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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Game 1: Mets 12, Reds 6

Matt Belisle had another rough start -- five innings, six runs, five earned runs, seven hits, three walks, two strikeouts.

He's had one decent start, one so-so and two bad ones. The Reds are listing TBA for Wednesday's and Thursday's starters. Might be time to shake up the rotation. Of course, Bronson Arroyo is going in Game 2 tonight. Arroyo's struggled mightily as well.

Belisle afterward: "There were a lot of hits today. But I’m not going too far down. I still feel good. I’ve made some mechanical adjustments I’m going to stick to. Maybe I wasn't quite as sharp as last time -- but good enough and I’m going to get better."

Edwin Encarnacion has driven in two runs for Reds. He hit his eighth home in the fourth. He drove in Brandon Phillips, who had tripled, with a single in the sixth. Scott Hatteberg got the other home with a two-out, pinch-hit single. His first pinch-hit in 10 tries this year.

Bill Bray gave hits to only two batters he faced. Mike Lincoln took over. He walked two, including one to force in a run, then gave up a three-run triple to Carlos Beltran.


at 3:16 PM Blogger RickDinChicago said...

This is depressing.

The Reds actually get to Santana today and Belisle throws down yet another stinkfest. I was really hoping this guy would put it together this year but how many more chances should he get? How about none.

And for that matter we can dump Patter-Baker's-son. Tired of listening/watching/reading about his act.

It's time we see how hot our hot prospects really are.

at 3:23 PM Blogger doerr906 said...

Dusty to writers: "Wasted day. Life owes you a day."
Writers to Dusty: "Every day covering this bleeping bleep excuse of a baseball team is a bleeping wasted day."
Too bad that conversation didn't actually happen.
Because it would be a true statement.
I hope you get paid alot, Mr. Fay, to watch this garbage.
I'm only looking in once every half hour or so and I feel like I'm wasting my time.


at 3:32 PM Blogger Ryan said...

i'm in chicago listening to the game on the mlb radio. The mets announcers just made a big deal about griffey loafing to the ball in right after the triple. They mentioned that if he was a younger player dusty might think about yanking him. Did it look as bad as they made it out to be?

at 3:34 PM Blogger Ryan said...

I'm in chicago listening to the game on mlb radio. The mets announcers just made a comment about how long it took griffey to get to the ball on the triple. They said that if it was a younger player the manager would think about pulling him. Did it look as bad as they say?

at 3:34 PM Blogger jc said...

when can bailey come up without the fan friendly reds losing a year on the arbitration clock.

at 4:01 PM Blogger Phill said...

Ryan, once the ball hit the wall it bounced out and stopped and Griffey came charing to it. I don't know if a younger guy could've done much better.

I will say this and that is the home plate umpire seemed to give Santana a little more leeway...that's no excuse for Belisle's poor outing but just tossing it out there.

Just an awful game today but I'll say this. Brandon Phillips....WOW. Guy is obviously playing through pain and legging out those extra base hits.

at 4:10 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

what more can be said..I have a feeling some changes will be a coming shortly..

Gotta love Griffey in his home run trot..a double that should have been a triple

great example for the younger players

thank god we have players like Keppinger that hustle


at 4:17 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

WOW.. did you see that great play by Keppinger..it certainly appears he has range and arm strength


at 4:46 PM Blogger smtides said...

Cool, Keppinger's agent posts on this blog!!

Jack, next time you talk to Kepp tell him the fans love him, but the comb-over haircut has to go.

at 4:50 PM Blogger will said...

I Didnt see his one play, but I did see his career fielding numbers.

at 4:51 PM Blogger redfuture said...

Jason Stark reports a scout had this to say, “You know what was [Dusty Baker’s] biggest mistake? His highest-energy guy is Ryan Freel. But what was the first thing Dusty did? Sit him on his butt to play Corey Patterson. And it didn’t sit well with that team.”

I think Dusty's disrespecting of Reds has sent any respect he was due himself flying out the window! I think Dusty may be the biggest reason Bob fired Wayne. What can you think of a guy who doesn't like to work the count, wants to hit the first pitch, doesn't like the bases to be clogged with runners, likes to lead off with a lifetime .296 OBP hitter.

at 5:06 PM Blogger JerBear said...

These are the days when you wish you were a casual fan. I admit that the losing doesn't affect me as much as it use to. I've gotten use to it after all these years!

But the casual fan has jumped ship already and is finding better things to then follow the Reds. I consider myself somewhat of a diehard fan. And a lot of you more so than me!

Anyway, I think the casual fan sees there is no hope, yet some of us are still hanging on.

In the end, I don't think the Reds are a lost cause because of lack of talent. Yes, they could use more talent. But I think the wrong kind of attitude plagues the Reds as much as their lack of talent.

That's why I can't see them turning things around. Not because it's not possible, but Who in the clubhouse would lead the charge? What veteran players do we have that would lead by example?

at 5:12 PM OpenID sportshandicapper said...

"Might be time to shake up the rotation."

The question is: Why was Belisle ever in the rotation to begin with? Every time Krivsky or Baker said during the offseason that he was #3 starter material, the beat writers should have looked at them as if they were crazy. Which they were! But instead the beat writers all lapped it up.

As for Arroyo, my guess is he's been pitching through a sore back or something. Unlike Belisle, he's a quality major league pitcher. But 15 days off before he lost all those games probably would have been smart.

at 5:17 PM Blogger Gunner said...


The nice thing about the expanded media coverage, you can now follow minor league baseball on the web ... its not the same I know, but most of our minor league teams are doing well, its nice to watch a game where they arent blown out 3 or 4 times a week and you can follow our top prospects in their drive to make it to the Bigs.

As for the Reds ... well ... I have been as frustrated as anyone. I have voiced my displeasure on this blog like everyone else ... but I love the game of baseball and I love the Reds. So I will just suffer it out until our time comes again. And if that means waiting 80+ years for us to find our own version of Bartman ... so be it.

at 5:29 PM Blogger Ruben Ma-Te-O said...

Jack...I agree with you on Griffey and Keppy. I didn't see the 'triple turned into a double' home run trot that he displayed, but I've seen it WAY too many times. I DID see the attempt he made to get to Beltran's ball. Looked pretty weak to me. I hadn't even read this blog, and I watched the replay on MLB.com, and thought to myself "man, he didn't run too quickly to get to that ball", and sure enough I'm not the only one who noticed. I think all the players around the league know how he doesn't hustle all that much to get to line drives hit his way, plus they know he has such a weak arm, that they can leg out those doubles and triples fairly easily. I'll say this: I was happy to the point of tears when they got him all those years ago, and I've appreciated everything he's done here, with all the injuries and bad press. If he would have been able to play most of those games he missed, we'd probably be talking about him instead of Bonds as the all-time home run king, but it wasn't meant to be. I'll always wonder how it could have been; I'm sure that most of you do as well. But, it's Bruce's time. Make Griff and the Reds fans happy, and deal him to Seattle. Let's move on. If this losing keeps up, most of this team will be dealt by the break.
>Freel will be first. His recent play has jacked up his trade value tenfold.
>Griffey next. Seattle might be willing to part with RHP Phillipe Aumont or C Jeff Clement. Their top prospect is Carlos Triunfel, so don't expect them to give him up for just Jr.
>Dunn shortly after Griffey. Hopefully to an AL team where he can DH.
Here's a link to an M's blog on the impending Jr. trade:
Here's Jeff Clement's page: pretty sweet swing...
Let's hear it...who will the M's give us for Jr.?

at 5:34 PM Blogger RickDinChicago said...

Jack, I think most people like Keppinger. I know I do. Gonzalez is not a better shortstop. But you know Dusty...

As for Dusty, they can send his tired act packing too. Turn around expert my ass. The only thing he can do is turn around and let the door hit him on the way out.

Sorry for the rancorous vibe, I'm just sick and tired of losing. This team SHOULD be better.

at 5:37 PM Blogger Big Red Smokey said...

This team stinks. Other than Brandon Philips, there isn't another starter that would be nothing more than a bench player on any other team. Not even Keppinger. He's an average to above average short-stop. Dunn and Griffey are gonzo...Votto will be the real deal and Patterson is exactly as billed. Bring up Bruce and Bailey.

at 6:07 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Belisle and Bray beautiful.

Patterson impresses more every game.

Always fun to watch Griffey admiring his drive bouncing off the wall.

George Grande and Chris Welch as usual, no comment on the balls falling in right field or the loafing chasing that 'triple'.

As the crawl to 600 continues.
Might have to extend Griffey's contract for another season if they want him to hit his 600th as a Red.

Looking forward to Arroyo tonight and some more JTM howling.

Back from the bar early, Reds will put me asleep early, I am sure.

at 6:10 PM Blogger Adam said...

Where was Dunn today? Was Baker afraid he would embarrass himself against Santana? That's my guess.

at 6:16 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Unfortunately Bailey will not help the Reds. They have ruined him, I told you that last July. The 98 MPH fastball that he had is gone, he is now a very average prospect at best. Shearn, Lehr come on guys, you make yourself sound stupid. These guys have been around forever. They are journeymen minor leaguers.

I do agree, they can't be any worse than Belisle, Fogg, Bray and Arroyo.

By the way you can also thank Griffey and the great Barry Larkin for the Reds losing the last good manager (Jack Mckeon) in Cincinnati. He wouldn't put up with their superstar 'attitudes'.

at 6:21 PM Blogger Mr. Pitt said...

I don't know if I would call Arroyo a quality major league pitcher. He had a decent 2 or 3 months when the Reds first got him. Since July of '06 he is 15-26 with a 4.54 ERA.

at 6:32 PM Blogger Joe said...

Griffey's trot may be as much due to his age and past injuries as attitude. I just think he is very near the end of the line and there is not much left outside the hitting eye. Power and speed are both no where near they were even a few years ago much less when he was in his prime. It is like the Cowboy said in calling Jr.'s play on a ball hit over his head today, his mind said go get it, his legs said you can't do that anymore.

For the Reds having 15-16 hits today, it sure was ugly!

at 6:35 PM Blogger Joe said...

John Fay: Heard McCoy's horror story getting to New York in the second inning conversation with Marty and Cowboy...hope your luggage arrived ok.

How close to your size is Hal?
Your travel schedule, even for a the job you have, has to be a real drag.

at 6:45 PM Blogger Steve said...

I would think Jocketty's going to make some moves soon. Castellini must be going nuts over this losing. This team is awful yet we continue throwing out the same cast of losing characters.

Belisle is done...period. Drop Patterson to 7th or 8th in the order if at all. Ross can go too. While we're at it, no sense keeping Griffey around either. Don't get me started on Dunn.

at 6:50 PM Blogger Joe said...

John: Majewski seams to be getting his legs under him in Louisville - he has lowered his ERA significantly in the past three weeks from when it was over 18. Herrera is seams to be stumping AAA hitting. Do you think we will see either of these guys soon considering the woes we are starting to see in the BP?

at 6:58 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I don't see either of those two. I think what could happen is Bailey gets called up. Belisle goes to the bullpen. And they move Fogg.

All bets are off if Arroyo goes less than 5 in the second game.

at 7:13 PM Blogger Joe said...

I bet Bronson is done by the 4th tonight. Sure hope I am wrong, but I would bet he doesn't see 80 pitches.

Kind of liking these twi-nighters. I think they should bring them back on Saturdays. I remember going to one in the 60's at Crosley Field, when they were not that uncommon in baseball. They didn't clear the stadium betwen games back then. In the days when it was more about fan support than revenue, teams gave fans a real deal with double headers and twi-nighters. They called it a twi-nighter back then because it spanned the twi-night hours.

Fogg to the Rocks - for what? Who else may be included? Dunn? Might be a good stadium for Dunn....pop up homers?

at 7:19 PM Blogger NVreds said...

"come on guys, you make yourself sound stupid." this coming from JBA, lol.

Jack, the reds did not ruin bailey, you realize how dumb that sounds right? that 98 mph heater? thats from stupid minor league reports where i wouldnt trust the gun, and besides he probably does have that fast a FB but no one who can max out at 98 always throws 98 they would never finish a start they would be too tired, DUH!

The kid is 21...let me repeat that, 21, hang on one more time, 21 years old. He will be fine, they brought him up too early, but saying they ruined him is foolish.

at 7:21 PM Blogger reds fest said...

Picther's wins make no sense. Look at Harang's stats. He is now 1-5.

at 8:01 PM Blogger Middie said...

It's an old tired saying but this team (so-called) has no leadership. It's just a bunch of guys putting in time and collecting checks. As for the 13 free agents, I say get rid of them all by trade or draft picks. If needed just fill in players from Louisville; at least we might have a chance to play tough.

at 8:57 PM Blogger Frank Robinson's Ghost said...

CSA --

I know this was just a "throw-away" comment of yours, but it is important to understand that Bailey probably never had a 98 MPH fastball.

Those reports came from radar gun readings in AA Chattanooga, right?
That stadium gun is regarded as elevated/off by several MPH. Even then, the highest readings usually reflect a speed reached only occcasionally rather than routinely.

For example, Volquez frequently hits 94-95 MPH. Has anyone ever said that Bailey had or has a faster pitch than EV? I haevn't heard it.

at 11:51 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

"Those reports came from radar gun readings in AA Chattanooga, right?
That stadium gun is regarded as elevated/off by several MPH. Even then, the highest readings usually reflect a speed reached only occcasionally rather than routinely."

Actually those reports came from Sarasota, Dayton, Chattanooga and Louisville, all prior to his first call-up by the Reds. "The radar gun wasn't right in Louisville" was the dumb answer by The Amazing Krivsky when he was asked about Bailey's velocity being way down. I guess the Reds can't afford accurate radar guns or qualified scouts at any level. I can remember Marty bitching before they called him up that if he can throw 98 in the minors, he can throw 98 in Cincinnati.


at 12:32 AM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

"For example, Volquez frequently hits 94-95 MPH. Has anyone ever said that Bailey had or has a faster pitch than EV? I haevn't heard it."

Volquez also hits 97-98 on occasion if he needs to. No one has said that Bailey was as fast as Volquez now. That is exactly the point, my man. He was that fast before and now he isn't. This started last July. Thank you for making my point a bit easier to understand. Bailey is not throwing has hard as Cueto either for that matter. But he used to be able to.
Bailey has lost his dominating fastball. Lets hope it returns soon.

at 12:19 PM Blogger Red Faced said...

I don't EVER recall Bailey reaching 98 MPH with his fastball and I have seen him pitch in Louisville many times and a few before he was ever called up to Cincy. But my biggest concern in regard to Bailey has been and still is his control. He has a lot of 25-30 pitch innings and therefore has trouble pitching deep into games. So far he's done better in Louisville this year going 6 or 7 innings most outings. However he's been walking more batters in recent games and last night he was pulled in the 5th. I didn't see last night's game but I wonder if is control was off again or if he was leaving his fastball up in the zone again which is what Homer tends to also do too frequently. In AAA you can get away with that high fastball more frequently than you can in the Majors, up there even average guys will kill it.

All in all though I think this team would be better off bringing up Homer for Belisle's spot in the rotation (they appear to be pitching the same day anyway) and pushing Belisle to the pen. I wouldn't totally give up on Belisle yet though. He could still prove valuable to this team. Fogg is the odd man out.

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