). I wish he would have been traded last yr or this offseason and i have been very unimpressed with his play, but this is a sad reason to get on him. This is no deal, shame on all of you who thought otherwise and made me think i was getting to watch something interesting.

at 10:04 PM Blogger bench5 said...

slow news night if tmz is using that video to show he was drunk...was Brittany Spears not driving anywhere? Even if he was "stumbling" at least he took a cab..

There are many things we can talk about such as not hitting to the opposite field, no homer runs but no way, in my opinion, should we give tmz's story any credence

On a side note, a major movie star has a case filed in my court that has not been reported so if anyone knows how I can pick up some quick cash by telling tmz.... let me know

at 10:07 PM Blogger Monclova Steve said...

The posts here are amazing.
Jocketty? Knows nothing about baseball. Forget the 6 division titles, 2 NL pennants, 1 World Series championship with St. Louis.
Baker? Knows nothing about baseball. Forget the Manager of the Year awards in 1993, 1997, 2000; playoffs in 1993, 1997, 2002, 2003. Coming into this year, career record of 1162-1041. Played in the majors for 16 years.
But Reds bloggers know better.

at 10:16 PM Blogger Zippy said...

We've been through this before, Kevin, and you're still wrong. Whether on the road or at home, you don't want to lose a game in the 9th inning without your best relief pitcher ever throwing a pitch. For all we know, the Reds would have scored 6 runs in the 10th inning, and then anyone could have finished the game. But we'll never know, because the game didn't go to the 10th, because the guy most likely to preserve the tie never got into the game.

As I said the last time this topic came up (that is, the last time Weathers allowed the winning run to score without Cordero ever throwing a pitch), it's like keeping your best hitter on the bench just in case a potentially game-changing situation arises in the 9th inning and you need a good pinch hitter. Would that be a justification for keeping your best hitter out of the starting lineup? Of course not. So why does it make sense to keep your best relief pitcher out of a close game just in CASE you MIGHT have an opportunity to use him later? It makes zero sense. If you use Cordero in the 9th and then Weathers gives up a run in the 10th or 11th, at least you got another chance to score before giving up a run. But the Reds never got that chance. I don't see how anyone can justify that.

at 10:17 PM Blogger gonz said...

Your wit and humor is astounding. Tell me, do you write for Dane Cook?

I'm scratching my head about CP at leadoff and that fishing strike out swing didn't help matters any.

at 10:26 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Two things:

If Janish doesn't throw Martin's ball away, the ball Kent hit is a double play ball, rather than putting Martin on third with one out.

None of the 30 managers in baseball would have sent Cordero out to start the ninth of tie game. I'm not saying that makes if right, but that's how it is.

at 10:29 PM Blogger Joe said...

Monclova: Tune in and pay attention for a week or so before you make too little of this blog or the bloggers involved.

One theme you'll find in this blog is that we don't don't blindly accept every move a GM or Manager make based on past results.

Another thing you'll notice over a few days, we use sarcastism, humor and not so vague attempts to p... each other off, to make points and have some fun doing it.

Don't confuse the bloggers here with baseball illiterates and ignorant fans.

We do most of this with tongue firmly implanted in cheek and most of us have a lot of fun doing it.

at 10:52 PM Blogger Hugh D. Pohl said...

Monclova, I beg to differ with Joe. You are right -this blog is full of some of the most boneheaded, ignorant and unfunny "fans" I've ever run across. John Fay is a great guy who deserves better. Many on this blog seem to enjoy losting so they can rip the Reds and they can find a dark cloud in any sunny situation. I enjoy the give and take about managerial strategy, GM decision-making and players but I hate the exageration and extreme negativity. I keep hoping it'll get better.

at 11:12 PM Blogger NVreds said...

zip - after reading your post i was going to write something similiar to what john wrote - "None of the 30 managers in baseball would have sent Cordero out to start the ninth of tie game. I'm not saying that makes if right, but that's how it is."

On the road you still have to shut down the other team if you score, and who would you want closing? weathers? like john said, none of the major league managers would have pitched coco in that situation. baker has been very unimpressive so far, but this isnt something you should get on him for. On the road you save your closer. at home different story.

at 11:22 PM Blogger Zippy said...

"None of the 30 managers in baseball would have sent Cordero out to start the ninth of tie game. I'm not saying that makes if right, but that's how it is."

And what I'm saying is what I've said before: the only way to win with less talent is to out-manage the opposition. If every manager goes by "the book" and makes the same dumb mistakes every other manager makes, then the teams with the most talent will always win, and the teams with less talent never will. That's why the Reds should have looked for a manager who's actually smarter than the rest rather than worrying about hiring someone with experience. Dusty's idea of "going against the book" is to put his lowest OBP hitter at the top of the lineup and his highest OBP guy 6th or 7th. That isn't the kind of "going against the book" this team needs.

at 11:32 PM Blogger Zippy said...

nvreds -- how was the team advantaged yesterday by saving the closer for a hypothetical closing opportunity? How was it advantaged in Milwaukee when Weathers lost the game in the 10th inning while a well-rested Cordero sat in the bullpen watching his team lose? I'm dying to know how that worked in the team's favor.

In both cases, wouldn't it have been neat if the Reds scored two or three runs runs in the next inning, and then Weathers could pitch with a 2 or 3 run lead? But they needed to GET TO the next inning to actually have a chance to do that. As it is, they never even got the chance to score 2 or 3 (or 7) runs in the next inning.

Put aside your "closers only pitch in closing situations" bias and you'll realize this is just common sense.

at 11:47 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

"reds fans are freaking out over absolutely nothing."

NV, noone is "freaking out"

Poking fun at his expense? Absolutley

Criticizing him for being out at 3am when not playing real well?
Yes (Me)

But no freaking out.

This happened last night, theres video, just the fact of people wanting to see it creates a buzz.

You are right, its nothing, 24hr news cycle, tops.

Most people wont see it, and we wont talk about it after today.

Relax, no crime here.

at 12:06 AM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...


Its fine you feel that way, really, most of us feel differently. Thats OK too.

But remember, you are assuming your idea will work and condemning Dustys action with the luxury of hindsight.

There is no guarantee if Cordero pitches that the Dodgers dont score or that the Reds do score.

There are 2 ways for a closer to get the night off, a blowout win, or a loss.

Ultimately the worst case scenario is you use your closer and still lose, and the percentages are high for using the closer and still losing in a tie game on the road.

Playoffs, Im right with you, you win any game any way you can.

This is mid May, first day of a road trip.

at 12:53 AM Blogger griffey3 said...

kevinftmyers...you don't know what time it was during that video. Don't forget when a game is ending here at 130am it's only 1030pm there. These guys eat dinner late at night not at 5-7pm like we do.

John...have the enquirer email me I setup 3-5 blogs a week as my job invisionblue.com, blogger is horrible.

at 1:12 AM Blogger Zippy said...

No, Kevin, it isn't hindsight to say that a team has a better chance of winning a tie game if its best relief pitcher pitches at least one inning. It's foresight.

The worst case scenario is NOT that you put in your closer in the 9th and lose the game anyway. The worst case scenario is that you don't put in your closer in the 9th, lose the game without getting a chance to hit in the 10th, and then lose the next game without ever using your closer, and then lose the next game without ever using your closer, and then lose six or seven more games in a row without ever using your closer because a "save situation" never happens to present itself.

at 7:19 AM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

"kevinftmyers...you don't know what time it was during that video."

Yes, I do

John Fay said...
It was last night. My guess is midnight.

He doesnt mean midnight eastern, (it was the 7th inning)

What time it is there is irrelevant, as anyone who has traveled across multiple time zones knows. This is their first night there, are you suggesting his body has adjusted to the time difference in a matter of hours?

Staying up till midnight there is no different than staying up till 3:00 here if you flew there same day.

at 7:52 AM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...


Do you understand what a CLOSER is?

You dont use your closer in a setup role just "any old time".

I didnt say its "hindsight to say that a team has a better chance of winning a tie game if its best relief pitcher pitches at least one inning"

I said you were "condemning Dustys action with the luxury of hindsight."

You are saying he did the wrong thing AFTER it already went wrong.

Lets not forget, DW didnt do his job. You have a habit of taking a situation where a player doesnt do his job, whos being used in the situation he was hired for, and put that on Dusty as if he should have known the player would screw it up. THATS HINDSIGHT.

I agreed there are circumstances that call for what you suggest, but it is NOT universal, as you suggest it is.

Tony LaRussa is as forward thinking, out of the box manager as the game has seen, and hes not doing it, so instead of bashing Dusty, consider the possibility that there is a reason theyre not doing it that you do not fully appreciate.

at 4:00 PM Blogger Scott said...

kevinftmyers....you don't know when they got there, it could have been the night before. But the point is these guys eat dinner late at night, they don't eat dinner 5pm to 10pm while they're taking batting practice and playing a ball game. He gets to sleep in anyways and most likely doesn't go to the ballpark until Noon.

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