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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Talking with Cowboy, Pete and Marty

Talked to Pete Mackanin, Jeff Brantley and Marty Brennaman this morning.

Mackanin took the news the way you'd expect: With class and a touch of humor. "I checked my lottery tickets this morning when I got up. I didn't win. So I'll be looking for a job." He said he'll begin calling clubs Monday to try to get a big league coaching job. He kept open the possibility of joining Dusty Baker's staff. I think he'd be an ideal bench coach.

Brantley loves Baker. "I'd play for Dusty any time. I never had a problem with the way he handled pitchers. He got the blame for what happened to Kerry Wood and Mark Prior, but I don't think that was his fault."

Brennaman thinks he and Baker will co-exist fine. "The thing I know about him that to me is he's always been great with the media. He's approachable. My approach will be the same. If he makes a move that backfires the night before, I'm going to ask him about the on pregame show. I've done that with ever manager here."


at 11:38 AM Anonymous Tim said...

I guess I was too late from my comment on your last posting that I was enjoying the silence so far through all of this of Napoleon Brennaman.

at 11:40 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John - What did you expect people on the Reds' payroll to say?

Everyone in Chicago was excited when the Cubs hired Baker and in the end they ran him out of town.

"In Dusty We Trusty"

at 11:49 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next Reds promotion: Dusty Baker toothpick night!

at 11:51 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

God Bless Pete, he did a great job and I for one hope he does well wherever he goes. He is truly a class guy. He deserved a chance to manage the Reds for a full season.
I hope that they (management) know what they are doing! I hope that Dusty and Marty can co-exist.
It should be a very interesting season.

at 12:07 PM Anonymous Marc said...

Anon 10:51, noone knows for sure if this was the right choice. Its all going to come down to the talent level of the players, particularly the pitching. But I for one could not care less if Dusty and Marty can coexist. Thank goodness the Reds brass didn't care about that either.

at 12:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

People, people, people....It's not about the manager! Sparky would lose 90 games with a bullpen like this! Dusty Baker will be successful if he has pitchers who can pitch, plain and simple. Managers are WAAAY overrated win teams win (See Joe Torre) and far too critized when they lose (see every manager ever fired). What does the signing of Dusty Baker mean to the Redlegs? Not a thing, because it's about pitching, pitching, pitching! I just hope they didn't pay him money that could have been used on a decent arm to bolster that horrible good for nothing bullpen.

at 1:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are people (Marc, etc) on this blog that just can't let other people have their opinion without some negative remark. I think that Nancy was right on an earlier post when she said that men that are always cutting other folks opinions are just trying to cover-up for shortcomings in other areas. I bet she is right about most of them driving sports cars too. Will it ever get to the point on this blog that somone can give their opinion without some know it all making some classless remark? Sadly, I doubt it! Jeff Brantley is just a nice guy that never has a bad word about anyone. We need more people like him. Good luck Pete!

at 2:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:03 anon, you are right. But lets hope Marty reads this and thinks it applies to him too.

at 2:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was rooting for LaRussa for the simple fact that He and Marty would have done the pre-game show and who knows what would of jumped off? Jerry Springer show was read to book them!

at 3:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone needs to remind Marty and Tom that they are just announcers...nothing more. If Marty and Dusty have a problem... big deal. Just tell us what happens on the field.

at 4:42 PM Anonymous Rich said...

2:47 anon, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I guess that unwritten law about not criticizing Marty in this town wasn't enforced.

at 10:06 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have a NL manager who recognizes what NL is about. I hope Dusty brings an aggressives style and quits relying on a station to station philophy as much as the previous few managers.

Now, trade Griffey while he has some value left.

at 2:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

But they ARE going to pay Baker big money which they could have used to obtain pitching.

That was the best argument to keep Mackanin or hire Wally Backman--save 10-15 million over the next few seasons, and spend part or all of that money into pitching.

Sparky wouldn't have lost 90 with the 2007 Reds but he probably would have lost 80.

Baker managing this year might have won 4-5 more games than Narron-Mac but the bottom line is that this team needs to spend a great deal of money catching up to the top 3 teams in the division (let alone the rest of the NL).

Baker's hiring, and the manner in which it was done, and the fact that all the suck-up media are fawning over his "talent" and attitude is obscene.

Three years from now, when the Reds still haven't made the playoffs, they might be only 1 or 2 pitchers "away" and of course money is limited--and Baker's bloated salary doublessly could have been better used by the Reds to secure pitching for 2008.

You guys who think the Reds are going to be "competitive" in this division next year or under Baker are simply engaged in wishful thinking.

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