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Friday, October 12, 2007

No news

The Reds did not name Dusty Baker -- or Dusty Rhodes for that matter -- as manager Friday. Baker's apparently on his way to Bristol to some studio work for ESPN this weekend.

The fact the Reds haven't made a move on the manager could mean they're going to see what shakes out with Joe Torre and Tony LaRussa. Either would be a long shot, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Some of the people I talked to think there could be an unknown candidate. Possible. But I'd be shocked if the Reds would hire someone without a long big league resume -- unless that person is Pete Mackanin.


at 5:26 PM Blogger OhioJim said...


You know who your sources are and we don't. That said do you think the Dusty situation and getting the word out that he had interviewed and "ermerged" could have been a disinformation ploy to try and turn the heat up one Mr LaRussa or Mr Girardi?

I don't know what will happen; but I agree with one thing Daugherty said on SportsTalk earlier in the week, before the Dusty flap, but I believe it still holds: Every day that goes by with the position remaining open increases the chances that the eventual hire will be Pete Mackanin. That is not a bad thing in my opinion; but, I think his authority would start out eroded a bit by all the wait, specualtion, and rumnors.

at 5:33 PM Blogger You Betcha said...

Why is there a "rush" with Dusty ? He was not in play, and he has not been mentioned for any of the other open spots (Royals, Pirates and possible Cardinals and Yankees). Why can't they wait to see how the dominoes fall in the next 2 weeks...Dusty will still be there.

at 6:15 PM Anonymous Ben said...

Yesterday there was quite the argument on John's blog about Dusty Baker. I'm in the "No Dusty" camp but I do respect him. He's won 11,000 games and been manager of the year 3 times. He's had success and the Reds haven't had much since '95. However, there is a legitimate debate about whether Baker's managerial style fits the direction of this franchise. I think the conversation needs to move to what candidates would be a good fit for the Reds. As fans we would just like the team to get the decision right. And honestly I think most fans have little confidence this organization can do that.

at 6:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe they heard the cries of "NNNOOOOOO!!!!!" coming from 85% of Reds fans

at 6:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's my question: How is Joe Torre the best candidate? Sure he had a great career with the Yankees but, honestly, what manager would not have a great record with those lineups? What could Torre of done different this year with the Reds bullpen?

Pete is a good candidate and Tony is a good candidate - of course the game times would increase with Tony.

Does it matter who the manager without an improvement in the bullpen?

at 7:02 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoever the Reds hire needs to be a manager that work in a future system with lots of young guys and some older veterans (think Tigers) and can modivate both groups. that takes a different manager than it would for the Yankees or Red Sox.

a good point is that whoever they hire has to be able to work a young patchwork bullpen and starting rotation. With no free agents worth picking up, it will be more of watching the young guys grow up. Because of that, teh manager needs a good group coachs who can teach.

at 7:08 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John: Do you think the Reds would be interested in hiring Leo Mazzone as pitching coach and if so would they do it prior to hiring a manager? I think he would be the perfect guy to tutor Bailey, Cueto, etc. and might draw some bullpen help to the Reds.

at 7:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John do you think there will be other candidates interviewed?

It would seem to make sense to me that the Reds would look at a large number of candidates and then make their decision. I'm sure I'll get flamed out here for admitting this but I'm a big Steelers fan. Whether you hate them or not you have to admit that Dan Rooney and the Steelers have had the one of most successful track records of hiring coaches in the modern history of sports. They do their due dilagence and hire the candidate they think is going to do the best job and don't pay attention to public sentament. They have had success hiring young, defensive minded coaches that fit the overall team philosophy. While baseball is not football it would seem that this hire should set the overall philosophy of the Reds organization for the future. This is the most important hire that Bob Castillini and Wayne Krivisky will make.

Here is one Reds fan hoping that they will take their time and choose the candidate that is the best fit for the makeup of the Reds (a fairly young team) and for the philosophy of baseball they wish to create.


at 7:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before evryone starts clammouring for Leo Mazzone to be named pitching coach, don't forget----Dick Pole was considered one of the top pitching coaches in baseball, along with Mazzone and Duncan.

You know how Pole has been working out here, right?

at 8:00 PM Blogger Bogey said...

I'm in the camp with the infamous Mr R, stealth candidate lurking. And he probably is currently employed by one of the remaining playoff teams.

Why else not go ahead an make a hire???

at 9:10 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I don't think other candidates will be interviewed, unless it's Torre or LaRussa.

Mazzone being out there is interesting. Might make the reds move faster if they'd like to bring him in.

at 9:22 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Rick Kranitz is your pitching coach du jour.

Mazzone makes as much ($500,000) as the Reds generally pay their managers, so he's not likely a fit. He grew up a huge Yankees fan so it'll be interesting to see if The Gator would get kicked aside for Mazzone.

at 10:44 PM Anonymous jc said...

smoltz buried mazzone yeaterday.

at 11:06 PM Blogger Adam said...

John, I've read that Davey Johnson is a consultant to Bowden in DC. Any news or rumors with respect to Davey? He seemed to do really well with almost any kind of team, young talent or old or in between. Thanks,

at 11:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a question I meant to ask Bob and/or Wayne at the last season ticket holders luncheon. Will whoever is named manager have the freedom to hire his own coaching staff? That will be key to getting a guy with a track record, though could see Bob saying Billy Hatcher needs to stay (not that I think that would be a bad thing). Everyone else on the team..could go.

at 5:37 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

john fay

you are a good guy and I like you. but Mr fay you know nothing more than the rest of us regarding the managerial hiring. And yet, you try to make it appear that you do.

please quit embellishing in an effort to energize the blog, when you know something credible..put it up

aside from that which is reported to you john..you have no idea whom the reds are interviewing..do you?

I have listened to dusty baker on espn.. hes not very bright or articulate. id rather have Pete back

at 11:29 AM Anonymous Rick said...

Hey anon 4:37,you obviously have no idea how print media works. I am sure John has people telling him who they have seen where that are in official positions. With all due respect, it sounds like you are very naive and eat up every word Reds officials say on the record as the only thing actually going on. That would be a big mistake, especially with this current administration because they seem to guard even the most basic and obvious information like Fort Knox.

at 11:45 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 437, Hal McCoy just reported that 2 sources have told him that the Reds have talked to Walt Jocketty about an executive role below ownership but above Wayne Krivsky. Maybe it comes to fruition and maybe not, but I guess you think we should just wait for Wayne Krivsky to tell us all about how excited he is to have a baseball person above him. Keep drinking the official Reds Koolaid.

at 12:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

rick...john fay will be the first to tell ya that nobody has been telling him anything.Rick ..john himself has told us he really does not know what is going on.. Its not brain surgery fellow

My point being is nobody knows squat at this point in time ..there are a million and one half rumors flying around

i have not suggested that I am listening to anything that has been released by the reds..nothing has

Regarding Hal McCoy and his sources and of course Lance and his sources and of course Andy and his sources...just how many sources can there be..

Actually my main point again is as follows.. I sure hope Dusty Baker is not our manager. I think we can do better...but most importantly..we deserve better

anom10:45 whether u like it or not..unless Castellini makes a move to get rid of Krisvki you are gonna have to listen to what he tells you

at 2:34 PM Blogger Ron said...

If Krivsky hasn't thought about it, I think he should consider bringing Dave Duncan in as manager. He has proven his value in the area in which the Reds need the most help, pitching. And, he has experrience with major league teams.
Forget La Russa, go after Duncan.

at 2:51 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Duncan, I believe, is under contract with Cardinals for '08.

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