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Saturday, October 6, 2007

LaRussa talks

Tony LaRussa told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he may make his decision about returning to the Cardinals early next week. He also said he was surprised by Walt Jocketty's firing. He did not say how that would affect his decision.


at 5:52 PM Blogger OhioJim said...

If we can read your blog, we can also read the StLouis Newspapers as I did yesterday to learn this.

I think we are all (Fans and writers) getting antzy fo something to happen.

Do you atribute the delay totally to the LaRussa situation or might there be some one still active as a manager or coach they are willing to wait for to be able to talk to?

at 5:59 PM Blogger Scott in NC said...

If he were planning on staying you'd think he would wait to make a decision until after he knew who his new boss in St. Louis would be.

at 6:07 PM Blogger flard said...

I really don't want LaRussa or Brenly here. If the Yanks lose their next game Girardi's probably going there. Go Mackanin.

at 6:46 PM Anonymous jc said...

another topic.... we watch ellison and coats and hopper and whomever the last couple of weeks of the year.... and now i get to watch upton for the diamondbacks. same age.... same stats.... or less.
bruce not ready? give me a break.
hard to believe the reds waiting hat in hand for larussa. girardi probably not available anymore.

at 7:32 PM Blogger Andrew said...

what are his options right now?

reds, cards and pirates?

i'd just retire.

at 7:50 PM Anonymous Gary214 said...

Hopefully, he is true to his word. I was worried he would be one of those egomaniacs that would drag this out for a while!

I personally think Mac should get the call, but I have a feeling that is not going to be the case. I know others on here want a 'name' to lead the Reds next year, but I just don't see how that is the answer.

I don't care much for Brenly, as I doubt he would have been able to get that ring were it not for Schilling and the Unit! And as for Girardi, one year coaching a losing team doesn't exactly excite me either. It wouldn't surprise me if they bring in Tracy...I believe he is a local guy so that might be something they try in a futile attempt to win public support.

Time will tell, I suppose...but I hope Mac gets that call! If not from Krivsky, then for one of the openings out there...the guy has paid his dues! I'd like to see him make it!

at 10:56 PM Blogger Scott said...

I believe LaRussa's done in STL and if he's coming to the Reds it'll happen much sooner than later.

at 9:00 AM Blogger roger l said...

why do the reds need tony larussa, pete mackanin did a great job with what he had,with josh hamilton, adam dunn and griffy back next year and some pitching help.i'am excited about next year.settle down we don't want to wind up being like the crybaby cub fans.go reds!

at 11:37 AM Blogger OhioJim said...

at 4:59 PM Scott in NC said...
If he were planning on staying you'd think he would wait to make a decision until after he knew who his new boss in St. Louis would be.

I have been thinking the same. And on the other side of the coin with Jocketty gone you have to wonder how sincere the Cards about really wanting him to come back.

There is a time to fish and a time to cut bait. I will be disappointed if it turns out the Reds were waiting around all along for this little soap opera in StLouis to play out. One would hope that at the very least there has been contact between the Reds and LaRussa and he has told them he is willing to listen to the Reds' pitch if he parts ways with the Cards.

at 2:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Larussa can't stay in St. Louis as it would prove that DeWitt was correct in letting go Jockety. LaRussa won't embarras his friend Jockety by winning with the Cards as it would endorse DeWitt's decision.

LaRusssa's ego & selfishnesswon't allow him to stay. Reds & Pirates are high risk options to LaRussa, too, because if he can't beat the Cardinals while remaining in the division, it will prove that it was the Cardinal orginization and not just LaRussa that drove the Cardinals' success.

at 8:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about Torre? Joe would be far better than Macknarron.

No matter what manager we might get, we're still going to have the same GM, and I doubt Torre would put up with Krivsky's idiocy (like keeping Votto and Bruce down for so long)

at 10:06 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Girardi's not going to the be manager in New York. That job will be Mattingly's. He's been there the last few year and he knows how things are ran, etc., etc.

Girardi's crazy if he thinks he's got a shot at that job.

at 11:10 PM Blogger Rob Dicken said...

And as for Girardi, one year coaching a losing team doesn't exactly excite me either.

Girardi had a winning team with Florida and got manager of the year honors, if I am not mistaken. Not sure where you got that he was the coach of a losing team.

at 8:33 AM Anonymous Gary214 said...

Rob Dicken....Girardi had a record of 78 - 84 in his only year of coaching...and did not get along with MGMT...leading to his dismissal. THAT is where I got it.

at 8:33 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Per KEN DAVIDOFF of Newsday, Oct. 8

Mattingly, an ultra-popular Yankee as a player, hitting coach and now bench coach, is Steinbrenner's top choice to replace Torre, a person familiar with the owner's thinking said. However, general manager Brian Cashman, while fond of the inexperienced Mattingly, has interest in hiring former Marlins manager Joe Girardi, a former Yankees player and coach, if Torre is not brought back. Yankees first-base coach Tony Peña is another candidate, with former Mets manager Bobby Valentine (now with the Chiba Lotte Marines) a long shot.

Mattingly, 46, has never managed at any level. Steinbrenner personally recruited Mattingly to join the coaching staff for the 2004 season, and last October, the Yankees promoted him from hitting coach to bench coach, putting him in direct training for a manager's job.

Girardi, who turns 43 next week, led the 2006 Marlins, an extremely young team, to a surprisingly good 78-84 record, winning the NL Manager of the Year award. The Marlins nevertheless fired Girardi, citing his inability to get along with co-workers and superiors and questionable management of pitchers.

at 9:26 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

MLB thinks 78-84 is a losing record. But what do they know? You apparently are a math major and are quite good at funny math.

at 1:18 PM Anonymous Gary214 said...

Anon 8:26....WHAT???????

at 1:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Marlins nevertheless fired Girardi, citing his inability to get along with co-workers and superiors"


Man oh man would there ever be some fireworks between he and Krivsky's arrogant butt.

But I'd pay to see someone stick Krivsky in his place!

at 2:04 PM Anonymous Dan said...

I just love the guys who think that Krivsky was an "idiot" for keeping Votto and Bruce in minors this year. There are a few things that you could criticize him for, but keeping those 2 down is not one of them:
1. Votto-Where were going to play him in the first half? 1B? Hatteberg played just fine this year and quite frankly was one of the few guys that consistently put his bat on the ball. Why do you think that he was leading off this year-no one else could consistently get on base. Certainly he was not the prototypical lead off man, but they had no one other than Freel & he kept on getting hurt and couldn't play every day anyway. Scott Hatteberg was NOT what was wrong with the Reds this year.

2. Bruce started the year at single-A for god's sake! Where would put him? He's not a CF, so who do you bench, Griffey or Dunn, since neither was traded? You don't bring up a 20 year phenom to sit him on the bench

MAYBE, a big maybe, you could question not bringing ONE of them early, but certainly not both. You couldn't have played them. Could you have brought Bruce up for a little look see after Dunn, Hamilton and Griffey were shut down in mid to late September? Possibly, but not before those injuries.

Next year look for Votto to play everyday @ 1B, with Cantu backing him up and Bruce to start the year @ Louisville and be brought up if Hamilton, Griffey or Dunn go down or are traded.

at 2:48 PM Anonymous jc said...

dan... i understand wgat you are saying but am not an idiot for wanting to see bruce. the last two weeks or twelve games.... griffey was hurt.... hamilton was hurt and we say guys who have absolutely zero chance of being with the reds next year. hatteberg deserved to play.... but i think that bruce could have gotten the same experience rthat votto did the last couple of weeks. 40 at bats..... a taste of the bigs.
upton had the same stats if not less..... his team was not afraid to pull the trigger.
joba chamberlain got the same chance with the yankees. we were out of the race.... our starters were hurt.... are you honestly going to tell me that it would have hurt to let bruce and cueto and perhaps maloney a taste.
of course.... i don't think you are an idiot for your opinion..... just not one who thinks outside of the box.

at 8:24 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to see LaRussa or Girardi managin this team next year. I know what the players have said about Mckanin and how he motivated the team and raised the bar so-to-speak for a lot of players, but given the history of hiring interim managers after a half a season, we should try something new and get a proven winner in here with a great resume and someone that demands respect and excellence. It wouldn't kill me to see Dunn gone or traded but WE HAVE TO GET PITCHING FOR HIM, or anyone else that is traded over the off-season. And please don't go out and get some un-proven dbl-A guy who's never pitched in the majors or even a triple A guy who MIGHT BE GOOD. Get a freaken starter who was good THIS PAST SEASON, NO TWO OR THREE YEARS AGO; case in point Uncle Milty.

at 9:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just love the guys who make excuses for Krivsky. He's a loser GM and the Reds will be a losing team for many years to come.

The Bob & Wayne show = LOSING

at 11:07 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bring in Joe Torre

at 12:36 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John -

Thanks for posting about the St. Louis Dispatch & Larussa & keeping everyone updated. While -- yes --as posted by another on this blog, we can all read newspapers on the internet, some of us don't have time to do that -- though we check your blog. Personally, I do not read the St. Louis newspapers.

I wonder if LaRussa was holding out to see if Torre was fired -- I wonder if LaRussa is someone that the Yankees would hire?

Since the Reds do not spend to the level of the other teams within their division, I can't imagine that they are particularly attractive to a manager with options. Of course, if Castellini tells a manager that he will increase payroll to the level of the Cubs and Cards, then the Reds might be attractive.

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