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Monday, October 15, 2007

Baker on the reaction

I continue to get emails and posts to the blog about the impending doom of the Reds because of the hiring of Dusty Baker. Baker wasn't surprised by the reaction his hiring received.

“There was negative reaction when Joe Torre took over the Yankees,” Baker said.

He thinks he's getting ripped because of the way it ended with Chicago Cubs. His last season -- he went 66-96 in 2006 -- was by far his worst as a manager.

“I guess that’s what people remember the most," he said. "That’s what they should remember the least.”

What Baker would like you to look at:

--The 1992 Giants went 72-90. Baker took over in '93 and the club went 103-59.

--The 2002 Cubs went 67-95. Baker took over in '03 and the club went 88-74 and came with in one Bartman move of the making the World Series.

--He's reached 88 wins or more eight times in span when the Reds have hit or exceeded that total once.


at 2:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now u can see why the reds are in such bad shape..this organization is now being run by dumb, dumber, and dumbest

what a pathetic news conference

We have two sport franchises that are garbage.. between the two how many winning seasons of a potential of 34 since 1990..2or3?

Its pure garbage..yet its not as many would assume ..all about the owners making money

We simply have ownership in Cincinnati that does not have a clue.

When I hear such glowing approval from Wayne and Bob as I did today, I know a mistake has been made..they simply dont know how to evaluate talent..Ditto for Mike Brown

I give up

at 2:14 PM Anonymous CHEVIOT SPORTS AUTHORITY said...

My only concern with Dusty Baker is: how will he handle the lazy, loafing, conceited, self-centered 'superstar' who takes up space in right field?

at 2:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baker is in 40th place for all-time manager loss in MLB history. Fact is, it's not only about Baker's wins.
Colorado and Arizona weren't built with Baker-like managers.

I hear lots of fallacies in Cunningham's slobbering all over Baker.

The Reds have made yet another mistake, and now all the media is rushing to make the Baker hiring look like it was a masterstroke when in fact it was a blunder to hire anyone this quickly, while the total universe of available managers was not known, and before great potential managers that would be better fits for the Reds were interviewed.

Wally Backman was a far better choice economically and temperamentally than Baker. But the Reds didn't even honestly or objectively consider Backman.

at 2:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good organizations such as the Yankees would never hire Baker.

SF and the Cubs haven't been good organizations for years.

Neither have the Reds. Under Baker, they'll continue to lose because over Baker will be klueless krivsky and confused castellini.

at 2:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baker, 4oth place in all-time MLB managerial losses, why just consider the wins?

At best, the Baker hiring is a big gamble; that an older more set-in-his ways manager with huge philosophical disconnects from what the Reds currently need, will not screw up worse than he did with the Cubs in 2006.

$11 million wasted.

Stupid owner and GM. Committed to winning? They should be committed period!

at 2:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny to hear Cunningham attack the bloggers, and cajole his guests into refuting the Baker critics' arguments when the facts are clearly in favor of the Baker critics.

But spin away Willie! Next season, when Baker's Reds are floundering 10 games under .500, you'll probably be ripping them like you're ripping the UC Bearcats after their first loss.

Cunningham is clearly a sports idiot, meaning that the Reds need to add him to their front office, to keep the other idiots company.

at 2:33 PM Blogger Legion of Doom said...

What the hell?

Baker is a quality manager. It's much better than just promoting another nobody from within the organization.

Who would you rather have? Girardi had one good year and is completely abrasive. LaRussa will go to NYY mostly likely and frankly I don't like the guy.

Baker has won 3 NL manager of the year awards. What exactly are fans complaining about?

at 2:37 PM Anonymous RED FOLEY said...

Before criticizing this hiring, you have to remember: Bob Castellini is the same genius who hired Wayne Krivsky and gave Jerry Narron a contract extension. Why would expect anything better?

at 2:44 PM Anonymous Flash said...

Why don't all of the Baker Bashers pool their money together and buy the Reds and hire the manager you think would be the dream fit? Because your dream manager doesn't exist. Can someone please name one CREDIBLE replacement for the Reds? And don't give men Torre or LaRussa. Giraldi? No. Why would the Marlins fire him if there wasn't some nasty baggage? Brenly? Maybe. Beyond that, who would be the perfect fit? Billy Martin? Dead. Casey Stengel? Dead. Sparky? Nearly dead. Can someone bring up a realistic name other than Giraldi and Brenley? No you can't. Uncle Bob did alright. I hope everyone who says they are never going to a game again sticks to that. I will have more leg room, short lines at the concessions and a better chance of my kid getting a foul ball. I won't miss you.

at 3:02 PM Anonymous Bob said...

CSA, I am embarrassed FOR you.

at 3:03 PM Anonymous Bob said...

CSA, I am embarrassed FOR you.

at 3:04 PM Blogger Antonio said...


Why can't anyone give you LaRussa or Torre? Why not wait and see, if you are willing to pay a manager what they are paying Dusty? Castellini is a bull, plain and simple. His lack of patience could easily be his biggest strength in business, and his biggest weakness as Reds owner. Baseball is not a fruit company, some principles that help you succeed in one may carry over, but not all.

And leg room, short lines at the concessions and a better chance of your kid getting a foul ball?

Have those things HONESTLY been a problem seen Bingo Bob took over? And your comment makes little sense. If Dusty is as good a hire as you seem to think, there will be no empty space.

So if you want an emptier stadium, I feel like you're probably gonna get it. At least when the Cubs aren't in town.

at 3:13 PM Blogger RickNMd said...

Three quick points about Baker:

1--I'd like to know how many players the Cubs had on the DL in 2006 and how many total games that accounted for. Peope keep screaming about his record that year; the number of injuries will explain a lot.

2--People keep saying he won't play young players. In 2003, when the Cubs almost went to the World Series, Patterson, Zambrano, Ramirez and to some degree Choi were starting players who made huge contributions. All were under 25.

3--There's no better testament of the manager than what his players and former players say about him. What the fans, bloggers and media thinks doesn't matter. When the players respect the manager the way they apparently do with Baker, they'll play their shoes off for him or they won't be playing. Seems fairly simple.

at 3:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Flash..you dont get it..any good manager aint gonna come here. Castellini and Krivski wanna run the show. Period

Id rather have Ron Oester

at 3:20 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 1:32, please don't tell us you actually take Cunningham seriously. If you only knew how much off the air he is laughing at the people who take him seriously. I know- I used to work there.

at 3:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who says the Reds aren't a fruit company?

Baker was not the best choice for the job and hiring him in mid-October precluded the Reds from doing a full, fair, and thorough search (and analysis).

4th or 5th place again next year for the Reds! Why spend money on pitching when we can blow it on an old washed-up manager who is clearly not what the Reds need on the field?

at 3:38 PM Blogger Chris at Redleg Nation said...

John, I know it was a throwaway line, but the Bartman thing is a pet peeve of mine. That poor shmoe didn't cause them to lose anything. (The other) Alex Gonzales' error, and everyone else's meltdown did.

at 3:43 PM Anonymous Flash said...

Anon 2:15 - What don't I get? If a good manager "ain't" ever going to come here, then why is everyone bashing this choice?

Antonio - LaRussa or Torre wasn't coming to Redsland. You know it and I know it. The point about the empty stadium is if you don't go to the games, its your loss, not mine. If the only reason you go to a game is because of the manager, that is your perrogative. I go to watch baseball and spend time with my family. The name on the back of the manager's uniform doesn't me squat to me because if they win, it doesn't matter. If they lose, the manager's name will change, which in the long run, doesn't matter to me. I like short lines.

at 4:20 PM Blogger kingseyeland said...

Here's something crazy: The Giants went 103-59 that year and STILL didn't win the division. The Braves won 104 games. Unreal! No indictment of Baker here -- that's just a huge WTF.

at 4:23 PM Blogger Rob Dicken said...

My only concern with Dusty Baker is: how will he handle the lazy, loafing, conceited, self-centered 'superstar' who takes up space in right field?

How many times do you have to be ripped before you quit posting this garbage?

I go to 30+ home games a year, and NOT ONCE have I seen Ken Griffey, Jr. act self-centered. Every inning, the guy will bring in the baseball (if he ended the inning on a catch) and give it to a little kid in the first row of seats. How's that self-centered?

And how is he a loafer? How's he lazy? The guy has been injured 6 out of his last 7 years in Cincinnati because of his hustle and aggressiveness. Wouldn't you, as a player, question yourself for diving after balls and hurting yourself? I'm not giving the guy excuses, just trying to bring everything into a logical sense.

Your ignorance to the game of baseball is ridiculous.

Everytime I see you post, it's about how lazy Griffey is...we need to get rid of him...or how terrible he is. The guy batted near .280 this year, played in 144 games, and almost drove in 100 runs.

For the 500th time, a team cannot be full of Ryan Freels. For one, Freel is just as injury prone as Griffey because of his aggressiveness as well. And two, Ryan Freel can't hit for average and has little to no power.

I really do hope Griffey returns to Seattle where he is appreciated. Baseball ignorant people in Cincinnati ruin what effort the guy puts into the game. The guy is one of the BEST players to ever play the game, and leave it to the fans of Cincinnati to trash him. It never fails...

at 7:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure, Dusty deserves some credit for the '93 Giants improving by 30 games, but the biggest reason for the surge was the signing of Barry Bonds, who before steroids was the best player since Willie Mays.

John Burroughs
Hyde Park

at 7:28 PM Blogger Red in the Head said...

I live in Seattle and we would LOVE to have Griffey back and, heck, I'd take Baker too, over McLaren.

I've been a Reds fan all my life. Until I started reading these blogs I never realized that the Reds' losing ways were reflective of the fans' losing mentality. It's actually quite sad, seeing Dunn and Griffey routinely demeaned. And now you've got a fine manager and half of you are ready to hang it up.

Is this some sort of "learned helplessness" thing? Are you afraid of success? Been down so long you're afraid to get up?

at 10:00 PM Blogger Murph said...

You nattering nabobs of negativity are ridiculous! You've become a depressing parody of yourselves. Why not let the man manage the team for say, I don't know, a month, before proclaiming the franchise dead?

I guess it's no wonder Reds fans are so negative considering they listen to Marty Brennaman all year. But hey, even Marty is going to wait until Baker blows his first game before whining. Let's at least try and show the same patience.

By the way, for a rational, interesting perspective on the hire, check out Paul Sullivan's column from yesterday's Chicago Tribune.

at 10:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Red In The Head,
You think its bad reading about it...you ought to hear all the knuckle head comments that come out in the stands during the season. Its not a losing mentality that has affected these "fans", it's a lack of mental capacity.

at 9:43 AM Anonymous Red Foley said...

Just a question for "Dead In The Head": Do you think that 7 straight losing seasons could have anything to do with the knowledgeable fans negativity?

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