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Friday, December 21, 2007

Reds trade Hamilton (updated)

The Reds have traded Josh Hamilton to the Texas Rangers for a pair of young pitchers. The top one is Edinson Volquez, the Rangers' minor league pitcher of the year.

Volquez is a 24-year-old right-hander. He was 14-6 with a 3.67 ERA in the two minor league stops last year. He struck out 166 and allowed 98 hits in 144 2/3 innings.

He was 2-1 with 4.50 ERA in six starts for the Rangers.

The other other in the deal is Danny Herrera, a 23-year-old left-handed reliever. He was 7-2 with a 3.69 ERA last year with Bakersfield and Frisco. He struck out 75 and allowed 57 hits in the 63 1/3 innings.

A little instant analysis here: I don't think this means the Reds won't trade for Erik Bedard. It makes it easier to give up Homer Bailey. I think Ryan Freel is the leader in clubhouse in the center field race. But Jay Bruce could be end up there by Opening Day. I think Hamilton will hit a lot of home runs in Texas. Questions about his durability made him easier to trade. Johnny Narron being his personal coach didn't sit well in the clubhouse.

From the conference call:

Hamilton: "It did (surprise me). It really did. I got a call last night. They asked me to come to Texas for a physical."

On Cincinnati: "I was in right place for coming back. A city that had never seen me play welcoming me the way they did on Opening Day. I enjoyed the fans. I enjoyed the organization. I told Wayne to tell Mr. Castellini thank you."

Krivsky: "I look at it as value for value. I made up my mind if we were going to give up Josh, we had to get quality in return. Volquez is a guy who can bolster our rotation for years to come."

On Volquez's stuff: "He's a fastball, curve, change-up pitcher. He's athletic with a live arm. He's from the Dominican. His hero is Pedro Martinez. (Volquez) is a charismatic guy. He's animated on the mound. He pitches from 92 to 94. But he can go get 97 or so. His breaking ball pitch is hard, more like a 'slurve.' His change-up is well above average. He's got impressive stuff. It's a matter of putting it together."

On center field: "That's open for competition. Spring training will determine a lot. (Norris) Hopper, (Ryan) Freel, (Chris) Dickerson and (Jay) Bruce will compete."

Are the Reds still looking for veteran starter? "It depends on what we'd have to give up (in trade) With free agents, it's a matter of dollars and years. We're always looking for pitching. But, with Volquez, (Johnny) Cueto, Matt Maloney and Homer Bailey, we have four pitchers, 21 to 24 (years old), on the cusp of the big leagues. With the ceilings they have, we feel good about the future."


at 5:47 PM Anonymous Jason said...

What do we know of this guy? Can he fill a spot in this rotation?

at 5:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


In Wayne I trust.

at 5:49 PM Anonymous tadd said...

Great job Wayne. We got the Rangers top young arm in the minors,plus another pitcher for Hamilton. I will take that deal in a instant.

at 5:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Bedard deal is dead then, wouldn't you say?

at 5:55 PM Blogger Ashland ATeam said...

Where did Herrera pitch last year?

at 5:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to see Hamilton go. Thanks Josh, and all the best to you. May you have a long and All-Star-Appearance filled career.

I frequently criticize Krivsky but I think he's just hit a home run. We need all the young stud pitchers we can get. And we were deep in Outfielders.

Two more starters and we can legitimately compete next year. Way to go Wayne! Still, sorry to see Hamilton go but you have to give to get.

Nice Christmas Present for Reds fans.

at 5:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great! Stockpile as much pitching as possible. Too many lefthanded bats in the near future. I assume this means an extension for Dunn and a call up of Jay Bruce.

Hamilton had injury issues last year, could relapse, but has very high potential as well.

Good deal for the Reds.

at 6:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey John - what can you tell us about these two pitchers besides their stats for last year? How about a scouting report on them - any chance?? I do hate to see Hamilton go, I'll be rooting some for the rangers next year.

at 6:06 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anything I would think this deal would make dealing for bedard more likely because now if you trade a bailey or cueto there is more pitching coming through the pipe line

at 6:07 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hold on...the Bedard or Blanton deal might not be dead. Who's to say Wayne won't use these two guys as additional peices in a package to land an established starter! Young pitching will yield you more than a young outfielder.

at 6:10 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

What we may consider is this deal sets up another, bigger deal.

at 6:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will this mean that Freel mans CF at the start of the season and then when he gets hurt two weeks in, Bruce gets the gig and never looks back?

My guess, they'll probably sign somebody else (Like Cameron) and let him play CF for now.

at 6:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watching and following Hamilton's story this season is what brought me back to Reds baseball. I hate to see him go but will follow him with Texas and will likely not lose my interest in the Reds with the positive direction they are heading

at 6:14 PM Anonymous K in Northeast Ohio said...

Good luck Josh, I wish you all the best except for when you face the Reds. Good job Wayne, I hope these pitchers have many successful years pitching for the Reds.
K in Northeast Ohio

at 6:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This means they sign Dunn long term and Bruce comes to spring training as "the kid" in center with his mentor in right. I like it.

at 6:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shocks hitters with a change-up that cuts 20 mph off his mid-90s fastball. Works hard.
His curveball needs a lot of work and he seriously needs to refine his command.
Career potential
Has No. 2-starter potential.


at 6:18 PM Anonymous wanderin reds fan said...

Wow!!! I rekon this means the Bedard trade is likely done for. I figured that Hamilton or Bruce would have to be in the mix in a Bedard Trade, but now it seems we lost a lot of trade leverage. I think Volquez is a stud, but basically on par with Bailey with respect to filling a spot in the rotation...likely a 4-5 hole pitcher until he settles in. Seems like 2008 is going to be one spent under the learning curve.

at 6:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many of you 'anonymous'es are Reds org employees???

this means we're DOA for any bedard deal, since we can't give up an outfielder in a potential trade.

great. this "stud's" era in AAA was 4.5+.

this deal only looks good to 'anonymous'.

at 6:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe this is a good trade.
Hate to see Hamilton go, BUT there
were too many questions about his health..and he didn't have Johnny Narron there to keep an eye on him.

Props to the Kriv!

at 6:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guys, you gotta think that CF is Bruce's job to lose in ST. Also, how do you guys not even factor Norris Hopper into this equation. Freel should remain a bench player and should not be considered a starter. He was horrible last year. He needs to save his energy for the few times he gets in the games to try to make things happen. Hopper on the other hand was absolutely phenominal getting on base, played great defense, and had something like a .330 BA last season after he took over in CF late in the season with all of the injuries. Hopper over Freel any day, and I would be pumped if Freel was traded before the season starts.

at 6:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good deal. I think Hamilton is a terrific talent, but has question marks and it seem like he was injured an awful lot. Opens up a roster slot for Bruce, too. We had too many OFs. I would just as soon they hold off moving anyone else now, unless Bailey can be dealt for Bedard somehow. I see no matchup, though.

at 6:27 PM Anonymous MONEY MIKE said...

This is an interesting move from a revenue standpoint because Hamilton put a lot of butts in the seats, but I guess so does a winning team and you have to have some pitching to do that.

On a side note, I saw that Sean Casey, or the milktruck as I like to call him, didnt get resigned by the Tigers so he is now a free agent. John is there any word on where #21 may land?

at 6:35 PM Blogger Brad said...

I hate to see Hamilton go, but I also can't wait to see Jay Bruce starting for the Reds.

Does this trade mean:
A) Building for the future
B) Changing the offering for Bedard and trying to win now.

I have to think option A is where its at.

at 6:37 PM Anonymous Converted Texan said...

Way to go Krivsky! What a great Christmas present for the Red's and the Red's fans. Texas can use Hamilton, we need pitching = so everybody wins.

at 6:41 PM Blogger Converted Texan said...

Way to go Krivsky! What a great Christmas present for the Red's and the Red's fans.
I love the Rangers and they can use Hamilton but the Red's needed pitching, so everybody wins. Great job!

at 6:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

great move. we always have a glut of OF talent, so even though i hate to see joey leave town, i'm glad to get a young arm that has been compared to pedro. fastball that tops out around 97, great change, and a curve. Still need to sign/trade for a pitcher or two that we know can eat some innings. right now, it looks like hopper has the CF job, with Bruce waiting in the wings at AAA for now.

at 6:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting that Baseball America's analysis is that there's more to like for the Rangers in this deal having turned a pitcher who has overstayed his welcome into a middle of the order hitter.

For the trade to work for the Reds, Volquez needs to become a middle of the rotation pitcher, something he wasn't able to accomplish in six years in the Rangers organization.

If both Dunn and Junior leave after the '08 season, the Reds will sorely miss Hamilton's bat, to say nothing of him being one of the best defensive outfielders in baseball.

at 6:56 PM Blogger Brad said...

Other Brad:

I'd like to see option 2.

at 7:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopper, Bruce, Votto, Keppinger, Dunn, Griffey, Freel...

We don't need to waste money on Cameron.

Hamilton is a great big loss but TWO pretty good pitchers are what the Reds need. Even if this trade doesn't work out, I can't fault Krivsky at all, and I HATE Krivsky--I spent all summer bashing Wayne's World on this blog.

And I'm not a Reds employee. If I was, I'd be peeing in Castellini's coffee as often as possible.

But back to reality.

How can anyone criticize this trade? You're not going to get good pitching unless you give up good hitting, and last time I checked, you can't afford to have crappy starting pitching and 7 great outfielders who should be starting every game!

If we get Bedard or one more topline starter now, as long as we don't trade pitching for pitching, I don't care who we give up. Today's trade now makes it possible for the Reds to be truly competitive.

Bedard alone would have meant nothing. We need 3-4 good starting pitchers. Harang needs company.

I still think Arroyo is an overrated hack who got lucky for half a season. So Harang, these 2 pitchers, Bailey, Cueto...even with Arroyo we can't be sure we have 4 good starters, let alone the required 5.

Good job Wayne. If these two pitchers blow up and Hamilton becomes the game's best player, I still won't criticize Krivsky. He had to do this trade--or a trade like this. No choice. Either dump a Lefty Bat/Outfielder-stud for pitching or suffer another lousy season in 2008.

Still, Hamilton is an awesome player. I hope he doesn't become the next Frank Robinson for the Reds...but since the organization did such a lousy job in getting good pitching the last three years, they put themselves in a position to trade a great player...

at 7:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go to MLB.com and you can watch this kid pitching in the bigs last yr. Throws in the 94-97 range, very good looking hooks(in the highlight reel that is), and has a 78-80 mph changeup that seemed effective. I'm excited about actually having some power pitchers for a change.
D. Herrera is a 5'7" 145 lbs. lefty sinkerball/screwballer who tops out at 86mph, but seems to get people out, so prob. not a big help, but you never know.

at 7:01 PM Blogger Brad said...

From mlbtraderumors.com:

Volquez, 24, is also immensely talented. He kept stalling at the big league level but finally seemed to figure it out in September. Baseball America calls his stuff "electric," describing a mid-90s heater paired with a mid-70s change-up. Wayne Krivsky took an interesting route to add an intriguing starter; I wonder if the move takes them out of the Erik Bedard sweepstakes. It's been speculated that the Reds could go after Mike Cameron to fill their new center field void.

Herrera, 23, is a southpaw relief prospect. Check out this info from Baseball America. He barely registers 5-foot-7, 145 pounds. He tops out at 84mph but throws some kind of screwball to offset the weak heat. This trick helped him post an 11.0 K/9 in Double A this year.

at 7:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't see this one coming. Stockpiling young pitching is in total contrast to the Cordero signing. These two were not acquired because the Reds are building for the future. I still expect an established starter to move into the rotation behind Harang. Krivsky's got to succeed in 2008 or his job is in jeopardy. This only tells me the Bedard deal or another deal is still very much alive...

at 7:02 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

We will miss Hamilton's bat and glove in a few years but...if we make it to the playoffs in 08, it will be worth it. Both Texas pitchers are young and have some potential. If they had "made it" with the Rangers, then Texas wouldn't have given them both up for Hamilton.

at 7:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go to MLB.com and you can watch this kid pitching in the bigs last yr. Throws in the 94-97 range, very good looking hooks(in the highlight reel that is), and has a 78-80 mph changeup that seemed effective. I'm excited about actually having some power pitchers for a change.

at 7:06 PM Blogger Oklahoma Red said...

I think Bailey, Votto, Freel and Encarcion is plenty of bait to pick up a starter. A's are ready for a youth movement so I think Blanton is more likely but O's may succumb to moving without Bruce in the picture. I would be shocked if there is not another trade but if not a year from now the Reds will have some arms.

I was surprised by the "didn't sit well having a personal coach" comment concerning Hamilton. First I heard of that. Josh was wonderful find for a dismal year. I hope he does great in Texas.

at 7:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Dunn and Jr. leave after the 08 season think of all of the money they would have available for a stud free agent outfielder that offseason. This is a good trade for the Reds as we have added two young arms that are ready to contribute in 08 or no later than 09 and you have Cueto and Bailey also. Conceivably, you could take two of these 4 and maybe use them as trade bait for Bedard or Blanton?

at 7:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This doesn't look too bad....

LF Dunn
CF Hopper*
RF Griffey
OF The Bruce*
1B Votto
1B Hattieburg
SS Gonzo
3B E2
C Valentin
C Ross
IF Keppinger
IF Freel
S1: Harang
S2: Arroyo
S3: Bailey/Bedard
S4: Volquez
S5: Cueto
19: ?
20: ?
21: ?
22: ?
23: Burton
24: Weathers
25: Cordero

at 7:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

come on...this deal sucks! Hamilton showed a world of talent last year for a guy that had never played above A ball. Plus, a potential all-star that you would have locked up for the next 6 years. With Dunn & Griffey in their last year with the Reds, this was one guy they could not afford to give up. Where is the power going to come from now, once Dunn & Griffey are gone?? Bad deal Wayne, another horrible trade by you!

at 7:31 PM Blogger Mike said...


I'm a loyal, but frustrated, reader. Frustrated by this sentence right here:

"Johnny Narron being his personal coach didn't sit well in the clubhouse."

Why does that not come out until after the subjects involved are out of the picture?

I apologize in advance if that has been written before, but I do not recall seeing it. And if it has been written, it certainly was not done with much vigor. A very strong argument could have been made that it could have been a notable storyline (not a major one, mind you), especially during a real dog of a season.

It's a legitimate question that any Reds fan worth his/her salt had during last season: A big league ballplayer with his own personal coach? That doesn't bother anyone else on the 25-man?

And we don't read it until the day the ballplayer is traded. That's frustrating.

--Mike, Bloomington, Ill.

at 7:40 PM Blogger INDYREDFAN said...

you should probably add question marks to s3 s4 and s5 as well

at 7:42 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised. Josh Hamilton is the real deal, an outfielder who can run, field, and hit, whose potential is the sky. The inadequate Reds farm system makes it necessary to deal a splendid young man whose record in Texas will be terrific. Goodbye to a fine young outfielder...we hardly knew you.

at 7:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised. Josh Hamilton is the real deal, an outfielder who can run, field, and hit, whose potential is the sky. The inadequate Reds farm system makes it necessary to deal a splendid young man whose record in Texas will be terrific. Goodbye to a fine young outfielder...we hardly knew you.

at 7:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should probably add question marks to s3 s4 and s5 as well

at 8:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


bunch of reds employees posting

at 8:05 PM Blogger docproc said...

McBeth and Bray should fill two of those question marks, Anonymous.

I'm liking the way this team is shaping up. Please give Bruce a chance to be Rookie of the Year.

at 8:08 PM Blogger John Fay said...

To Mike: I wrote about it when Narron went with Hamilton on his minor league rehabs. I think I mentioned one or two other times.

No other player was going to come out and say anything. The fact that the Reds let Johnny go right after the season tells you something.

at 8:22 PM Anonymous mikec said...

Take a look inside Volquez's numbers:

He struck out 195 in 178 innings over four different levels last year.

He had a 2.6/1 K/BB ratio.

And in 85 innings between AAA and the Rangers he allowed only 4 HRs. All at the big league level. And the Rangers play in a launching pad that might be worse than GABP.

Yeah and his weakness is supposed to be his command. Looks like that's getting better from those stats.

at 8:23 PM Blogger docproc said...

Hey Mike:

Backing John Fay on this one. He's been reporting it all the way.

at 8:23 PM Blogger JCK said...

Good deal that opens the door for Bruce. Josh Hamilton, hope you have a great career and keep your life on the right path, but the Reds needed pitching over another quality hitter. If Bruce lives up to his hype, the Reds will have hit a home run with this trade.

at 8:36 PM Anonymous Brendan T. said...

Great trade for the Reds. Finally they turn an OF into some pitching prospects!

at 9:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's a brilliant deal. Hamilton is a great talent, but he has never stayed healthy for any length of time. 5-tool outfielders are a dime-a-dozen these days. The currency of MLB these days is young live arms. The more you can have, the better.
Also, the clubhouse vibe concerning Hamilton was not good, ask Brandon Phillips.

at 9:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

THIS is the best Reds lineup for 2008. Put this product on the field and let the starters play 150 games, and, barring injuries, if the Starters do their job (a big if), we're at least competitive:

Keppinger SS
Phillips 2B
Dunn LF
Griffey RF
The Bruce (love "the Bruce") CF
Votto 1B
Encarnacion 3B
CATCHER du jour
and a much better starting rotation!

I hope they trade fatso, our backup no-steal shortstop!

Krivsky gets an A++ for today's trade!

at 9:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Josh Hamilton was a half great rule 5 pick by the k man!! He parlayed this oftem injued reforming crack head for a stud pitcher. Pitching wins. Reds can find another outfielder, and I bet with a lot less baggage an risk to reward potential. A huge win for reds.

I hope their are no more trades and the reds plan to have all three of their pitching studs in teh bigs soon. They will never be able to afford top tier starting pitching so their minor system is the way to go. There is a lot to be happy with now. I say put them in the rotation and let them eat innings and viola a contender for years!!!

at 9:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"5 tool oufielders are a dime a dozen" really?! when's the last time the reds had one. once again money shows. gotta make a place for freel he's getting almost 2 mil and cant have that on the bench behind a better player

at 9:36 PM Blogger Rawk Gurl said...


Do you know where to send fanmail to Hamilton? I think his example of giving up his addictions for his family is great. I think talent wise this is a god move for the Reds,we need pitching though personality wise I think he'll be missed.

at 9:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a much better trade than dealing Bruce and Bailey for one pitcher in Bedard.

This could make the Reds a serious WS threat in a year or so, and a playoff hopeful this year.

One of the ? could/should be Belisle by the way. He has set up man stuff and ability. No slam meant either, because that is a highly important role for any serious team (see Reds, 8th inning, 2007).


at 10:10 PM Anonymous iam4uk28 said...

why want the reds trade bruce for bedard and try to keep homer, i would take pitching over an outfielder, i mean bruce is just a prospect, bedard is proven

at 10:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice move by Wayne. We need pitching and he goes out and finds some. Yes the cost of Hamilton hurts, and yes these pitchers are unproven in the bigs but its a move in the right direction. You got to take a risk sometimes and so far Wayne's haven't been all that bad.

To all those posting links to find info on the guys,thanks!

I have to believe Bruce will open in CF. If the Bosox can be patient with Pedrioa, the Reds can do it with Bruce.

Good luck to Josh, he gives me a reason to watch a Rangers game now.

at 10:17 PM Anonymous hammertime said...

Trades & free agent signings aren't worth a lick as long as we play in the worst pitcher's stadium in baseball. When the Reds remodel by pushing the fences back to a Detroit-like OF, then we've got a good chance.

at 10:26 PM Blogger Gene in WV said...

Good move from my perspective-and I loved Hamilton, wish him nothing but the best.

We need pitching, had a glut in the OF, makes perfect sense. Always have to give up something of value to get something of value. The "other guys" aren't idiots, they know who can play and who can't.

at 10:37 PM Anonymous CJREDs said...

To those that are uneducated/irrational about this trade, I have two points to make. First, Hamilton was a Rule 5 pick that we had very little in. With only one year in the bigs, if he were to follow up last year with an injury marred season next year, Texas would never consider giving up their best minor league pitcher. The timimg was perfect. Secondly, go to major league baseball's website and find Edinson Volquez's personal page. There are several very good videos of him fanning, among others, a very good hitting Tigers team. This guy has the stuff to be a #2 guy. Anyone who thinks differently just hasn't done their homework.

at 10:49 PM Anonymous firefly118 said...

WAIT a minute! For days now almost everyone of you have put me down saying don't trade our great prospects for pitching. We need our great hitters and 5 tool players, and getting rid of them for pitching was a bad deal. Hamilton is a better prospect than Bruce, I mean he was more highly coveted before the drug thing, and has more overall talent than Bruce with proven MLB experience. That was our future in CF, and we get rid of him for pitchers who again we are projecting to be good in the majors, but have a 4.5+ ERA in AAA. Makes no sense to me!!! If anyone on here will say that Bruce is a better player than Hamilton, you don't know baseball, and you sure don't know how to evaluate talent. Hamilton was the Reds best outfielder in 07', sure he got hurt (that happens), but of all OF we have (majors and minors), he was the best overall by far. I believe the Bedard deal is dead, because now we really can't get rid of Bruce, and if the deal gets done we have basically given up Hamilton, Votto, and Bailey (if not more) for Bedard and that makes less sense than just giving Bruce and Bailey in the first place. Reds say good bye to Krivsky....

at 10:55 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure that Anonymous at 9:22 has no demons in his closet. You must be a saint. The kid made some mistakes but has cleaned up his life and you want to bash him from behind your computer screen. Takes a lot of guts to do that. Good luck in Texas Josh, but more importantly, good luck in life and staying clean.

Same goes for Anonymous at 9:19. Have you ever had a child go through an extended illness? You're probably some 400 pounder behind your screen, therefore, can't have any children. Gonzalez is the best shortstop on the roster period. Keppinger hasn't proved worthy of giving him a starting job just yet. He's a good hitter but is probably better suited as a guy who's gives different players days off at different positions and plays about 4 times a week.

Good trade for both teams. Reds are able to unload one of a surplus of OFs to get two pitching prospects. You have to give to get as they say. Most people on the blog get it but sometimes there are some real dip*@&#* spouting off.

Mike in Z-ville

at 11:06 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is probably one of those trades that we'll wait and then see how good it really is. You have to give to get we had too many L hitters & OFs, he's sorta old for a rookie, and we get a young arm with power pitcher potential, which are the only pitchers that will ever have consistent success in GABP.
I've supported krivsky since the brandon phillips trade, because with the small market team the only way to win is trades like those, just think of where this team would be w/o BP, NOwhere fast, Why does everyone bash on this guy for one or maybe two bad it's going to happen to every good GM at some point. You people forget we root for a ($$)poor team.

at 11:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

woohoo Krivisky...way to screw up...

at 11:12 PM Blogger John Fay said...

A couple people have referenced Volquez's ERA as being 4.50 in the Triple-A. It was 4.50 with the Rangers in six starts.

His stats got better as he moved up in the minors:

High A: 0-4 7.13
Double-A 6-1 3.55
Triple-A 6-1 1.41.

He was sent to high A to work on command. That may explain his struggles there. He really dominated in eight starts at Triple-A. .146 avg. against. 11.65 Ks per 9 innings. 3.71 walk to strikeout ratio.

at 11:46 PM Blogger robby said...

Hate to see Hamilton go. He seemingly has a temendous upside, but then again he may not be the real deal. Only time will tell. I have to think this trade may lead to a bigger deal,or maybe just wishing that will be the case.
I hate to hear Ryan Freel's name as the potential starting center fielder. He is not a starting major league player at any position and starting him would hopefully be a very short stop gap before Bruce is ready.

at 11:59 PM Blogger Dan H said...

Two old sayings ring true here, you can never have enough pitching and you have to give up something to get something in return. Looks to be a good move on Krivsky's part. Slowly but surely the overall plan for the Reds continues to take shape. And it is looking a bit better since the end of the season.

at 12:20 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Young pitchers + Dusty Baker = _____

at 1:08 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

No question the Reds have an abundance of outfielders and someone needed to go. Five tool players are not a dime-a-dozen and trading one for two unproven pitchers is a bit risky. I keep hearing people say Krivsky is doing a good job. Really? If so, then why were the Reds worse (Krivsky's 2nd year)last year than they were the year before?

at 1:15 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many more Anon REDS employers are in now? If your reading: Thanks For raising ticket prices again,for I'm sure another crappy 5th or 4th place finish for 08. I mean you all have to make the $$$ to pay Dusty and Brewers ex closer. Thanks for trading away a true talent Hamilton for a couple Minor league pitchers. Thanks for hypen Homer Bailey for years, but somehow I hear he will be traded next? What happened?hmmmm He will be great anyway. REDS you disgust Me.HYPE HYPE but nothing to back it up cept 7 straight losing seasons. The madness never stops In Cincinnati.

at 1:17 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope all you people who wanted to see Hamilton traded are happy.

With him gone, the picture for the future changes. The Reds might pick up Griffey's options for 09 and beyond, Dunne will definitely get an extention. Maybe Freel will, too. Bruce will probably get a shot at opening the season on the major league bench and get worked in to the starting line up as the season goes on.

I'm wondering if this Volquez was picked up just so he could be traded. Maybe the Orioles value him more than Bailey or Cueto? How old is Volquez? 25, 26? Bailey's only 22. If the Orioles will take Volquez in a deal for Bedard, I say go for it.

at 1:54 AM Anonymous hick said...

This could easily be Dunn and Griffeys last year as Reds. Trading Hamilton gives us our 2009 outfield of what Bruce, Hopper, and Freel? I was looking forward to seeing Bruce and Hamilton in the same lineup for years to come. Two complete studs in the middle of the lineup. Not many guys in the bigs, if any have as much raw talent and potential as Hamilton. If either of this guys pans out to be a solid contributor and the Reds turn out to be a legit contender in the near future I will think differently, but I am really hating this trade right now.

at 2:03 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hate to see hamilton go. Was looking forward to see Bruce and Hamilton together in the middle of the lineup for the next ten years. Guys like Hamilton just don't grow on trees. It's way to early to give up on Hamilton because he's "injury-prone." I don't really know how you could label a guy injure prone after being injured in parts of ONE season. If he missed half the year next year, then you could maybe make that assumption. Not real sure this trade makes us contend in 08, we sign cordero but then make this trade, do we want to win in 08 or build for the future? I am still pondering this question.

at 2:40 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many times is Wayne going to have to prove you whimpering idiots wrong?
1) He picks up Arroyo for Willy No Hands and you boo
2) He grabs BP off of cleveland for NOBODY and you say at the time, big frickin deal.
3) Last year's winter meetings he was laughed at for picking up Hamilton, other GM's are snickering.
4) He signs Harang and Arroyo to below market deals.
5) Between Agon and Kep he's built depth and productivity at the SS.
6) He's brought in Dusty freakin Baker, he of 3 COY awards, AND grabs the 2nd best closer on the market (next to Rivera) from a DIVISION RiVAL.
7) He dumps tubby kearns and pretty boy Lopez on Leatherpants and if none of the prospects we got ever work out, at least we had a shot at something with them Bray and Majewski) which is more than anyone saw with our old two duds.
8) What more do you want? Middle relief? If you'll excuse Cormier and Stanton, I'll present to you one rule 5 Jared Burton.
Get off his back.
Actually, no, ride him all you want, but thank him later.

at 3:04 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...


at 7:59 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

all of a sudden wayne krivsky knows pitching? give me a break

Hamilton was the best outfielder we had..by far..a potential superstar

and here we are discussing the possibility of Freel starting in center field.

And we still have the two slow strikeout kings in the outfield Dunn and Griffey taking up a huge amount of salary.

In Wayne I dont trust

at 8:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Bruce will probably get a shot at opening the season on the major league bench and get worked in to the starting line up as the season goes on."

If Bruce is at the big league level there is a 0% chance he will be sitting the bench. He will be starting from day one in Cincinnati or starting from day one in Louisville.

at 8:03 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If The Bruce isn't ready to start, then Hopper would be much better to go with initially then Freel. I agree that Freel is an overpaid utility outfielder/infielder who hustles but is reckless.

Dunn clearly is here for the long term. Get used to him.

In fact, by the time 09 rolls around Griffey will be out and the outfield will be Dunn, Hopper, Bruce.

I too will miss Hamilton, but sometimes you have to make painful choices. I remember as a kid being mortified that we traded Lee May for this guy named Morgan. I just knew we were doomed.

Sometimes things are better than they seem.

at 8:41 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

In basic terms, it seems like the Reds traded a potential All-Star centerfielder for a potential #3 starter.

As for Jay Bruce, his best defensive position is RF, not CF, so that will weaken the Reds defense for '08. Perhaps the Reds are hoping Drew Stubbs will be ready for CF for the '09 season and move Bruce back to RF when the Reds don't pick up Junior's option.

Reading Krivsky's comments about four young pitchers on the cusp of joining a major league rotation makes me think the Reds are playing for '09. They will use the '08 season to get Cueto, Bailey, Volquez, Maloney and Bruce aclimated to the majors, which means losing games during their on-the-job training.

Finally, this trade leads me to think that the Reds are out of the Bedard race. Hamilton was the Reds 2nd best position player trading chip behind Bruce, who the Reds definitely aren't trading now. With Hamilton gone, the Reds don't have the ammo to get Bedard.

at 8:49 AM Anonymous Redsfan74 said...

You gotta give the Krivdawg major credit here... another gem overall. He spent nothing to get Hamilton in the Rule 5 draft and turned it into 2 young pitching prospects, 1 a starter to boot. He's spent basically nothing to get Brandon Phillips, Jared Burton, and now the 2 pitchers from Texas. Dusty has a ton of young talented arms to work work..now the real story..can Dusty and his staff develop these arms into major league pitchers? I hope so.

at 9:20 AM Anonymous Kirk said...

From Texas:

Volquez major league numbers are 3-11 with an 11.50 era. He was demoted all the way to A ball last year and put of most of those impressive numbers against spares. He is a head case also. Walks more than he strikes out. Great job by Texas to get someone to give up some value for someone who has peaked. By the way, our top minor league pitchers are Eric Hurley and Thomas Diamond, not Volquez.

at 9:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Firefly118 and all the Anon/posters who hate Krivsky so much...could you please post your scouting resume and all the terrific moves you had made to make a major leauge team better?

It'll help me understand why you are so much in the right.

There's nothing wrong with disagreeing with the moves,but when you move to personal attacks you lose alot of respect from most of us.

at 9:36 AM Blogger Kyblu said...

Guess what? The Rangers did not have this great young pitcher as starting after loosing alot of their pitchers to injurys. Both were not even in their top prospects after the trades with Atlanta. If you can look at the USA Today Sports Weekly at the Ranger Team Profiles you can see their top young players.

at 9:53 AM Anonymous redfuture said...

I've lived in Dallas/Ft. Worth area now for 12 years though I am a die-hard Reds fan since 1961. I've seen Volquez pitch, he is talented but very raw. It will be interesting to see the spring training battle between him, Cueto and possibly Maloney. If Cueto has the command that we hear about I think Johnny starts and Edinson goes to the bullpen. I always felt if the Reds traded anybody it would be Hamilton but I think he will make them very sorry very soon. I predicted to a Texas friend of mine that this trade would happen about a month ago. Talk about a FO that has no direction! Texas is in more dire need of pitching than the Reds and it is harder to attract FA pitchers there than to GABP. Its hard to figure where John Daniels is going to get his pitching.

at 10:16 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trading Hamilton = Hello Joe Blanton. Oakland is definitely rebuilding since the Haren deal. and Blanton makes a lot more sense IMO than a 2-year rent-a-Bedard. Bedard would have required an OF, so that's probably dead. Now you can package a couple of pitching prospects to Oak and basically get give up Hamilton and a prospect or two for Blanton. Me likey.

at 10:18 AM Anonymous Billybill said...


Another botched trade by Wayne Krivsky- this guy should have been fired after he caused the Reds collapse in 2006. This shows true REDS fans NO Confidence in Bob Castellini- he appears to now be a WORSE OWNER than Carl Lindner.
WHY would you trade Hamilton and keep Adam Dunn's large contract, large GUT, WEAK Defense for one more season who you could have traded for Starting Pitchting over a 5 tool OF. Also, I think this again shows that Castellini has NO CLUE that you need young players that the FANS love to build a franchise with. THIS TRADE JUST BOGGLES MY MIND. SAD, SAD DAY IN REDS LAND. EXPECTING A 5th Place Finish and another losing season.

at 10:22 AM Anonymous mikec said...

Mike from Bloomington:

No player would publicly say anything about Hamilton having his own private coach, but remember this quote from Brandon Phillips that John reported after Jerry Narron's firing?

“Jerry did the best he could do. We had a lot of veterans. If he had different guys in there, we’d have different results. We didn’t make any trades. We didn’t fire anybody, but got him fired. It sucks. I look at Jerry. We had a good year with Jerry last year, but we had new guys come to the scene this year. He tried to adjust with the new guys this year, but it’s all about certain players. Ken Griffey and his home run chase, Josh Hamilton and his comeback season, everybody got caught up in that instead of winning. We’re happy for Josh, but we want to win. And the next thing you know, Homer Bailey’s up here. We’re a team, and everybody’s worried about three guys.”

at 10:32 AM Blogger mrtonyb40 said...

everybody making out your lineups should remember S. Valenzuela we got in the rule 5 has to be on the roster all year also and the way they picked burton and hamilton u have to expect good things from him.

at 10:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said


at 10:34 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...


at 10:37 AM Blogger anti-media said...

A great talent for pitching potential.Cluless Krivsky has proven to be incompetent when evaluating talent...check the long term contracts he has given to... horrible pen-pitchers & Naroon!! We have gotten worse since Cluless arrived!! WAKE UP CINCY---FIRE KRIVSKY

at 10:38 AM Anonymous Jimmyjam said...

What in the world are the REDS doing? This GM has no clue. Why are the other minority owners being silent allowing this BUFFOON the opportunity to destroy the Reds future. I don't understand it. Please save us, save us TRUE Reds now- Fire Wayne, Fire him NOW...... He doesn't deserve the opportunity to finsih out his contract.. Cardinal Rule is you never trade 5 star players with All Star talent for MEDIOCRE Talent. Remember this is the same guy that caused the Reds collapse in 2006 with his awful trade for 2 middle relievers, one with a bumb shoulder. He Has No Clue. FIRE HIM NOW.....

at 10:43 AM Anonymous mikec said...

Everyone is so down on Belisle and writing him off. I'm not saying I like the idea of him as our No. 3, but he tracks out about how Harang did in 2003-04. He doesn't walk a lot of people. He has good stuff. He just needs to develop consistency. Harang's first full year with the Reds (2004) he was 10-9 with a 4.86 ERA. I think Belisle can make that kind of improvement over the next few years. I could see him getting his ERA into the low 4s. There were games where he was untouchable. He just tended to make bad pitches in crucial situations.

at 11:08 AM Anonymous JR said...

This trade again demonstrates Wayne Krivsky has NO CLUE. Thankfully this is his last year as the REDS GM. The Reds are again headed for a losing season and likely 5th or last place season. You don't trade 5 tool OF's who can play everyday for mediocre talent. Also, why are you keeping two slow footed OF's that are overpaid, one that is out of shape and poor defensively (DUNN) over Hamilton. Wayne has NO CLUE. That is why. To the minority owners us TRUE REDS fans blame you for not putting heat on Castellini for not FIRING KRIVSKY. This is a travesty. At least this will be Wayne's last season as a Major League GM. Good luck finding work in 09.....

at 11:11 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh nooo! God forbid our most productive hitter gets an extension.

Griffey gone after 08, Dunn in left, Bruce in right and hopefully a right handed leadoff hitter in CF. Toss in Edwin, Votto BP and some pitching and you're set.

at 11:17 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why was there a rush to trade Josh Hamilton? This trade doesn't make any sense sense at all. Griffey, Jr is in the last 2 years of his contract then he's gone unless he can convince Castilini to re-sign him for loyalty's sake. Dunn will be gone in 1 year to free agency. If you get a stud starter back that is one thing. Volquez is a project at best. Good stuff, no control, reminds me of a young Matt Belisle - in other words another potential 5th starter on a team with 4 potential 5th starters filling the same role already.

Mark my words.... this time next year the Reds will be scrambling to trade for an outfielder to replace Dunn. And they will be looking for starting pitching again.

at 11:21 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

A friend who is a scout had this to say about Volquez and Herrera.
Edison Volquez (formerly Julio Reyes), is a 24 year old, 6'0, 200 pound right hander with a powerful fastball that sits in the mid-90's and tops out at 97 MPH. He has a plus changeup, which is typically 20 MPH less than his fastball. His curveball is inconsistant but outstanding when thrown for strikes. His weakness is his control. Many scouts believe that he will someday be moved to the bullpen and that he could be an outstanding closer, if he does not make it as a starting pitcher. Danny Ray Herrera is a 23 year old who was a 45th round pick out of the University of New Mexico. He is a 5-8, 145 pound left-hander that has pinpoint control and a dominating changeup. Even though his fastball reaches only the low-to-mid 80's, his composure and control could help him become a usable pitcher out of a major league bullpen. I thought some of you might like a scouts perspective on these 2 young pitchers. Hamilton is a great loss, but the team needs pitching. I just hope this deal works out well for both teams. Go Reds!

at 11:21 AM Anonymous JR said...

This trade makes NO SENSE for the REDS future. Why trade a 5 tool OF who makes NO MONEY at this time when you have a lot of young talent on hand for the future? I think TRUE Reds fans would prefer to see a player like Adam Dunn (poor defense, pedigree shows he doesn't hit with runners in scoring position, huge contract) for whatever you can get for him. Take your lumps this year but be ready to contend in 09 and in future. This trade only makes sense that Wayne Krivsky- whose contract ends at end of 08 season is under the gun and is trying to pull a rabbit out of the hat. If this is the case the REDS ownership group should be appalled. Krivsky remember cost the REDS the opportunity to contend in 06 with the awfully one sided deal with the Washington Nationals. I think this trade will haunt the Reds for years to come.....

at 11:21 AM Anonymous sam4w said...

Are you kidding me? This is bad news for Reds fans. Ryan Freel is an injury-prone slap hitter and Jay Bruce has proven nothing, so who plays center. Josh Hamilton's 2007 numbers project to 40HRs w/ 100RBIs & 100 runs scored (with 600 ABs). In return, the Reds get a kid that's been called up three times and posted a 4.50!ERA in his most recent effort. Edinson Volquez might be the next Scott Williamson and Jay Bruce might be the next Brandon Larson. This is just a terrible trade!

at 12:01 PM Anonymous J-Diggety said...

I am so tired of hearing, they should or should have traded Dunn or Griffey. They CAN_NOT be traded. Thy both would have to agree to a trade, and I don't see that happening. So for get those thoughts, at least until after 06/14 when Dunn loses his full no trade clause ends.

at 12:04 PM Anonymous J-Diggety said...

Edinson Volquez is the Rangers version of Homer Bailey. The reds now have three big time starting pitching prospects at the cusp of the Major leagues. How long has it been since we could say that? Oh yeah, never.

at 12:17 PM Anonymous Monroe said...

First of all, we'll know if this was a good trade or not in a year or two. Consider this: some trades are actually win-win and hopefully this is one of them.

The Reds have had success giving up surplus outfielders for pitching (see Harang for Guillen, Arroyo for Wily Mo). Could this make it a hat trick?

at 12:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Rangers fan, let me tell you what you are getting in Volquez. There is no doubt he has great stuff, but the control issues allow big league hitters to wait for the pitch they want. And while he has great strikeout numbers in the minors, he hasn't been able to consistently SO major league guys. I think he could be good, but he reminds me of so many other top pitchers who just couldn't make the jump (the classic should be a #2 but is always a #5). He also has had a lot of problems in the past with maturity (being late to work outs, etc.). I will now go and sit quietly in the corner and hope Josh doesn't relapse.

at 12:42 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks this is not a great trade for the Reds has no clue what they are talking about. The Reds obtained the Rangers minor league pither of the year. Yes Hamilton is going to put up good numbers when healthy, but you have to give up something of quality to get something good back in return! Also can we please put to rest the trade to the Nationals...Kearns and Lopez have done nothing since going to Washington, look up their stats... and Bowden is looking to trade both of them.. Also who would you rather have at second base, Brenden Harris or Phillips ? By the way Harris has already been traded from Tampa Bay so I guess they were not to high on him either. Krivsky's record speaks for itself. Phillips,Hamilton,Burton, Keppinger,Hatteburg,Hopper, D. Ross for nothing. Arroyo for a one dimensional player in Pena. Has all his moves worked out(Stanton,Cormier).. no but at least he is trying to improve the team, unlike Dan O'Brian who's biggest move was trading Casey for Dave Williams. Young talented pitching is not easy to get and the Reds have one more player who will compete for a spot in the rotation..Great Job Reds

at 12:55 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems the consensus so far is that this is a bad trade. Only time will tell, however trading outfielders for pitchers generally seems to be a good idea. In the past just the opposite has been true, especially during the leather pants era. Some of Krivsky's acquisitions have been outstanding, hopefully Volquez will pan out as well. Bottom line I have to like the idea of stockpiling young arms. How can you fault your GM for taking such a course? After all, it is all about PITCHING, PITCHING, PITCHING, isn't it? Yeah, it really is.

at 1:08 PM Blogger Rawk Gurl said...

Tom Shearn. I'm just going on memory but it seems he never gave up more than 3 or 4 runs a game, why isn't he listed in the mix for a possible starter? Is it just because if his age?

at 1:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

My bet is Bruce is alot closer to being the next Fred Lynn rather than the next Brandon Larson. I'm not the only one that thinks so, as many GMs would give up the farm to get him.

at 1:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hamilton's a nice story, but has never shown durabity at any level. Projected numbers are just that until you can actually be healthy for 600 AB...
Maybe all of the Krivsky-haters would like Bowden back so that the Reds can stockpile 5 tool outfielders with 'potential' while completely ignoring the pitching problem.

at 2:52 PM Blogger Dave from Louisville said...

I love the move. If EV goes 13-14 with a 4.19 ERA next year, do you know what that makes him????????

That makes him equal to 2007 Carlos Silva who just signed for ~13 mil/year over 4 years. Hamilton would need to out perform Dunn to get that kind of money. Pitching is at premium and Krivsky just stole a gem. Look at the money Lohse is about to get....seriously we just traded a lefty OF for a minor league pitcher of the year with big time stuff. What is not to like?????

Of all the Krivsky's moves that have been mentioned above, I don't see anyone talking about Lohse. He stole him from the Twins, he performed well during the season, and got great value for him at the deadline.... if Maloney turns out to be a #4 starter, I would put that deal up their with BP.

In summary, Krivsky is awesome. Best of luck to the Hammer, and I I will be cheering for him their too.

at 3:59 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how i feel about this trade. Its almost the complete opposite of what I thought the Reds were doing after they signed Cordero, which is win this season. I don't mind the trading Hamilton part, its that he was traded for two minor league pitchers. I thought Krivsky was looking to trade Bedard or Blanton. I think we have plenty of young arms as it is(Baily, Cueto, Maloney, Dumatrait) and not enough established starters. Sure Volquez has just as much potential as the four I just named maybe even better but potential doesn't mean anything until its proven I think. I really hope this trade means Bruce is even more ready for the bigs then what we have all been told. I'm not sure what I would do if I had to watch another year of of Freel in CF putting himself on the DL. But who knows, maybe Krivsky has plans to package up these young arms in order to obtain a much needed proven starter(Bedard/Blanton). If thats the case, then I like this trade. If thats not the case, then I don't like this trade.

at 6:06 PM Blogger Frank Robinson's Ghost said...

Wow, the nutcases are really out in force . . . .

Yes, WK is the source of all of the Reds' problems, and has no clue. Castellini is worse than Lindner. Right. Absolutely.

I'm a big fan of Josh Hamilton. But even if you don't like the decision, how can anyone analyzing it from a baseball perspective (rather than the bottom of a whiskey glass) say that it is AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL!


at 7:09 PM Anonymous firefly118 said...

To: Anonymous at 9:32 am post! First of all, how funny it is to hear you poke fun at Anon posters when you are ANONYMOUS! Second, I have not personally attacked Krivsky, nothing I posted was personal or harsh, it was factual. I think Krivsky has made some good moves, but none of them has made us a winner. As far as my resume to impress you, obviously like everyone else here, I am an ordinary fan with an opinion, but look at my post and the deals I would do have been stated. Again let me say I have nothing peronal against WK, he just is not a good manager of MLB players. I here all these great things he has done, and look at our record, what is the answer, NO POST SEASON's! I just stated we should say goodbye to Krivsky because the owners are not going to keep him around...

at 10:23 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firelfy,Ann 932 here,If youn haven't noticed most people here are anon/or clever nicknames,there is only a few who will sign their names at the end,so give up the whole "funny how anion rips me and anon" talk.

By the way, I'm sure you thought hamilton was the future in Cf last December.
Your Friend Anon 932

at 10:46 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

starting lineup in 2008 vs a rh pitcher
freel cf
hatteburg 1b
griffey rf
dunn lf
phillips 2b
encarnacion 3b
gonzalez ss
ross c
harang p

deja vu all over again
merry xmas reds fans we give you another 4th place 85 loss season

at 2:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

2008 pitching rotation

at 2:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is what i hope the Reds do and what they look like for 08
Trade Baily/Cueto and Encarnacion to A's for Blanton and player to be name.

Rp. Volquez/Maloney/Baily/Cueto
Rp. Dumatrait/McBeth
Rp. Coutlangus
Rp. Salmon
Setup. Weathers
C. Cordero
Line up
C. Valentin
or just something along those lines

at 11:27 PM Anonymous Cincy Genius said...

The Reds front office is having their best off season in decades.


at 8:11 AM Anonymous JoJo said...

Fisrt, Josh had been out of baseball for a number of years. For a player to come back and instantly perform at the level he did is nothing short of remarkable. Imagine how good he is going to be in the future when he matures.

Secondly, he is a five tool player...hits for average, has power, runs well, plays great defense and has a rocket arm.

With Dunn most likely departing after next season and Griffey about done, this trade doesn't make sense. How well did Jay Bruce perform in the major's last year. Oh, wait a minute, he is another minor league star. The Reds got two unproven minor league pitchers with potential. I for one have grown tired of the "great potential" tag the Reds put on player's.

I believe this will go down as one of the worst trades the Reds have ever made.

at 11:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Trade, Pitchers will Figure Hamilton out, and his injuries will mount...you can't take a 7 year, near death drug binge and your body not take a hit. He will exit the majors the same way he entered, with everyone saying "what if". Also, his agent is Scott Boras, not a hit with small market clubs. This club is building it the right way.. we are 3/4ths of the way there, don't turn around and head back now. It will be worth the wait.

at 12:16 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are over 2000 publications of minor league player rankings available, no 2 are the same, so the numbers should be taken with a grain of salt. Ran across this one, seems to be the general assesment of most....

By John Sickels
Posted on Tue Dec 04, 2007 at 04:40:00 PM CDT

Working on the Reds farm system today.

Good Lord.

This system is loaded. You have the top quartet of Bruce/Cueto/Votto/Bailey, but even beyond them there is a good combination of performance guys and projection guys. My initial run through came up with 49 names worth writing about. I have narrowed that down to 39, which is the most I can put into the book. Even that, some of the guys I cut I wish I could put in.

Take heart, Reds fans. You have a lot to look forward to.

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