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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Managerial search update

With Tony LaRussa's decision potentially weeks away, would the Reds be willing to delay their managerial decision that long to see if he's available?

Neither GM Wayne Krivsky nor CEO Bob Castellini would put a timetable on the hiring Wednesday.

"We're going through the process," Krivsky said from the team's facility in the Sarasota, where he's attending the club's organizational meetings.

Krivsky did say he has not talked to interim manager Pete Mackanin any further, and declined to say name names as far as outside candidates.

The Reds have spoken to at least one minority candidate, as is mandated by Major League Baseball.

If the Reds go outside for the hire, it's likely to be someone with major league experience. The club is known to have interest in Joe Girardi and Bob Brenly.

Girardi's agent, Steve Mandrell, would not comment Wednesday. Brenly confirmed his interest in the job in September.

The big-name minority candidate who's available is Dusty Baker, the former Chicago Cub and San Francisco Giant manager. Baker is working as an analyst for ESPN. His agent, Greg Genske, did not return a call Wednesday.


at 4:49 PM Blogger Patrick said...

Please please bring in Girardi for an interview. I dont care if he doesnt fit but hes worth a long long look.

at 4:57 PM Anonymous Scott said...

John, would like to know who is Krivsky conducting those Organizational meetings with. Seems like he has gotten rid of most of those people and has a small inner circle with a real bunker mentality. As a fan, I don't expect to be privy to all decisions, but is this not one of the more secretive organizations in baseball today. I would like to know what some of your friends who are beat writers that cover other teams say about the information they get from the G.M.'s and organizations that they cover.

at 5:13 PM Blogger John Fay said...

The Reds had to shift some things around to do Instructional League. Pat Kelly is managering. Freddie Benevides is running the camp. Four of the eighth people they fired would have been at the meetings.

Krivsky is as tight with information as anyone I've dealt with and, from talking other beat guys, as tight as anyone in MLB.

That's fine, but I think it's hard to convey your plan operating that way.

at 5:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems that since Mackanin is not at the meetings, or has not had any discussions with Krivsky, that his chances are dwindling.

Of the remaining candidiates:
- Girardi: This is a "stepping stone" job for him, and he has some authority issues...not a great match for Krivsky
- Brenly: Won with an inherited staff of vetereans from Buck, and went downhill quickly
- Baker: Prefers vets over youth, not a good recipe for Krivsky's build from within approach.

It seems that their main candidiate may still in the playoffs.

My main question is, can any established/big name manager work with Krivsky ?

at 5:42 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've lived in Chicago just south of Wrigley Field for over 15 years. I'm originally from Cincinnati and have always been, and still remain, a Reds' fan.

I posted the comment the other day about how the Reds should pay attention to the Cubs and not fall into the "big name manager" and "just throw money at it" traps.

Similarly, the Cubs cut ties with Dusty Baker and I think the Reds should avoid him. He whined constantly, didn't win, played favorites, and wrecked the young pitchers.

John, I enjoy your Reds coverage and your blog...thanks so much for making it available. It's great to be able to read Reds' fans thoughts and occasionally make some input.

at 6:02 PM Anonymous Eric said...

John, wanted to know your thoughts on Bobby Valentine. If the Reds have thrown his name around at all or if he would be a viable candidate for the job.

at 6:10 PM Blogger John Fay said...

they haven't tossed any names around. My guess is if he returns , it's to a bigger market.

at 6:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really surprised Joe Torre's name is not mentioned more, especially now that Steinbrenner is likely to cut him loose. With his wife being from here there would seem to be a good reason for him to look hard if the Reds offered him the opportunity, maybe even at less money than you might expect.

at 6:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


If you had to "bet the house", who would you say is the next manager?

at 6:40 PM Blogger steve said...

Do you think the manager job could go to some one that nobody is even talking about? I just kinda think something is going on that no one is talking about.

at 6:48 PM Blogger OhioJim said...

Personally I think it is time somebody with the Reds (Castellini or Krvsky) needs to realize enough is enough and get this hire done.

Stand up and say, We are the Reds. We believe in the power of tradition (to use their own phrase) and we are going forward with the best available man now. We are not waiting around to get the leftovers of whoever doesn't get the Yankee or Cards job.

This thread alone is filled with the names of guys not named LaRussa or Girardi or Torre who given resources and support can lead the Reds back to contention; and there are no doubt dozens of unnamed others who could do the same. Do the vetting. Pick the man. Get on with the future.

at 6:57 PM Anonymous Tom said...

Looks to me like LaRussa will go to the Yankees, which suits me fine. If we don't get Torre, we've got a guy under the radar here who happens to be a minority,who I think would make a good manager, Billy Hatcher. He played ball the way it should be played, has a good personality, and should be given a chance to manage in the Bigs. Plus the money saved by not hiring a 'big name' can go to much needed pitching.

at 7:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know why people even discuss this. We all know the Reds will hire the cheapest man for the job.

at 7:35 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Wouldn't bet the house or garage. My current rankings: girardi, brenly, baker, mackanin. But it could well be someone no one's mentioned.

at 7:56 PM Anonymous Jason said...

i think we are all missing something-so far. Judging by the way Krivsky seems to be, he is probably pushing for a low profile choice that he can control. I don't see him wanting a big name. If true, I wonder if BC shares the same view.

at 7:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you believe that Mackanin is a long shot, and Krivsky is not staying current with him, why don't they just release him so that he can find a spot on someone else's managerial crew before all the spots are taken ? Can I assume that the new manager would not want to include him on his staff ?

at 8:10 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

I've believed all along that Krivsky has a stealth candidate, and once all the yap and flirting with a "name" manager to suit the owner passes, we'll see who he is.

That said, what's the hurry? Why does a manager have to be decided so quickly? He doesn't have to be decided before the winter meetings. Not unusual to see hirings until after the World Series, the biggest gathering spot of GMs until the meetings.

at 8:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Your rankings above, is that from your crystal ball or your christmas wish list????

at 8:36 PM Blogger jbench5 said...

Given the Yankees players speaking out in support of Torre and even some of the Reds speaking highly of Mackanin, I was wondering, John, if you had an opinion on whether players should have some input on whom their manager should be?

You've been around pro sports long enough: Should front offices, in any circumstance, take the temperature of the players, so to speak, when selecting a manager?

at 8:45 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Could be a sleath guy.

From a beat standpoint, it would be hard to beat mackanin. The list is my best guess.

I don't think what players think is very important. A lot of good managers are popular. A lot of bad ones popular.

at 8:48 PM Anonymous mikec said...

I'd rather have Mackanin than Dusty Baker. Ick. That guy is horrible.

What about Felipe Alou? He's a big-name minority manager out there?

at 9:05 PM Anonymous Jamie said...


Has anyone brought up the name of Terry Pendleton in connection with the Reds job? It seems to me that with his track record as a hitting coach (especially with young players) and serving under a successful manager like Bobby Cox, he might get some consideration.

And not that he'd ever be a candidate, but why didn't Cito Gaston ever get another job?

at 9:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Reds are like a mid-level college football program. Someone will take the small money, come here, win and leave to get paid.

If they don't get abigger name to take small money, then they will bring Mack back and let him do some more on the job training.

They are a farm team for the big-market teams.

at 9:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John I don't know how much control you have over polls done by your newspaper of if one has been done, but I'd be interested to see who Reds fans want (not that that should matter to ownership I'm just interested). I'd like to see that list include (in alphabetical order):

Dusty Baker
Bob Brenly
Joe Girardi
Billy Hatcher
Tony LaRussa
Pete Mackanin
Buck Showalter
Joe Torre
Bobby Valentine

Feel free to add any other semi-realistic names that you would like. I'm just curious as to who would be the fan favorite.


at 10:13 PM Blogger Scott said...

Dusty Baker
Bob Brenly
Joe Girardi
Billy Hatcher
Tony LaRussa
Pete Mackanin
Buck Showalter
Joe Torre
Bobby Valentine

I don't think Valentine, LaRussa or Torre would come to the 'nati. Showalter would be a nightmare, just like he's been at everyone of his stops. Baker's certainly had some success (9 winning seasons in 14 years and 5 of those he's won 90 plus - 103 his first season in San Fran). I'd certainly take Mack before Hatcher and I'm not sold on Girardi. I think he's the in-vogue candidate. I know he was manager of the year in '06 but he was 78 - 84. The Reds can do losing seasons all by themselves, thanks anyway.

Brenly is a little intriguing. Of his 4 seasons with the D'backs he had 2 90 plus years. But, he also had Schilling and RJ for those two seasons and they were a combined 90 - 24.

Maybe the point is it doesn't really matter who manages the club. Go out and get a couple 20 game winners and a couple guys in the bullpen who have ERAs south of 8 and chances are you'll to pretty good.

at 10:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John - in your post you say the Reds have have definitely interested in Giradi and Brenley and in a later comment you say they haven't thrown any names around. Then you say Krivsky doesn't give anything up about future plans. Confusing to me. Who in the Reds is showing interest in Giradi and Brenley?

at 10:56 PM Blogger riverrat said...

Regardless of who manages the Reds Griffey has to hustle 100% of the time, instead of when he feels like it. He has run over each manager we've had including McKannen. Trade Griffey and McKannen would be OK if he'd show more consistency, ie, play the best eight whether they bat right or left.


at 11:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I were to throw around some names I'd like to see in the mix, I have to be honest----Mackannin and Baker do not make the cut.

If I had a favorite, it would either be Oester or Bobby Valentine. Girardi might be OK, but you have to wonder if his success in Florida was because he was working with a bunch of rookies who were just glad to be there. Would he be able to work with a veteran team?

But most of my other names are longtime baseball people who have earned the chance to manage a major league team. I don't know how they'll do, I just like their approach to the game and think they have the right experience.
Rickey Henderson
Dave Collins
Sam Mejias
Jim Lett
Joel Youngblood
Joel Skinner
Paul Molitor

I don't know if any of them are even on the radar. So many of the same old names are being thrown around. I have to say, though...There's a clear reason why Dusty Baker isn't managing anywhere.

at 12:48 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Frank Robinson retired?

at 5:52 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Reds are going to go outside the organization for the next Manager and I still don't think they will, I think any of the following would do a good job with my preference in the following order.
1. Joe Girardi
2. Davy Johnson
3. Tony LaRussa
4. Bobby Valentine
5. Joe Torre
6. Buck Showalter
7. Bob Brenly
8. Ken Macha
9. Kevin Kennedy
10.Frank Robinson
11.Felipe Alou
12.Jim Tracy
But please not Dusty Baker! My money is still on Pete Mackanin for 2008. I just hope whoever they hire they get the guy some decent pitchers to work with. Go Reds in 2008!

at 9:19 AM Anonymous MONEY MIKE said...

champagne wishes and caviar, yes thats from lifestyles of the rich and famous, and I think it describes what people want in our manager search...were not a big market club anymore, or maybe we never have been, so therefore we are not going to get a big market name such as Torre, Larusa, shall i call Giradi a big name to come to Cincy...we are going to get someone like Pete coming back or Brenly maybe...its not whether the fans recongize the manager that wins the games, its how the manager wins the games whether that be the likely choice Pete or the unlikely in either Joe that is thought be being considered

at 11:33 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom Kelly?

at 11:52 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is sparky up to these days?

at 11:53 AM Anonymous johnnybenchhands said...

Billy Hatcher is great. He was a great ball player and he is a great person. I would love to see him manage. BTW, I was Billy's batboy in 1982 when he played minor league ball for the Salinas Spurs - for the Cubs' organization. He was a speedy center fielder that tore his pants everytime he slid into second base. My father owned a drapery business and had Billy's pants mended after every game. If Billy doesn't manage - the Reds should keep him around.

at 12:19 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

The problem with most of the managerial suggestions here is they are unrealistic, if not regressive, instead of progressive.

The Reds are, in many ways, a fairly young team with some excellent young talent on the way. And what they need is a hybrid manager who is going to develop and nurture the team as he, himself, grows along with them.

The prickly guys like Showalter, Macha, Valentine, Oester are out.

The big-market guys like Torre, La Russa, Girardi are out.

The old and the feeble like Johnson, Robinson, Alou are old.

The Machine legends like Bench, Morgan, Perez are out (they will never be "in.")

The completely untalented like Brenly and Kennedy are out.

The unproven with no upside like Lett, Mejias, Henderson, etc are out.

What does that leave? The bright young coaches on the very cusp, a rising manager who has exceptional people skills, teaching skills and handles the in-game well enough.

(The truly in-game geniuses are few and far between, if you think about it hard enough. It's mostly about managing the people and the clubhouse, not the batting order or saying when to bunt or when to hit-and-run, etc.)

The problem with guys like Girardi (Mets, Yankees, Cubs, White Sox) and Pendleton (Braves, Cardinals) is they will leave when bigger jobs open. So it would be nice to see a new young manager who's going to stay for a while.

And no, not Larkin. Too many burned bridges, too soon, zero managing or coaching experience. Insteading farting around Orlando and part-timing for Washington, perhaps Barry should get on a field staff somewhere

For the sake of cluttering the candidates' list who might be a fit: Art Howe, Jerry Manuel, Lloyd McClendon, Jim Tracy and possibly Don Mattingly, an Indiana boy who might not want to stick with the Yankees if Torre gets canned.

I've mentioned Joey Cora several times. Kirk Gibson is an intriguing choice (could it be the waiting is because Krivsky's "stealth" candidate is still involved in the playoffs?) Ron Roenicke is up there. What about Cincy native Bill Doran? Steve Liddle has the Twins connection. Joel Skinner and Ernie Whitt are seen are future managers.

The point is, a year ago this time the Nationals zeroed in on Mets coach Manny Acta. Most people never heard of the guy; baseball insiders believed he was a future star. Sure enough, he did an incredible job with that awful team, showing almost every instinct and quality you want in a young manager, who will grow with his team.

The Reds need to be looking for their own version of Acta. It worked out quite well once before.

His name was George Anderson.

at 12:20 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

I'll add that I'm on the Billy Hatcher bandwagon. But if they were going to give him a shot, they would have done it instead of bringing in Mackanin, so he's not likely a candidate.

at 12:53 PM Blogger Pat said...

Kirk Gibson will be the next great manager.

at 1:10 PM Anonymous Red Foley said...

1. John Denny
2. Denny McClain
3. Dave Kingman
4. Barry Bonds
5. Rafael Palmeiro
6. Ted Turner
7. Eddie Milner
8. Andy Furman
9. Pete Rose Jr
10. Tony Soprano

Makes as much sense as most of the posters here.

at 1:35 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Makes as much sense as most of the posters here.

Then you have a comprehension disability.

at 4:42 PM Anonymous Red Foley said...

Add Mr Redlegs to my list.

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