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Monday, October 15, 2007

Dunn news from Baker's presser

The most newsworthy thing that came out of the Dusty Baker press conference is that Adam Dunn's option is going to be picked up.

"It's very difficult to replace that type of offense," CEO Bob Castellini said, " and I think Adam wants to step up and be a leader on this club."

So Dunn will be back?

"I feel that way," Castellini said.

Castellini said there's a possibility that Dunn's contract will be extended.

"That's always a thought," he said.


at 1:24 PM Anonymous jc said...

so far dunn, harang, aurilia, brantley and mercker have all signed off on baker. i am a fan. he was not my first choice.... but i respect all of those guys. good job on picking up dunns option though i don't think anyone with an IQ larger than a hat size thought it would be different.

at 1:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great News Conference. Especially the part were owner said Dunn is wanted back. Lets get some pitching and turn this thing around.

at 1:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Reds. Good hire!

at 1:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

No too shabby of a press conference. I like the fact that Baker handle the question about his last year or two with the Cubs with honesty and defended himself without sounding defensive.

Now that the hiring is done and in the books,why don't we start thinking and discussing moves(within reason ) that the Reds could make. Who does Baker keep on the staff and who might he want to bring in?

The bickering and name calling that goes on is getting tiresome and boring. It's like sittting in on a pre-school fight over whos' toy it is. Everyone is entitled to their own,but we all should have th basic maturity to disagree without being childish about it.

Did anyone else notice tha Wayne sound alot like Joe from Family Guy?

at 1:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ken Broo is mouthing the party line. His defense of Castellini is a joke. Due diligence? The Reds acted precipitously in hiring Baker. There was no due diligence. The Reds wasted money, wasted an enormous opportunity, and will continue to screw up. Yes, Ken, the Reds ownership and GM are incompetent and idiotic at times.

If the Reds spend the money to put a "winning team" on the field, they'd better change their pitcher-assessment talent first because otherwise we'll have more Stantons and Miltons.

But it's no surprise the suck-up media won't criticize the Reds procedure in too-quickly hiring Baker, if not Baker himself.

How easy it is to forget the cubs losing 96 games in Baker's last season! With a team better than next year's Reds!

at 1:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news for Reds fans. I hope this is the first step in showing the commitment to win from the ownership group. You know if money was the main objective they would have brought Pete back. We need a few more pitchers and were ready to go.

at 2:06 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most interesting thing I saw in the press conference, other than bringing Dunn back, was this:

"Baker said the Reds began pursuing him in mid-summer after firing manager Jerry Narron. The conversations between Baker and the Reds become more frequent immediately after the season ended."

This was obviously something htat management had in mind all along. Pretty interesting, considering what we all thought about Castellini bringing LaRussa in from the Cards.

We need at least one (two would be better) decent starters, and a couple of good bullpen arms. The only untouchables should be Harang, Phillips, Arroyo, Dunn, Burton, and Weathers. Harang and Arroyo are obvious; Phillips is probably the best player on the team right now; Burton is probably our closer of the future; Weathers isn't pretty, but he is effective; and Dunn isn't tradeable till 6/15. Anyone else can go in the right deal (emphasis on right deal).

I think the Twins and the Rays are the two best potential trading partners.

at 2:07 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad hire! Very bad hire.

When the Reds are 10 games under .500 again early next season, come back and tell us why it was a good hire, okay?

at 2:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, how much is Dusty being paid? If I had to guess, he has to be getting $3m/yr or more.

at 4:20 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will step to the plate and congratulate Dusty on the hire and welcome him to Cincinnati. This definitely shows that team ownership knew we needed a change, and kudos for signing the best available choice out there. All the negative comments are bothersome...especially considering his tremendous resume. Who cares that he went 66-96 in Chi-town his last year? Do you think he was going to win 105 games every year?

Now that we have a great manager in place, it will be interesting to see what player moves are made. Offensively, the committment to Dunn is very promising. Try replacing 40 HR and 100 RBI with one player for the money Dunn makes. Add him to a healthy Jr, Votto, Keppinger, Encarnacion, Phillips, and Hamilton...we should have a good offensive year in '08 (assuming we avoid major injuries). We do need to go out and find us a catcher with some pop and use Ross and Valentin as backup.

Bullpen - Ah yes, the achilles heel of this team. Weathers and Burton and perhaps Bray...a good foundation to build on. Other than that....we need some help. If we cut '07 blown saves in half, we would have won the division by a game over the Cubbies. There are options out there either via Free Agency or trade. Another starter would be nice as well. Harang #1, Arroyo #2, Bailey #3....someone who would fit into #4 or #5.

We are not that far away people. If we can seriously fix our bullpen, add a starter and a catcher...with this weak division anything can happen.

at 1:09 AM Blogger Robert J. said...

Baker is a good hire if you want to ruin Homer Bailey forever.

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