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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Wayne Krivsky truly seemed blind-sided by the news of his firing. He spoke to the media Wednesday afternoon at the ball park, and even got a little emotional about halfway through.

“I did not see this coming all,” Krivsky said. “Having said that, I told Bob (Castellini) I was real appreciative of the opportunity. I worked 29 years to get an opportunity like this in the city of Cincinnati, starving for a winner, (with a) great sports town and great tradition, and I still think it’s a gold mine. I really do. That’s what hurts so much - not to see the job through to the end and bring that winner to Cincinnati.”

There was one thing Krivsky wanted to set straight, and that was about reliever Rheal Cormier. Cormier was designated for assignment early last season after a poor start, and was reportedly owed about $2.25 million.

“Just so you all know, there was a whole bunch of money in one transaction that paid for Rheal Cormier’s contract,” Krivsky said.

“I guess I can come forward with that right now. There was $2.08 million in one transaction that paid for his contract specifically, so if you can wipe that one off my ledger, I’d appreciate that,” Krivsky said.


at 8:28 PM Blogger Scott said...


Don't let the door hit ya where the Lord split ya!

at 8:39 PM Blogger Dave said...

Hey Wayne, why couldn't you just have said that before???? Instead of "NO COMMENT", "NO COMMENT", "NO COMMENT".
Don't the Bengals have a pigeon problem that Wayne could handle?? Maybe trade Carson for a hawk? Jeez.

at 8:42 PM Blogger Chillicothe redfan said...

This whole thing stinks of a dead rat...I would never wish the Reds or anyone in their organization ill, but if Walt and Bob C fall flat on their face I will not cry for them.

The future looks brighter in the Queen City now than it did when he came here, and the farm system is healthy too. Thanks Wayne for all your efforts, you deserved better

at 8:50 PM Blogger Mark T said...

Is Castellini known to be impulsive? Seems to me that he fired O'Brian and hired Krivsky in short order too.

at 8:53 PM Blogger Pete Rose - HOF said...

I am really going to miss Krivsky. Thanks for rebuilding the greatest organization in Major League Baseball.

at 8:54 PM Blogger gannfan said...

Well I wonder what the Reds' brain trust is thinking right about now with a 9-1 score.

Unless Mr. Jocketty can pitch he'd best have a few tricks up his sleeve to find another couple of Chris Carpenters.

at 8:54 PM Blogger Aaron in SC said...

I thought Kriv did a pretty good job. I think he got the short end of the stick. Mr. C needs to realize we aren't the Yankee's out spending tons of $$$$. If he is going to act like Steinbrenner then he needs to pay the players like him! We have a much better farm system and considering how this team looked after O'Brien's tenture, I think Kriv did well. Good Luck Wayne...I will be pulling for you.

at 9:01 PM Blogger Aaron in SC said...

Overall I think Kriv did a good job. He is a good GM and considering what he inherited from O'Brien...he did well. It takes time to fix things, and now Walt will look like a hero if nothing much happens and this team turns it around. I think this was Kriv's year to have a good team. They started slow and Castelini is acting like Steinbrenner, so Mr. C if your going to act like that then get the check book out and get us a big right handed power hitter and another starting pitcher. If Kriv saw this coming...don't you think he would have dealt Bruce for Bedard. How much would that have changed this team? Bedard, Harang, Volquez, Cueto, Arroyo (I think Homer needs to be in the rotation). So in reality what direction are the Reds going?

at 9:33 PM Blogger Shawn said...

I don't buy that money from one transaction paying for another specific one. Was the deal contingent one upon the other? It was just the moving around of money in Mr. Krivsky's mind. He could have used that money elsewhere rather than Cormier.

at 10:23 PM Blogger concepcionsf said...

I think Krivsky did a great job with what he had. This organization had very little of value when O'Brien took over 4 years ago. Both he and Krivsky made choices in the long term best interests of the organization and were thanked with a quick hook.

I went to the game tonight (season tickets) and there was a sadness in the air, even before the blowout began. You look up the middle- Ross, Arroyo, Kepp, Phillips--pretty much all acquired for Pena. Krivsky didn't mortgage the future -Cueto, Bruce, Votto, and Bailey- when it would have been easy to do so for Bedard.

I am disappointed in Castellini.

at 10:23 PM Blogger concepcionsf said...

I think Krivsky did a great job with what he had. This organization had very little of value when O'Brien took over 4 years ago. Both he and Krivsky made choices in the long term best interests of the organization and were thanked with a quick hook.

I went to the game tonight (season tickets) and there was a sadness in the air, even before the blowout began. You look up the middle- Ross, Arroyo, Kepp, Phillips--pretty much all acquired for Pena. Krivsky didn't mortgage the future -Cueto, Bruce, Votto, and Bailey- when it would have been easy to do so for Bedard.

I am disappointed in Castellini.

at 10:24 PM Blogger ST fan said...

Can any of you guess what transaction gained the $2.800,000?

at 10:26 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Why would he even bring up the Cormier deal? This guy was obviously in way over his head.

at 10:27 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

How about Bronson Arroyo's deal Wayne? Next season $9mil, year after $11.5 mil. That even tops the Cormier fiasco.

at 10:50 PM Blogger HoosierVirg said...

Thanks Wayne for what you did for this franchise, I for one think you got a rotten deal. Lost a lot of respect for Mr. C today, thought to myself , oh my gosh another George.

at 10:52 PM Blogger Scottyb said...

Well I do think that Krivsky got a raw deal. We have the best farm system that we have had for years.

That said you can't argue with uncle walts success record. If the Reds turn around then Krivsky still deserves some credit

at 10:54 PM Blogger cincikid said...

I have to admit when Jocketty was hired I was excited in hopes that Krivsky and Walt could work together. Krivsky has been able to find hidden talent in Hamilton, Phillips, Ross, and even Arroyo. Jocketty knew when to make those timely trades to best suite the Cardinals. For instance, Carpenter, Edmonds, Rolen, Walker. I am now skeptical in Jocketty's ability to maintain a good minor league system looking how Cardinals minor league system has been depleted. I hope it works out. But lets face it, if this doesn't work out within the next two or three seasons what will happen then? Castellini once said that there might be a time when he fires himself. I believe this will be a major cornerstone on the Reds' ownership. Lets hope that we keep drafting well.

at 11:06 PM Blogger Gene in WV said...

I have not posted in a while, as personal issues have taken precedence. However, i feel compelled to do so now.

This is a lot of bunk, IMHO. The team is definitely better than it was when he got here, though the current record is not so great, BUT IT IS EXTREMELY EARLY!

The farm system is miles in front of where it was, lots of good arms around, many very young.

Perhaps, above all, this makes Castellini's word seem just like so many other rich, get what I wan't now, owners-worth nothing, absolutely nothing. All some of us want is a little honesty, and a good effort.

Many will praise this move, I will forever be embarrassed, as a longtime Red fan. I will still be a Red's fan, was long before Castellini, will be long after he is gone-if I am still here.

Might add, I do believe we are going to have a pretty good year before this is all over-just hope this move does not get credit for it.

at 11:09 PM Blogger keepinitreal said...

Most of the players in the Reds minor league system, who are nearly ready for the big show, were not drafted by Krivsky. Where do some folks get that idea from? Success in sports is measured by wins and losses, not by who we like or don't like.

at 11:41 PM Blogger JF said...

Clearly, tonight the answer was: fire Arroyo and pitch Krivsky...
Another opportunity wasted.

It's amazing that when a guy has $100 million dollars, people just assume he's smart.

I think Bob is proving himself to be the Mike Brown of baseball. All those Bengals "stars" didn't add up to post-season jack--and neither will our Reds "stars" until the Reds change their mindset about playing young players who are clearly ready and beyond ready, and until the Reds stop taking in "strays" and instead put quality players in every roster slot (20 out of 25 never will cut it).

I didn't like Krivsky at all but firing Krivsky was the right move for Bob's wallet, I hate to admit it but while I'm happy to see Mr. Personality-Mr. Spendthrift go, he did improve this team.

Baker? Castellini? I'm not impressed. They are apparently supremely impressed with each other, and that and $3.94 will buy you a gallon of regular unleaded.

This is undeniably an IMPROVED TEAM over last year, due to WAYNE. And what's 4 games under .500? A reason to panic? If we really have a better team, then they'll stop the bleeding and turn things around.

Volquez was a MONSTER acquisition. When he wins 20 games this year, Bob's precipitous firing is going to look even more hasty and desperate. Jocketty seems to be a big upgrade but if he fails to bring the Reds into the playoffs by 2010, you'll be able to hear Krivsky laughing all the way from Saint Paul.

Talk about Pressure. Good luck Walt. You'll really need it if Bob refuses to allow you to change the front office culture of overcaution with young players and wild speculation with mediocre or washed up players.

at 12:03 AM Blogger Rob said...

Krivsky got a raw deal. All the guy ever did was try to win every year he was GM. He tried to fix holes in the bullpen while not making knee-jerk moves to deal away promising prospects such as Bailey, Cueto, Bruce, Votto. I think his best deal will be Hamilton for Volquez.

at 12:13 AM Blogger Phill said...

Shawn, he's not saying one move was made with the other in mind but that it was all money brought in from trading and therefor not actually adding or subtracting from the Reds overall salary so really the eating of Rheal's contract didn't affect the team.

at 12:34 AM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

I saw this coming, see my post from "Wrap up" 6:16.I knew it was not far from happening.

The predications were Kriv was the 1st GM fired this year.Gotta give the pundits credit on this one.

Now Fire Jacoby,Pole, & Barry & get guys that know about a little thing called "Baseball"

All three of these guys stink & Dusty I wasn't a fan of his signing,but were stuck with him.So I hope he gets it going.Atleast Dusto has a some clout.N.L manager of the year,WS , & playoffs.

And why was Patterson paid so much?I didn't realize he was getting 3.5.Get him outta of here.I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt,but 1-22,come on.

Please unload: Arroyo, Coffey, Patterson,Ross, Gonzo,Fogg,Belisle, & maybe Lincoin

In rather have a team that wins now then have a team that doesn't Know what's around the corner.Win NOW,prepare for the future, & get results.

Look Forward to seeing a winner Walt.

at 12:41 AM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

Just for the record I was never a WK hater.I wish you & your family the best Wayne

Thanks for getting us BP,KEPP,BURTON, & CORDERO.

Wake up Cincy, fire Mike Brown!!!

From what I heard on FSN, Kriv didn't want to do the trade for Hamilton for Volquez,So no credit on that one.

at 12:57 AM Blogger Dave said...

John, you're closer to the situation than any of us...you even say "we had our differences, but I liked the guy." Am I correct in deducing that Krivsky is one of those guys who's great at a bar or with his family, but sometimes lets his hard work at the office cause him to be a little bit more abrasive than he is outside of work? I get the feeling he (maybe rightly so), thought he was arguably the best GM in baseball and it rubbed folks the wrong way - yes or no? Anyway, when Cashman gets the boot for the Yanks missing the playoffs, I hope Krivdawg takes the position and runs off 5 WS in a row - give him some money so he doesn't have to basement fish for Cormier, Stanton, et. al, and he'll still pull a few Phillips/Volquez type of deals and be, arguably, the best GM in baseball.

at 1:16 AM Blogger Dave said...


Or, #1, #3, #2, TNT and CNN, St. Louis - that's the top 5 for the NL in salary this year, and the sources of revenue (city ranking in the US, Braves income-makers).

The Cards are at 100.6 mil, while the Reds are at 74.2 mil on the year. The Cardinals have become a high-revenue team, and were fairly high in Jocketty's tenure.

25 million buys A-Rod at short (almost, but we could get Jeter). Or, realistically, it gets us a good middle-reliever at 4-5 mil (actually, Stanton and one other getting cut could cover that), a 10 mil solid catcher (half of which we pay Ross), and another 10 for a leadoff-hitting outfielder. Or, we could look to next year, where we have no Ross/Stanton (freeing 8-10 mil) - that's 35 mil more, landing us a Crawford-type in the outfield at 15 mil or so (to say nothing of Griffey/Dunn coming off the books soon).

Seriously, though, Krivsky did great with what he was given, and I don't think Jocketty's track record really shows him to be an improvement, but rather that he was in a better situation.

at 5:56 AM Blogger Dave said...

Krivsky is 53, Jocketty 56...I guess I stand corrected and this move looks less criminal long-term than I thought. Sorry to see Wayne go, but at least Castellini did okay with the replacement.

at 7:46 AM Blogger Adam said...

John - Do you know where we can find a video of Krivsky's meeting with the press on Wednesday? I saw clips on the news but would like to see it all. It appears he got pretty emotional.


at 7:50 AM OpenID pantherart51 said...

John, is there any way you can give us an honest open opinion of your relationship with Krivsky. I would love to get an inside view/opinion of how a beat writer interacts on a daily basis with a GM. Did you like him as a man? Did you like the moves he made for the club? Did you like the guys he drafted? Did you ever get into a heat exchange?

at 8:35 AM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

In a perfect world a GM deserves more time, but in this case, after so many losing seasons, and after Castellini authorizing more spending, BC and the fans were expecting a measurable improvement in the W/L column.

Some of the things WK did improved the franchise and in the future will make a difference, unfortunately they were not quick fix improvements.

To me, this seems like a case of miscommunication between WK and BC. Did BC not understand that WK was building long term? Did Wk not realize BC wants to compete now?

I would love for WK to stay as VP of minor league opperations and scouting. Let Jocketty handle the big league roster, and trades, contracts, etc.., and Krivsky handle drafts, scouting, and player development.

This of course will never happen, but whats best for the franchise is sometimes secondary I guess.

As far as the Cormier comment, if you screw something up but fix it right away, that doesnt mean you didnt screw up.

Anyway, as a Reds fan, I just hope this means relevant baseball in Cincy, SOON!

at 8:39 AM Blogger Frank Robinson's Ghost said...

I agree that this move troubles me. Only a fool would think that the organization had not dramatically improved under Krivsky and was building towards a run of sustained success.

I worry as much, though about what this means for the future as this particular move. As I saw writtten elsewhere -- baseball is a game for patient people.

To use a football analogy -- we can all be glad we don't have a "Mike Brown" owner here, but this makes me worry that we have a "Dan Snyder."

at 8:50 AM Blogger Joe said...

There are a lot of Krivsky bashers out there who are smiling from ear to ear. I am not one. It is easy to throw rocks at the person at the top when everything is not perfect and Wayne Krivsky did a lot of good things for the Reds. Name one GM in the history of baseball who did not make a couple deals they later wished they had not. Name one in recent years who did not extend a contract or two for a year or two longer than they should have been. GM's can't pitch or hit.

I am curious to know what happens if the Reds win 75 games or less this year? Will the win or else advocates call for Jockety to be fired? Or, will they give him a reasonable time to put his stamp on the organization. Krivsky was putting his stamp on the Reds. There were some mistakes for certain but it was developing intoa winning organization again starting in the farm clubs where long term winners are built.

at 9:09 AM Blogger ST fan said...

All Jockerty needs to do to match his success at St.Louis is to get lucky again and land another Albert Pujols.

at 9:30 AM Blogger Da Phoenixx said...

I think everyone here is kinda missing the point. Its like in NASCAR, when the guys come up, get big and famous and dump their former trailer park wife for a beauty queen. Krivsky was serviceable to rebuild the farm system, and now that he's done that, its on to the sexy GM, the one with the big name.

Yes, Krivsky made his mistakes. And I never like to see anyone lose their jobs. But face it, he had a beauty queen looking over his shoulder who had a past fling with the owner, one where neither party broke it off, circumstances kinda pushed em apart. Krivsky will land somewhere and maybe one day he'll be the beauty queen. But for now, here's hoping Mr. America can win us a championship. Go Reds.

at 9:46 AM Blogger Arden Dulou said...

Krisky was a GM but that is how baseball works. A few bad decisions get you kicked out. Not his fault the Reds had to trade or draft for most of this team.

His biggest issue seems to be his handling of the media and interal personal.

The Reds can win and should win the division this year. 3 star pitchers with a potential great offense (once Bruce is called up). Then Bailey is brought up to replace Belisle, we will have 4 star pitchers. The future is bright... thanks to O'Brien and Krisky for making the new GMs job easy.

at 10:19 AM Blogger Redleg city said...

I wonder how long it is going to take the Reds fans to call for Jocketty's head. I'll give them 6 months.

at 10:27 AM Blogger JF said...

Time for Cueto to shut down the Stros and then go on the road and win 8 more out of, oh, the next 9 or 10.

That would be acceptable in lieu of Jay Bruce. Otherwise, bring him up before the Reds are 5 games out--out of fifth place!

at 10:49 AM Blogger Steve said...

Look, when Jocketty was hired as wink-wink "special Advisor", the writing was on the wall. Krivsky dug his own grave with quetionable FA signings, suspect trades but more importantly, firing longtime Reds scouts. I'm not sorry to see his "no comment" fanny go.

This team is boring. Might as well shake things up now and try to win later in the year. Can't wait for Jocketty to start making deals. Should be fun!

at 11:51 AM Blogger bmurdock said...

He didn't see this coming? Are you kidding me?! As soon they got Jockety on the payroll I knew it would only be a matter of time before he took over.

Krivisty wasn't Bob Howsem but he wasn't Dick Wagner either.

Walt's been associated with winning baseball. Let's hope he can bring some our way.

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